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Top 10 Blockchain Crypto Based NFT Racing Games -2023

List of best blockchain racing games to earn NFT. Car racing play to earn game to make you rich in 2023. Popular...

Written by Ashok Kumar · 5 min read >
Top 10 Blockchain Crypto Based NFT Racing Games -2023

Blockchain gaming is a new trend that has emerged in recent years. And it is continuously becoming more and more popular with the rise of cryptocurrencies, as they allow gamers to trade their in-game assets.

Racing games are one of the most popular types of blockchain games. These racing games are all about speed and adrenaline, as players have to race against other players for the best time. If you also love blockchain games, here are the 10 best nft racing that you can try.

See the list of Best Racing Games to Earn NFT and Crypto

  1. REVV Racing
  2. Pegaxy
  3. Super Crypto Cart
  4. F1 Delta Time
  5. 22 Racing Series
  6. DeRace
  7. Deathroad.Io
  8. Nitro League
  9. DoRac
  10. Clash Of Cars

1. REVV Racing – The Play and Earn Arcade Racing Simulation Game

The Play and Earn Arcade
Racing Simulation Game

Originally titled as REVV Motorsport blockchain gaming platform, REVV gaming offers more P2E experience. REVV Racing by Animoca Brands is one of the most popular gaming dapps on the Polygon network. The experience combines everything you might have experienced with other racing games.

In-game you can profit from selling antiques and staking REVV and the commissions are always going in the game that offers players amazing prizes. Just to mention, the in-game currency for the game is REVV.  

Key Points To Know About The Game 

  • It is the first ever blockchain arcade simulation car racing and a third-person perspective 3D racing game.
  • Real-time total control of your automobile on the track.
  • Use your game controllers such as Xbox, PS, or a keyboard.
  • NFTs are in-game assets that you own.
  • It is built on Polygon.

2. Pegaxy – Play to Earn Horse Racing Game

Pegaxy (Pegasus Galaxy) is a racing game with futuristic mythological styling
Pegaxy (Pegasus Galaxy) is a racing game with futuristic mythological styling

It is yet another legendary NFT racing game. But, it is a little different from the REVV, as rather than racing with cars you will be racing with mech-horses to compete for prizes. You can either sell their Pega on the market or rent them out to others.

The game’s official roadmap includes numerous upgrades, and it will continue to monitor its progress on our PGR ( Polygon Games Ranking). The currency that this game uses is known as the VIS.

Key Points To Know About The Game

  • Players must finish in the top three using clever improvements, food, and skill to earn VIS.
  • It has been the most popular game on Polygon since its inception, with over $200 million moving through the site quickly.

3. Super Crypto Cart

It is a free-to-play nft car racing built on Polygon. You will find its gameplay identical to Mario Kart, players can compete against each other for the prize pool. It is accessible on Mac OS, Linux, Windows, and, eventually, Android and iOS. To make its gameplay exciting it includes the top crypto projects in the sector, along with customized race-able karts. You can compete & join lobbies with entrance fees ranging from $1 to $100+ in $CHAIN tokens, which is also the in-game currency. You can earn and all of your earnings will be straight transferred into your Web3 wallet after each round.

Key Points To Notice About The Game

  • In the single-player mode, you can play for free & practice as much as you want.
  • This is a fun game with a nice collection of crypto-themed automobiles.
  • There are no NFTs or Earn-to-Play components. Each player spends an entry fee in this game, and the winner receives the prize pool.

4. F1 Delta Time

F1 Delta Time
F1 Delta Time

It is an Ethereum-based Formula 1 racing simulator in which players have some control of their racing car. Further, their race outcome is governed by numerous criteria like the quality of your NFTs as well as the player’s track timing abilities. You can access the game almost through any of the game players. Its competitive gameplay allows the players with the fastest times to earn REVV when winning races. Various tiers allow players in different levels to compete against each other. Great looking for NFTs, in the game players can take the NFTs as their additional rewards.

Key Points To Notice About The Game

  • To begin playing, you must purchase NFT sets and pay significant transaction fees on the Ethereum network. Participation in races also has a nominal entry fee.
  • Racing is against the clock at this point, with no other vehicles on the course. You can accelerate, boost, and brake the automobile but can’t steer it.


It is not just a racing game but one of the best futuristic crypto racing games. It features 360-degree tracks, a small degree of strategic decision-making, and resource utilization. The Phantasma blockchain stores NFT assets, and the game is available for Windows via the Pavillion hub platform. A $50 24/7 Race License is required for the full experience, although a pit pass can be purchased for $1.5 to test the game.

