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Top 10 Affordable Cloud based Salon Apps | Best Salon Management Apps

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Salon Software For Salons & Spas

Salon businesses deal with chaos on a daily basis. Altogether that leads to stress and error-prone activities. Indeed, starting the beauty business and handling them does not come hand in hand. Definitely, they need to be managed in the best possible way. And, there comes a requirement of smart solutions that keeps a tab on everything. In the era of digitization, everything is handled online. Of course, your customers also want to experience your Salon services online as well. Give them their taste by introducing Salon apps; however, manage your Salon operations like a breeze.

How Much Does it Cost to Set Up an App?

Why Using Cloud based Salon Apps is Essential?

There is no doubt about the fact that online Salon apps give several benefits. Inventory management eliminates the need for manual ways of booking and registration. The system assures that there is enough stock in the warehouse considering the customer’s demands. 

Online Booking makes the appointment booking process seamless. Using it, the customers can book themselves at their convenience even after office hours. However, they can book, re-book or cancel their appointments, Salon staff management lets you keep track of the staff’s activities. From their daily schedule to giving them incentives for the best service, it monitors everything. 

From the Reports and Analytics feature, the Salon owners can monitor their busy time, productivity, expenses, total working hours, sales, monthly expenditure, etc. can be found out. 

Customer support is there to give you 24X7 assistance. Despite the query and issues you are facing, it supports you satisfactorily. From training to installation, it serves you with everything. 

The Salon app is a leading choice for businesses because it includes all that streamlines everyday operations. It comes with features that enable customers to have the best experience. Now the question is which application to use? With so many options, confusion definitely occurs. For your convenience, we have come up with the best ten Salon apps; you can choose the one that fits your business niche, budget, or other important factors. Find out below!

Table Of Contents

1. Why Using Cloud-based Salon Apps is Essential?

2. What Are The Best Salon Apps For Your Business?

List of best Cloud based Salon Apps 2022

  1. Salonist
  2. Booker
  3. Square Appointments
  4. 10to8
  5. Vagaro
  6. Zenoti
  7. Versum
  8. Insight
  9. Phorest
  10. Timely

What Are The Best Salon Apps For Your Business?

1. Salonist – Salon Software For Salons & Spas

Salonist is an all-in-one cloud-based application designed for different beauty industries such as Salons, Spas, barbershops, massage centers, etc. It includes the tools and features that tend to fulfil every Salon’s particular need.  Salonist Software completes different operations in a matter of some clicks. If it is about payroll management, inventory management, Appointment management, online booking, reports, customer or employee management, rewards system, or Point of Sale, this app has got you covered. It accelerates the business operations and boosts the staff performance with exceptional features. 

2. Booker – Book, Update, and Cancel Appointments.

It is a Salon app by Mindbody. As a cloud-based system, it gives beauty businesses the required assistance with payment, billing booking processes, marketing, customer management, etc.  The main functionalities it has are; point of sale (POS), social reservation, integrated scheduler, customer surveys,  email marketing, etc. 

Booker has all the eCommerce abilities, gift cards, credit card processing, and mobile payments for easy cash flow. This app is integrated with the sites such as Superpages, yellow pages, bling, yahoo, etc. and enables the Salon owners to promote their offers easily. 

Moreover, this Salon app provides inventory management features, business intelligence dashboards, client programs, employee scheduling tools, customer relationship management, and Reporting and analytics features.  However, booker even offers mobile functions for remote access. 

3. Square Appointments – Online Booking Software for Salons

Online Booking Software for Salons
Online Booking Software for Salons

The next on the list is the Square Appointments for Salon professionals. The app authorizes the Salon owners with lead generation, appointments, reservations, easy payments, etc. The system is best fitted for the Salons of every size or every industry.

Using the app, the customers can schedule their bookings simply; there is no restriction of location or time. Also, the best part, it allows the Salon owners to accept the upfront for their appointment bookings. The customers can view the calendar from any portable device and as per their convenience, plan their schedules. 

Moreover, Square Appointments notifies the customers regarding their pending payments or upcoming appointments. It is carried either one day or a week before. Though, its database saves every single detail of customer-their likings, services, products for future services. The app prefers taking payments from credit cards. 

It enables the Salon owners to organize loyalty programs for existing and potential customers. The system is integrated with Xero, QuickBooks and Point of Sale.

