25 Best Exodus Alternative | Exodus Redux Alternative & Competitor 2023

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exodus wallet alternative

It’s a Crypto Wallet in the Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency group that ‘encrypts secret keys and transaction information locally for your eyes only – no accounts, no websites, no sharing of information.’ There are now more than 50 alternatives to Exodus are available for Android, iPhone, Online / Web-based, Windows, and Linux, among other platforms.

In the Cryptocurrency category, Exodus is a top performer. Users enjoy Exodus because of its functionality, convenience, and simple user interface.

On the world’s leading desktop, Smartphone, and Hardware crypto wallets, Exodus allows the user to send, acquire, and trade Bitcoin and 100+ cryptocurrencies easily. Some of the Exodus alternatives are mentioned below:

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Here all Best Exodus Wallet Alternative & Compitors

1. Kraken

Kraken - Alternative 1 to Exodus
Best exodus alternative

Kraken is a prominent decentralized wallet that allows users to purchase, trade, and swap various cryptocurrencies, such as market leaders Bitcoin and Ethereum. Kraken offers users margin requirement and futures trading, speculative products beneficial for particular trading techniques, and buying and selling bitcoin at market rates. It is another alternative to Exodus wallet. The leading Kraken site is the best spot for inexperienced crypto investors to get started in the Kraken network. Outside of cryptocurrencies, more professional traders may favor the relatively low actively traded platform Kraken Pro. It was established in San Francisco in 2011 and now has offices across the globe. It serves consumers in nearly every country, such as the United States. Individual and institutional investors can benefit from Kraken’s low-cost bitcoin trading. Both beginners and professionals could use coin staking to earn a return. Kraken is inclined to meet your bitcoin demands because it combines platforms and services.

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2. Coinbase

exodus alternative wallet
exodus alternative wallet

Coinbase Wallet appears to be a cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to manage cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens in one location. It is one of the best Exodus alternatives available presently. All ERC20 coins, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, XRP, and even a number of certain other cryptocurrencies, are accepted. Apart from a centralized exchange such as, your private keys, which represent possession of your cryptos, are stored locally on your smartphone. It’s critical to recognize the distinction between the two. The Coinbase Wallet can be used as a DApp browser, and it functions as a web browser with Google Chrome. 

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3. Trust wallet

Binance uses it as its primary bitcoin wallet. Like all the others, this application allows users to store, transmit, and purchase bitcoins and digital products. It’s speedy and secure, and it includes features that will enable you to play blockchain games and link to some of the most current DApps and Defi platforms. Trust Wallet is compatible with the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. It is available for Android and iPhone smart applications, and you can also access your wallet from your Computer using the mobile apps. It’s one of the greatest Exodus wallet alternatives. 

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4. Atomic wallet

The Atomic Wallet is ideal for novices because it is free and allows them to acquire cryptocurrency right from the wallet if they do not already have any. This differs from cryptocurrency wallets like Exodus, which allow you to purchase digital currencies through such a third-party exchange and deposit them to the wallet before you can start swapping them. Aside from the wallet’s simple setup for all users, it also enables you to trade practically any coin or token. So because Atomic Swap exchange is integrated within the wallet, this is possible. Several exchange integrations are available for additional coverage.

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5. Trezor

Trezor launched its crypto hardware wallet in 2014, as well as a new generation of stars was created. Since then, they’ve sent the Trezor One and Trezor Model T to over 150 countries, allowing millions of people to store their bitcoin safely. It is one of the famous Exodus alternatives as per the reviews given by its users. Although software wallets are easy, growing security issues have always made me wary. Trezor appears to be the ideal location for safely storing your cryptocurrency. Trezor seems to be a hardware-based cryptocurrency wallet brand established in Prague, Czech Republic. The original Trezor Prototype was released in 2012, and it was a little device that looked like a smart car key fob. Since then, the Trezor Model T, which has a touchscreen display, has been released. 

6. Breadwallet

The Bread wallet is based on the idea of financial independence. The native coin of the wallet, the Bread (BRD), reflects this. The cryptocurrency wallet Bread, as it is now widely recognized, is based in Zurich, Switzerland. The wallet’s security is designed to keep users’ personal information private. Because of its easy user interface, it can also be a suitable product for crypto wallet beginners. Users can buy digital products and sell them to one another using the wallet. Bread is a well-known iOS wallet that offers customers complete control over their assets owing to its unique security features. The wallet also guards against fraud, that is one of the reasons the founders picked the iOS platform. You could always retrieve your money since there is no server that may be hacked or fall down.

