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Top 10 Useful Travel Apps You Should Use When Travel By Rental Car | Vacation Apps to Use 2023

Have a look at these 10 best apps to use when traveling, you must download before your next trip: 10 Best Travel...

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apps to use when traveling

Traveling to your favorite destination is one of the most fulfilling things you have ever done in your life. From planning trips to packing luggage to buying tickets, everything is super exciting. Have you considered downloading a few useful travel applications? Well, it is a must to ensure a smooth traveling experience.

With so many travel apps on App Store and Android, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Unfortunately, most of these so-called “best travel apps” are useless.

And it is not fun to download a bunch of apps to use when traveling

No matter whether you are looking for a van rental St Louis Airport or a city guide app, we have got you covered. Here are the top 10 best apps for travelers:

1. Skyscanner – Compare Cheap Flight Tickets, Hotels

Skyscanner is a travel mobile app that allows you to do a range of tasks. From searching flights to checking St Louis car rental airport, you can many things with the application. Thanks to the interactive interface, you can compare prices easily. Fortunately, there is no hidden cost.

People who love to travel at a cheap price consider this one of the best apps to use when traveling internationally. Using more than 1,200 sources, the travel mobile app provides with best flights available for you. Most importantly, it guides you about the cheapest weeks or months to travel to your location. Thankfully, you can set up alerts for price changes.

2. Hostelworld – Search, Compare and Pick the Best Hostel for You

Once you hire a St Louis airport car rental, the next step is to look for accommodation. Booking accommodation before reaching the destination is always a great idea to remove the hassle.

With the Hostelworld travel mobile app, you can do everything you expect from a booking application. You can search, look for descriptions, and set filters to easily find your desired property. And there are reviews for each hostel allowing you to check what travelers have to say about each property.

3. HotelTonight

What if you don’t want to live in a hostel? Well, the HotelTonight application is one of the best travel apps 2023 that allows you to get last-minute discounts on empty hotel rooms. Not only you can check the available rooms but also can reserve them immediately.

The HotelTonight app allows you to search by attraction, map, or city. It has pictures of rooms shared by other travelers along with reviews. This feature gives you a clear picture of the room before you reserve it.

When you are stuck in a location and looking for a room at the last minute, this is one of the best free travel apps to use.

4. Couchsurfing

apps to use when traveling
apps to use when traveling

Did you know that you can stay with locals for free? Couchsurfing is an amazing app that allows you to reduce your accommodation costs. The app connects you with locals who have free space for tourists at no cost. However, there is nothing fancy about the accommodation. This is the reason why it is called “couch” surfing. However, it doesn’t cost anything at all.

At the same time, you get to enjoy the local flavor by staying with locals. You can learn how they are living their lives. Moreover, you can learn about their culture, traditions, and more.

5. TripIt – Highest-rated trip planner and flight tracker

Many people fail to fully enjoy their trip because they don’t organize it perfectly. Planning your trip is one thing and executing it flawlessly is another. Being a human, it is easy to forget your plan even if you have written it in your travel diary.

Fortunately, TripIt has solved this problem forever. Once you have the confirmation about your flight, hotel, and restaurant, you can forward it to Moreover, you can add car rental confirmation as well. For instance, you have hired a car rental Lambert airport St Louis. Now, you need to send the confirmation email to and they update the information in your master travel plan.

With this app, you can see your upcoming plans at once making sure that you don’t miss anything. If you get the pro version, the app will let you know about alternative routes, send alerts about flight delays, cancelations, and much more.

6. Free2Move – Apps to Use When Traveling Internationally

apps to use when traveling internationally
apps to use when traveling internationally

Now, there are some people who prefer the best car rental ST Louis airport while others like to use a car-sharing service. If you are one of those who use car share, Free2Move is your best friend. The application allows you to access all bike, scooter, and car-sharing service providers at once.

Free2Move finds the cheapest and closest vehicle near you with a single tap. You can avail of their service in more than 33 cities around North America and Europe. With this amazing travel mobile app, you can even rent a bike or car without having to wait in line.

When you land at a new place, make sure to check this application before using a St Louis airport car rental. Most of the time, you easily find a vehicle in the Airport’s parking.

7. Google Maps – Real-time location sharing and finding

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a life without Google Maps. No matter whether you are using car rental Lambert airport St Louis or traveling on public transport, it gives you useful suggestions. Furthermore, it lets you know the time estimate when you will arrive at your destination.

With the offline Maps feature, you can even download maps that will help you in case lose signals. Using Google Maps, you can discover places around you that are worth visiting.

8. Google Translate – Translate between 108 languages by typing

Don’t know the native language of your travel destination? Don’t worry; Google Translate has got you covered. It can translate into over 100 languages. Yes, its translation is not always perfect, but it makes communication easier.

Using this application, you can save a few sentences or keywords that you will be using during the trip. If you are looking at a signboard and have no idea what’s written on it, this app will help you. Take a picture and it will translate the text on the image.

9. OpenRice

If you are traveling to Asia, this is a must-have application. It gives you information about the most popular restaurants in the city. Moreover, you can check the menu, and ratings, and reserve your table as well. Consider it the Yelp of Asia.

The application has listings for many countries including the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Singapore.

10. Trail Wallet – Apps to use when traveling

Trail Wallet Travel Budget App
Trail Wallet Travel Budget App

While traveling, it is not uncommon to spend more than your planned expenses. Although there are too many expense trackers, this one is probably the easiest to use. The app allows you to set a daily or monthly budget. Furthermore, you can track your expenses by month, by week, or by trip.

As soon as you get a bill, unlock your phone, open the app and add the amount using the Quick Add screen.

Best Apps to Use When Traveling Internationally

apps to use when traveling internationally
apps to use when traveling internationally

10 Best Travel Apps for Domestic and International Trips

  1. LoungeBuddy
  2. Hostelworld
  3. Skyscanner
  4. HotelTonight
  5. Kiwi
  6. Airbnb
  7. TPG App
  8. Organizing a trip
  9. PackPoint
  10. LoungeBuddy

Few More Apps to Use When Traveling Domestic and International Trips

  1. MyTSA
  2. Hopper
  3. Rome2rio
  4. iTranslate
  5. Hostelworld
  6. GlobeConvert
  7. GasBuddy
  8. Mobile Passport
  9. PackPoint

The Bottom Line

Thanks to the invention of smartphones, traveling has become easier than ever. From the best car rental ST Louis airport to the city guide app, you have everything on your phone. Hiring a St Louis airport car rental was never this easy. Not only that, you can book your flights, reserve rooms, check for local trains, and more. Using these best travel apps 2023 will make your trip a memorable one. Best of luck!

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