4. 10to8 – Appointment Scheduling & More

This Salon Application is meant to streamline the scheduling and operations of the beauty business. As an appointment management solution,  10to8 is perfect to offer improved efficiencies and acknowledge different Salon issues. These include reducing missed appointments, customer and business miscommunication, and eliminating appointment and scheduling disputes.  Till now, it has 42,000 customers in its pocket from all around the globe. Simply, you can use its comprehensive robust business and scheduling features or tools to improve and streamline the appointment process. However, to process the business operations effectively. 

5. Vagaro

It is a Salon application that is particularly designed for the functionalities and tools for the wellness and beauty industry functioning in different locations.  Vagaro is a cloud-based platform that assists in marketing the operations of SMBs and freelancers, usually for improving relationships with customers. This way, the previous customers can be retained and the new ones can be gained. 

Vagaro makes business clients’ interchange smoother and simpler. After getting registered with the Salon application, create a profile,  start managing schedules and bookings, and market the service effectively. Using it, the Salon owners are authorized to create a customer base because the business details are accessible round the clock. However, this Salon application assists businesses to capture leads productively. 

6. Zenoti – The best salons

If Zenoti has made this list, then, it must have something remarkable. This is used by medical spas, beauty salons, spas, gyms, or yoga centers despite the size. The features it includes are; inventory, reports, marketing, billing, appointment scheduling, etc.

It offers a comprehensive range of logistics and front-desk office technologies and tools.   The Salon owners can easily keep an eye on different branches from one easily accessible interface.  They can access real-time scheduling, notifications, and revenue forecasts. Zenoti allows the staff members to schedule bookings and sell products from any preferable portable device and from anywhere. 

Its CRM module handles the profile for every customer to be accessed anytime and from anywhere. Using this, you can redeem gift cards, packages, and memberships. Additionally, the manager can manage payrolls, email marketing campaigns, inventory, events, scheduling, etc. 

7. Versum – Salon management software

It is a Salon application that assists the beauty and wellness industry to perform the day to day operations smoothly, quickly and easily.  Also, Versum includes a collection of vital features for not only handling the business but for brand promotion to gain target customers.  The best part of Versum is its automation ability, which assists in eliminating time-consuming and cumbersome activities. Only in some clicks, the reports and analytics can be generated confirming sales figures, customer details, and complete business activities. In all, the Versum assists in streamlining business activities and staff motivation with appointment booking, inventory management and marketing, etc. 

8. Insight – Salon & Spa Management Software

Salon & Spa Management Software
Salon & Spa Management Software

Insight is a Salon management application that provides automation reminders, employee management and online booking all from one platform. The beauty business owners can use Insight both in cloud-based deployment and on-premises options. It enables the customers to schedule and confirms online scheduling via automated email and text message.  The Salon app allows the Salon owners to communicate via automated email and text messages, track the services, products, booking history and loyalty programs, etc.  

The marketing feature includes email campaigns, newsletters, blogs, automated text messaging, etc. The Salon owners even track down the customer’s anniversaries, referral sources, birthdays, etc.

Additionally, Insight authorizes tracking staff and sales performance by saving employee and contact information. Restricted data access and set up booking with confidential and managerial controls password.  The additional features are service management, online payment processing, reporting, payroll management,  time tracking, inventory management, etc.

9. Phorest

It is also the salon solution meant for SMEs that includes reporting, inventory management, point of sale,  appointment scheduling, and many more. Additionally, the software provides a salon-branded app and cloud-based deployment for tablets and mobile phones. 

As cloud-based software, it enables the Salon employees for managing bookings from the site and Facebook. When the appointment is booked, it gets updated automatically in the solution for eliminating overbooking. Phorest includes “Client ReConnect” which enables Salon owners to email and text the customers according to their previous appointment history.  It provides a POS module to record orders and sales in one place and possess the cash register. Using the inventory control module, the Salon owners receive a reminder when the stocks are in less amount.  

10. Timely – Salon Appointment App

It is a SaaS-based software that provides different features for businesses to complete operations in less time. Timely offers the most profitable services, hence, gain more. Secure and reliable, the Timely app is meant for supporting Salon businesses with an excellent service.  From reporting & analytics to customer management, and online scheduling, this salon application confirms efficient and smooth functioning. Also, it assists in operating the Salon business specifically via personalized salon reports, real-time dashboards, and 24X7 friendly support. Moreover, Timely provides powerful Salon marketing functionalities for business promotion. 

Concluding Remarks on leading salon appointment apps

This article has defined the best beauty and wellness apps in the Salon market. The list contains the exceptional choices for helping Spas and Salons to streamline their daily operations.  From all this, you have to choose the one that defines your business niche, budget, and target market.  

So, are you using any Salon app? Is it beneficial for your business? Which feature is more profitable? Share your thoughts with us! Thanks for reading! 

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