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20+ Easy Ways to Increase or Optimize Your Internet Connection & Download Speed

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tips to improve your internet connection

Ways to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Table of Contents

  1. Repositioning The Router
  2. Make Use of the Ethernet Cable
  3. Shut Down Any Background Apps
  4. Contact Your Internet Service Provider
  5. Use alternate frequencies
  6. Replace Your Router Device
  7. Opt for Wi-Fi Extenders
  8. Protect Your Wi-Fi
  9. Disable Other Devices

If there is one thing we know, it’s that our lives have become increasingly dependent upon fast internet connections. Whether you have work, chores, or are looking for entertainment, the internet is sure to be of help. Even if you have subscribed for any of the available fiber internet packages, you can benefit from speeding up your connection. You can deal with dead zones and faults to improve the signals and improve your online experiences. 

  1. Repositioning The Router

If your internet connection seems spotty, one thing you can do is move your router to another part of the room. Is the router in some cupboard? Or, is it placed behind some shelves? If so, you may want to move it to another part of your house so that there are fewer obstructions in the signals’ path. By placing it in a prominent location, you can improve the connection significantly and extend the signal’s reach. 

It isn’t always easy to move your router. You have to buy longer cables, specifically for this purpose, after which you can find a better spot. You can also mount the router on a wall to move it out of the way of other items and transmit signals without interruptions. While this may sound like a lot of work, the improved connection is worth the effort. The closer you are to the router, the better your connection. 

  1. Make Use of the Ethernet Cable

Because we are so used to wireless devices, many of us forget that wires are still a viable option. While wireless connections work just fine, a wired connection to the router works well too. The wired connection links you to the internet and you don’t have to worry about your location or dead spots. The wire will offer a faster and more reliable connection. 

These wired connections are not impacted by other devices and remain unaffected by other devices. However, if you use an Ethernet cable you can only sit as far as the wire’s reach. However, despite the reduced convenience, you can get a faster internet connection like rise broadband internet for an improved gaming experience and smooth video streams.  The routers have Ethernet ports where the cable can be attached. 

  1. Shut Down Any Background Apps

A lot of times we forget to shut down applications that we are using. They continue to run in the background and occupy some part of the bandwidth and reduce the speed. Delete apps off your phone that you no longer use. 

On PCs and laptops, you can do the same. At times, other devices will be working fine, but the internet is particularly slow on your computer. By accessing Task Manager you can get an idea of the apps running in the background and shut them down. Manage the updates so that your bandwidth is not being used at all times by constantly updating apps in the background. 

  1. Contact Your Internet Service Provider

If you feel you have done everything in your power to improve the speed of the internet, you can simply contact your ISP. Many customer service offices can reset the connections from their end and try to identify the problem. If there is a technical issue, they can also send technicians to your location, sort out your concerns, and give you some answers. 

  1. Use alternate frequencies

Wireless signals are divided into various channels. Your router makes use of one of these channels to transmit and receive signals from the internet. The people in your neighbourhood or apartment building may be also using the same channel, which can cause the channel to become congested. 

By choosing another channel, you can find a less congested channel. A lot of the routers in the market allow users with two different frequencies. The 2.4GHz channel and the 5 GHz channel, both of which can remain enabled. 

  1. Replace Your Router Device

When you sign up with an ISP for a new connection, they also offer a standard router device for your household. If your router is very old, you can upgrade it to one of the newer options. There are a lot of features available in the newer models that make them a lot better. 

You can replace the old router with one of the upgraded options that come with additional antennas and security measures as well. Larger properties can benefit from this replacement as the newer routers can amplify the signals and transmit them farther. 

If you have a house with multiple stories, you may want to invest in mesh systems. These mesh systems can cover larger areas and remove any dead spots in your house too. The Google Nest Wi-F system is one such option, which can enhance your Hargray internet connection. 

  1. Opt for Wi-Fi Range Extenders

Wi-Fi range extenders are devices that help you extend the increase the range of the Wi-Fi network. If you would like to extend the network to other parts of the house, the range extenders are the way to go. 

The extenders are easy to set up and can be easily installed by amateurs. These range extenders are not as strong as the original signal but do help with covering a larger area. Additionally, you will also have to reconnect to the extender’s network every time you want to access it. 

