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Booking Made Easy: MotoPress’ Innovations on WordPress

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Since its inception, WordPress CMS has experienced tremendous growth in market share, which is not surprising. Among several alternative systems, WordPress stands out as the most convenient and user-friendly option. Moreover, PHP developers find its inner structure easy to understand, while also being very well-thought-out.

The convenience and intelligent architecture of WP are the reasons why multiple programmer teams were attracted to the platform, leading to the development of numerous templates and plugins for this CMS. As a friendly reminder, templates dictate the appearance of the future website, while plugins are special external modules that integrate seamlessly with WordPress to add more functionalities to it.

Among the teams inspired by the growing prospects of this comfortable CMS was MotoPress, which began its journey in 2013. Initially, the idea was to develop a visual site builder similar to Elementor. However, after considering market prospects and team resources, the decision was made to shift focus. The sub-niche they chose to pursue was software related to hotel booking.

As an organic extension of the hotel-related niche, where the business model entails renting out properties on a daily or hourly basis, the MotoPress team decided to also consider a similar niche: solutions for appointment booking-related businesses. These include enterprises like beauty salons, photo studios, barbershops, and so on. As a result of this additional development branch, the WordPress appointment booking plugin was created, which is likely one of the best tools among comparable products.

The following paragraphs will provide summarized overviews of key MotoPress products, starting with those already mentioned, and continuing with valuable add-ons that significantly extend the feature set of these flagship plugins.

One of the Best WordPress Plugins for Appointment and Scheduling

We have already mentioned the cornerstone product of the team, which is focused on enterprises offering services on an hourly basis. But what exact advantages and features does this extension offer? Below is a list that, while not comprehensive, provides a basic understanding of the plugin’s capabilities:

  • Designed for various service-based industries such as beauty, sports, education, medical, and more, without being limited to just one of them. This is a multitool.
  • Booking and scheduling can be organized for custom time slots of any duration. Additionally, you can set up buffer time before each appointment to ensure that your employees have a break to rest before the next client.
  • Integrated payment systems include PayPal, Stripe, direct bank transfer, Square payments, and more. In the most comprehensive configuration, the total number of possible payment options includes over a hundred methods.
  • The appointment booking process is facilitated through a convenient step-by-step wizard. Clients have the option to choose preferred staff members while making reservations.
  • The notification system includes automated reminders before and after appointments, immediate email notifications for booking status changes, and SMS notifications for confirmations, cancellations, or payment completions.

The full list of benefits and functionalities is three times larger, but for the sake of brevity, we haven’t included it here. If you want to know more, feel free to visit the description page of the MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin.

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WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin

This extension will prove to be very useful for anyone in the property rental business. The tool enhances your website with booking functionality for your apartments. The number of listings is unlimited, so whether you own a single flat or several hotels with hundreds of rooms, this plugin can accommodate both scenarios. It allows for the reservation of single or multiple properties at once, providing flexibility and maximizing booking potential. 

A key aspect of the extension is its real-time availability calendars, which ensure that guests are only booking available slots, thereby minimizing any reservation conflicts. The Channel Manager broadens the scope of property visibility and booking potential by synchronizing bookings across OTAs such as Airbnb,, TripAdvisor, and others. This ensures that availability and bookings are updated in real time across all platforms to avoid overbooking.

In terms of financial transactions, guests can pay online during the reservation process or upon arrival. The acceptance of funds is facilitated by secure built-in gateways like PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, etc. For local gateway needs, there is a special add-on, which provides WooCommerce payments integration. Additionally, the plugin supports the creation and management of discount coupons, serving as an incentive for bookings and a marketing tool for managers.

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WordPress Contact Form Addon

The very first product created by the MotoPress team was the Content Editor, a drag-and-drop builder akin to Elementor. Even though this plugin is now primarily acquired as part of a lifetime subscription package that includes all products from the team — and thus, doesn’t have separate promotional activities — there are add-ons available that extend its capabilities. One such instrument is exactly the Contact Form add-on.

As its name implies, this tool allows website owners to construct forms of different types visually on WordPress pages, ensuring a constant connection with visitors. The variety of fields available, including text, email, telephone, text area, and more, enrich the flexibility of the forms, allowing for more than just simple messages. Now, collecting orders, feedback, reviews, and requests from your audience is straightforward. A standout feature is the Google reCAPTCHA integration, which is incorporated to ward off any spam.

The forms created are lightweight, ensuring your pages remain swift and uncluttered. Moreover, the add-on facilitates the construction of email message bodies for each contact form, ensuring the emails received are marked up to your preference. This aspect of customization extends to the level of setting up the email templates, catering to the unique needs of each form created. The addon embodies a user-centric approach, saving time and making form creation less tedious.

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Appointment Booking WooCommerce Payments

We previously noted that the Appointment Booking plugin and Hotel Booking extension come with integrated payment systems. Additionally, there’s an option to connect an extra add-on to broaden these capabilities, specifically for the appointment booking plugin. This tool links to various local payment methods via WooCommerce, a leading e-commerce platform on WordPress, expanding payment gateway options at checkout. It enables access to 80+ international payment methods supported by WooCommerce.

Installing and activating the add-on is a straightforward process. Website owners will need to create a WooCommerce product, which could be labeled as an “Appointment”, for instance, that clients will pay for. The settings can be easily navigated via the WP dashboard, under the Appointments section, where administrators can enable the WooCommerce payment method and select the created WooCommerce product. Additionally, the setup involves enabling and configuring the WooCommerce payment gateways through the WooCommerce settings.

On the client side, the process is equally simple and intuitive. Customers select a service and appointment time via the booking widget, provide their personal data to confirm the reservation, and then choose a preferred WooCommerce payment method to complete the transaction. Upon successful payment, the booking details are automatically synchronized between WooCommerce and the Appointment Booking plugin, and a new reservation entry appears in the corresponding section of the Appointment Booking plugin.

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Concluding Words

MotoPress has leveraged the flexibility of WordPress to develop a suite of products that streamline booking processes and enhance business-client interactions. With tools like a robust Appointment Booking plugin, a nuanced Hotel Booking extension, a user-friendly Contact Form add-on, and the capability to extend the set of available payment methods via WooCommerce payment gateway integration, they’ve provided an opportunity for any interested business to enhance their operations and interaction with customers.

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