Key Points To Notice About The Game

  • Supports game controllers as well as VR headsets such as the Oculus Quest.
  • High-quality racing game with engaging graphics.
  • You are unable to play the game. A pit permit or a full race license must be purchased.

6. DeRace – Virtual NFT horse racing Universe

Racing does not always mean racing with cars, so here is yet another game that entertains with horse riding games. It is a full NFT horse racing ecosystem in which you can race horses, breed NFT horses with unique qualities, and develop your own NFT hippodrome while profiting. It allows users to operate their hippodromes and communicate with their DNA-enhanced NFT horses. stamina, the NFT horses have various characteristics like appearance, cool-down time, and speed. The blockchain technology used by DeRace enables transparent horse racing statistics, making the site safe and accurate, and promises to be verified and community-focused.

Key Points To Notice About The Game

  • DeRace has its currency, DeRace Coin (DERC), which is utilized for all site transactions, such as entrance fees, NFT sales, awards, NFT sales, and user rewards.
  • DeRace horses resemble genuine horses in appearance, but they have distinguishing characteristics that define their value. They are categorized based on their performance, cool-down time, rarity, and cost. 

7. Deathroad.Io – NFT horse racing ecosystem

Deathroad aspires to be a full car racing nft game designed for next-generation racers who use their racing skills to enjoy a realistic racing experience while also earning tradable valued digital assets. This is a haven for players to freely design and build cities based on their ideas, a location that can supply all of the amenities that players require, such as rental cars, property, garages, and so on. Furthermore, in Deathroad, players can join various play areas to earn profits, such as “Battle mode.” The mode allows you to enter the “Race to Gain” to earn more profit; or “Marketplace,” where you can deal with other players.

Key Points To Notice About The Game

  • Racers visit the city Showroom to purchase NFT boxes to open to obtain automobiles.
  • Racers can also utilize Peer-to-Peer Marketplace to acquire or sell secondhand automobiles from/to others.
  • A racer must own at least five automobiles to purchase land on which to build a garage in the city.

8. Nitro League – The World’s Best Racing Metaverse

Nitro League - The World's Best Racing Metaverse
Nitro League – The World’s Best Racing Metaverse

Everyone in the Nitroverse can realize their ambition to become a racer. You can own, collect, customize, and exchange one-of-a-kind NFT vehicles and parts. As a player, you can sharpen your driving skills and prize cryptocurrency prizes for your efforts. It provides a vibrant forum for investors, collectors, and artists to express themselves through in-game NFTs. The game is a community-driven virtual racing paradise that offers internet infrastructure, exclusive content, racing experiences, and more

Key Points To Notice About The Game

  • Nitro League has its own set of features aimed to provide its customers with a dynamic gaming experience that includes robust tokenomics and NFT compatibility. 
  • It encompasses a multi-token economy (NITRO) in which users can own, sell, or exchange in-game items.
  • Hotwire Studios’ Nitro League is the first of several projects to be released, driving innovation in the portable GameFi infrastructure and an easy-on ramp for guilds.

9. DoRac

With the native token of DORAC and Binance Smart Chain support, you can participate in races with your dogs. Yes, the game is a bit different from all the other blockchain racing games in this list as it neither includes horses nor cars, but dogs. The game is different but the racing mechanics will stay the same for the game. 

For starters, you can join daily races that require 8-12 dogs per race. On the daily $DRT Race Modes, you will have the daily breed race that only dogs of the same breed can participate in, as well as an untrained dog race.

Key Points To Notice About The Game

  • Parent dog NFTs are delivered to the Genetic Algorithm via a Binance smart chain contract, as well as a newborn puppy can join its parents in the world.
  • There are three levels of breeding facilities, each of which defines the length of the breeding process as well as the price.

10. Clash Of Cars

As the name suggests it is a car racing game. You must use your abilities and strategies to be the first to reach the finish line. Clash allows you to gather custom cars to race & fight against the other players. As long as you have energy, you can equip and use skills. The energy stays constantly replenished, allowing you to perform a variety of skills during the fight.

Key Points To Notice About The Game

  • You will have a maximum of four competitors.
  • The first person to cross the finish line receives a large reward in coins, whereas the others receive less. 
  • The tournament of this game is open to persons of all ages, to become the world’s most powerful pilot.

This was the list of the 10 best blockchain racing games. Thank you for reading this guide.

Written by Ashok Kumar
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