  1. Protect Your Wi-Fi 

You need to protect your Wi-Fi with a strong password, just like you do for other devices. A good password can prevent hackers from accessing your connection and use up your bandwidth and slow down the internet connection. 

  1. Disable Other Devices

If you have a lot of wireless-enabled devices you can disconnect them from the network to free up the bandwidth. If you are no longer using some of the smart devices and home appliances in your home, disable their wireless connection. 

Some routers can also offer you the ability to prioritize connections with some devices over others. You can configure the network and choose the device that should be given priority over the others. 

  1. Restart Your Router

If your network is slow on all devices and you are unable to find another problem, try to restart your router. It can get stained over time and restarting the router can be helpful. You don’t have to restart the device every other day to ensure your connection is stable, but this simple trick may be able to improve the connection at times. 

In Summary

With the importance of the internet in our day-to-day life, of course, we need a high-speed connection. Just like a fast internet is a basic requirement, so the customer service. CenturyLink is an example worth mentioning for a service provider that always outdoes themselves, whether it is the reliable and high-speed internet connection or CenturyLink customer service, the customer always has a satisfying experience with the services. 

Sometimes, we all face some issues with the internet where we face lagging speeds which ruin the entire experience for us. Whether we are simply surfing through social media or are binge-watching our favourite series, it kills the whole mood. This is why we have gathered 6 easy ways to optimize the internet connection that you can use to get a high-speed connection very easily and do not have to deal with slow internet anymore.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Let’s review few reasons why your internet connection might be slow. Continue reading for tips on these issues, as well as other considerations:

  1. Router/modem needs to be restarted
  2. Your provider has a data cap
  3. Updates are needed
  4. Cache needs cleared
  5. An ad blocker is needed
  6. Unused devices still connected
  7. New provider needed

Optimize Router Settings for Speed

Optimize Router Settings for Speed
  1. Keep A Check On Your Internet Plan

Your monthly internet allotment may be limited by some ISPs. These limitations are known as data caps, and if you go over the limit, your bandwidth will be reduced, leaving you with excruciatingly slow internet. Upgrading your plan to receive unlimited data is one of the simplest solutions to avoid the data limits pinch. If such a service isn’t available in your area, you can always go for a provider with incredibly flexible data caps. You can ensure a flawless internet experience by understanding and modifying the data caps to your unique needs.

2. Refreshing The Internet Hardware

It is recommended that you reset or restart your internet hardware at least every month. This action gives a break to your device and refreshes your internet connection. Whether it is your modem or a router, you must keep sure that it gets restarted every month. When you restart the hardware, it stimulates the connection to your internet service provider. This also gives these devices a chance to auto clean and install any updates that may be pending. However, please keep in mind that it will not turn your internet speed to super-fast, but it will help.

3. Installation Of Malware Scanners

It is advised that you install antivirus and malware scanning software if you have not already. Any malware or viruses on your computer set up will stifle your internet speed. Plus, as a general rule, you must have anti-virus software installed always. Set your anti-virus software to scan for malware or viruses automatically regularly. If the software detects existing malware or viruses, have it uninstalled by a professional since it will most certainly be the cause of your poor internet speeds.

4. Clear The Cache

It is a possibility that the issue is not with your internet hardware, but with your browser. If this is the case, you can improve network performance right away by deleting the cache. A cache is the site owners utilizing your information to better understand your browsing habits and then target you with the most relevant adverts. When you consent to a site’s tracker, the cache is automatically collected in the background, which can slow down your browser. So, either manually deletes this data or utilize a sophisticated program to optimize and boost your internet speeds.

5. Wired Connectivity

When it comes to internet speed consistency, Wi-Fi is frequently outperformed by Ethernet; the wired connection. Ethernet guarantees wired connectivity that is unaffected by weather or other signal interruptions. The cable maintains a tight relationship between the internet services provider and the connected devices. Though it is inconvenient, to have to connect your every gadget to the ethernet, it cannot be denied that it does improve streaming rates significantly.

More 10 Ways to Improve Your Wi-Fi Router Speed

The speed of your internet connection can be greatly improved by using a decent router. But, if you don’t have the funds to purchase a top-of-the-line model, what other options are available to optimize router settings for speed?

Continue reading if you want to learn how to optimize router settings for speed or set up the optimal router configuration for quicker internet.

