8 Factors to Consider Before Buying or Building Your AI Solution

The most valuable asset for a company is its data. By making effective use of it, the company can have various advantages,...

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The most valuable asset for a company is its data. By making effective use of it, the company can have various advantages, such as better decisions, improved services, business model expansion, etc. However, to optimize a vast amount of data, a company needs to implement an AI solution to its business.

If you are not using AI to manage your business’s data, you can miss various opportunities to grow your business. According to IBM, 35% of companies have adopted AI for their business in 2022, which is 4% higher than in 2021.

AI is an exceptional technology that can help you enhance the productivity of your business. Want to implement AI in your business but don’t know whether to buy or build it? Give this blog a read to know the different factors you need to keep in mind before buying or building an AI solution.

8 Crucial Factors to Consider Before Buying or Building Your AI Solution

A ready-to-use and a customized AI solution both have their own benefits. To decide which is a perfect fit for your business, the first thing is to understand the difference between the two. Let’s help you understand the same with this example. 

Suppose you want a new shirt, would you like to buy it or get it tailored? Choosing between the two depends on various factors, like fitting, cloth quality, stitching quality, cost, etc. You have to properly analyze each factor, and decide what you want to do. The same is with AI.

Now that you have established the difference between a custom-made and pre-built AI solution, let’s check out some crucial factors that can help you get through this dilemma of buying or building an AI solution:

  1. Time

Decide whether you want an instant AI solution or can wait to build a customized AI solution. The AI solution you buy will have multiple features, but you can’t customize it. Creating a customized AI solution will help you embed all the features you want as per your specific business requirements.

  1. Cost

It is easy to buy AI solutions for your organization. There are various online AI solutions available that you can purchase or subscribe to. Buying an AI solution is less expensive. You can skip all the steps of the development and implementation cycle.

Building an AI solution can be expensive as you hire developers, AI experts, buy the necessary software and hardware, etc. So, creating an AI solution will cost you more. You can consult a mobile app development services provider for a free quote for developing an AI solution.

  1. Customization

If you buy an AI solution to implement in your business, it is possible to have fewer features than required. It is difficult to customize a pre-build AI solution. Instead, it is easy to get the features customize if you develop an AI solution.

Building an AI solution will be a more efficient and reliable option. A tailored AI solution can result in the best business decision-maker for your business.

  1. Integration

It might be possible that the AI solution you have bought online does not integrate with your organization’s existing tech infrastructure. Usually, existing AI solutions or open-source AI tools face integration and scalability issues. 

It is better to develop an AI solution from scratch to avoid integration problems. You can build an AI tool that -is compatible with your organization’s technical infrastructure. It will provide you with better results and doesn’t have any integration issues.

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  1. Control

The control of the AI solution is totally in the hands of AI tool providers. In such a case, you don’t have any control over updates and functionalities. There will be no option of implementing any feature on the demand of the business team.

While developing an AI solution gives you the freedom to make changes when required. It will be profitable to transform the functionality according to your future requirements or the latest market trends.

  1. Quality

The quality of an AI solution depends on its capability to optimize and process complex data. If the AI solution you bought can’t work on your organization’s data, it will waste cost, time, and effort. If you develop an AI solution, you can work on its quality. Even you can set up quality control management by looking at the complexity and amount of data. You can hire app developers in India to get an AI solution developed with good quality.

  1. Services

With the AI product you have bought, you have to rely on its vendor for its services and support. You must contact the vendors every time you require help, upgrades, bug fixes, etc., and wait for their response. For your in-house AI product, your company can fix issues immediately.

  1. Security

Security can be an issue when it comes to the organization’s data. Opting for an open-source AI tool or buying an AI solution can risk the security of your organization’s data. With commercial AI solutions, there are chances of your data being leaked. It can harm your business in various ways. You don’t have to worry about data security with any proprietor AI solution. There is no way for other companies to hack your data.

They were taking an example of an open-source AI tool, CHATGPT. On March 20, 2023, the platform faced a data breach. While fixing a bug and taking the required data offline at approx 1 A.M., various users were able to see the details of other users. In such a way, an open-source or commercial source can harm you.


AI is conquering the market with great speed. Implement AI solutions in your organization to take advantage of it. We have discussed various factors to consider for buying or building an AI solution.

Building an AI solution will be more beneficial for your business, as you can implement various features to it and modify it accordingly. Although it will take more time and cost, but will pay off in the long run. You can contact AI application development services provide to get your AI solution build.

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