Router Settings For Faster Internet

1. Automate a Reboot Schedule

2. Make Your Router Faster With a New Antenna

3. Disable Older Wireless Protocols

4. Change the Channel Width

5. Keep Your Router Updated

6. Experiment With Router Location

7. Optimize Your Router’s Channel Settings

8. Switch the Router to a Different Band

9. Change Your Network Name and Password

10. Install New Firmware

How to Optimize Improve Internet Speed

Optimize Your Router’s Performance Hopefully, this post has demonstrated how to increase your router’s speed and determine the ideal setup for quicker internet. Some of the processes may appear hard, but if you take the time to learn and comprehend the tweaks accessible to you, you will be able to speed up your router in minutes.

802.11 n SupportFaster speed by supporting N or later wifi tech.Older devices cannot connect.
2.4 Ghz: 802.11 b/g5 Ghz: 802.11
 2.4 Ghz vs 5 GhzSlower and more interference in most cases.Faster and less interference when setup correctly.
20 Mhz or 40 MhzUse for 2.4 Ghz wireless frequency.Use for 5 Ghz wireless frequency.
AP IsolateEnable: Public WifiDisable: Home Wifi

Hopefully, this post has demonstrated how to increase the speed of your router and determine the ideal setup for quicker internet.

Some of the processes may appear hard, but if you take the time to learn and comprehend the tweaks accessible to you, you will be able to speed up your router in minutes.

Sometime things on and off works to optimize router settings for speed

Now, let’s power cycle everything to see if your Wi-Fi speed improves.

Switch odd your modem or Wi-Fi router for 30 seconds before reconnecting it. This technique permits the modem’s cache to clear.

Your modem is responsible for translating internet signals between your home network and your internet service provider. A power cycle is a fantastic place to start troubleshooting if your internet is acting up—it might even fix your connection issues. However, you may require the assistance of a customer service representative to remotely reset your modem and ensure that it is properly calibrated to translate your internet connection’s signals.

If you have a solitary router, repeat the process. A power cycle, like a modem, clears your router’s memory and provides it a fresh start on duties that were previously slowing it down.

Finally, switch off all of your wireless devices’ Wi-Fi. Wait a few moments before turning Wi-Fi back on. Allow these devices to reconnect and test your connection.

A power cycle may appear simple, but turning off and on your home networking equipment can give your network a significant boost. Rebooting your equipment on a regular basis—at least once per few months—is recommended. However, keep in mind that doing so will disconnect you from the internet for a few minutes, so plan to restart your equipment when no one else is online.

Make sure you’re on the using right frequency band for your devices.

Choose a Better Frequency Band for better speed

Connections best for 5 GHz band:

  • Gaming consoles
  • PCs
  • Smartphones
  • Smart TVs
Choose a Better Frequency Band for better speed

Connections best for 2.4 GHz band:

  • Smart speakers
  • Smart home devices
  • Security cameras

Reset Factory Settings

You can reset your router to factory settings if it stops operating and unplugging and plugging it back in doesn’t help. Use a paperclip or something similar to push and hold a recessed button labeled “Reset” for roughly eight to ten seconds. If you didn’t use the defaults, you may need to modify the router’s Wi-Fi settings later.

If you’re having trouble with your router, check sure it’s in a well-ventilated environment. It may overheat and stop working if it is unable to effectively use its fans to cool itself.

If your connection is slow, consider moving your devices closer to your network or clearing any obstacles between the router and your devices.

Best places to put your internet router for better speed

  1. The best places to put your internet router are in the middle of a room.
  2. On a mantle in a living room or family room that is the heart of the house.
  3. If you don’t have a basement, you can put it on a small coffee table in a hallway or living room.

Places to avoid putting your internet router

  • In the kitchen, there are a lot of things that make waves that can mess with your signal.
  • Somewhere in the corner of your house, or on a window sill. Most of the signals will go outside where you aren’t looking.
  • The basement


A speedy internet connection has become a priority in all our lives. You need something reliable to ensure a smooth connection. If you are facing any problems, these tips can improve the connection considerably.

In the fast-paced world, who does not want a high-speed internet connection. Therefore everyone is always looking out for ways to get fast internet always. So, if you follow the aforementioned easy ways to optimize your internet connection, you will significantly improve your online experience. 

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