7. Staked Wallet

Staked is a web-based platform that allows investors to lease crypto assets to users in exchange for bitcoin returns. Organizations can use the software to automate crop farming, staking, and data encryption activities, as well as transfer cryptocurrency from afar. Staked allows professionals to use two-factor verification to validate transactions, set up processes, and stop illegal entry to the site. Stock management, bitcoin storage, an activity dashboard, data protection, digital asset management, multi-coin support, analytics, and more are among the features available. Users can also see their payment history, manage recurring transactions, and keep a record of their account instantaneously.

8. Mycelium Wallet

Another Exodus wallet alternative is Mycelium which is a replicable wallet that can only be used to store Bitcoin. It cannot be used to store any other digital assets. Furthermore, the mobile software is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The Mycelium team’s hardware engineers have created a simple interface that allows the user to easily switch between accounts, add numerous payment destinations, check recent transactions, and perform a variety of other tasks. The SPV, or Simplified Payment Verification, the mechanism used by Mycelium wallet enables users to share an entire blockchain. Furthermore, this platform’s cold storage feature is unrivalled, letting people protect their cash until they are willing to spend or trade their bitcoins.

9. Electrum wallet

It is one of the most popular desktop Bitcoin wallets, and is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. Electrum was designed by a German computer scientist with the goal of being effective & compact. Many engineers have made a significant contribution to the source code of Electrum in recent times, rendering it one of the most reliable cryptocurrency wallets currently available. Despite the fact that numerous new cryptocurrencies are entering the crypto market each day, Electrum’s primary focus remains Bitcoin, which ensures that the platform runs smoothly and quickly.One of Electrum’s features is its compatibility with popular hardware wallets such as KeepKey, TREZOR Model T, and Ledger Nano S.

10. Jaxx wallet

Jaxx Wallet is a multi-currency digital wallet that supports over eighty different digital currencies. Anthony Di Iorio, the co-founder of Ethereum, built this wallet in 2014. It is well-known for its user-friendly layout, which allows users to easily navigate and switch between all of their stored currencies. Jaxx Wallet can also be used on numerous devices at the same time. There are a few more features in Jaxx Wallet. Users can purchase and trade any one of the compatible currencies using some third-party applications.

11. Myether wallet

MyEtherWallet (MEW) is a free and open-source cryptocurrency wallet that enables you to safely store your Etherum currencies. To prevent frequent visits to external platforms and exchanges, the wallet allows you to switch your virtual currencies immediately within the service. If you retain your assets in a physical storage location, it also has hardware wallet compatibility. MyEtherWallet is accessible as a software as a service (SaaS) as well as a smartphone app for Android and iOS.

12. Uphold

Uphold is a cutting-edge desktop and mobile trading service that enables a one-of-a-kind ” trading experience. You don’t have to make several transactions to buy metals, cryptocurrencies, or securities with Uphold; you may sell assets immediately with a bank account, cryptocurrency networks, or debit/credit card using 0% trading commissions.You can also swap among assets in specific categories in one step, which is distinctive. One transaction, for instance, is Bitcoin to Tesla. Likewise, there is only one step in trading between Facebook and Tesla shares, with no subsequent conversion into USD. As a gateway to the exchange, any other trading system will require you to use US Dollars.

13. Coinomi

The Coinomi wallet has been one of the earliest and most secure wallets available. Apart from a security problem that was discovered and remedied in February 2019, the wallet has a positive reputation among cryptocurrency users.Coinomi is a non-custodial wallet that provides its users with full control over their secret keys and also wallet security and encryption. The hackers wouldn’t even have access to the money in the clients’ wallets even though the wallet’s servers were hacked.

14. Coinfy

Coinify offers a number of tools for organisations looking to engage with cryptocurrency, but there are fewer for people. People will find Coinify to be a helpful tool for converting fiat currency (such as US dollars) to cryptocurrency. Coinify, meanwhile, doesn’t really support crypto trading, unlike most other cryptocurrency exchanges.

15. Blockchain wallet

The blockchain wallet is simple to use and understand. Your wallet is stored on the user’s phone, which exposes you to third-party risk. The Company has a great history of safety, as well as the product is both extensive in functionality and simple to use.In early 2016, the company modified their wallets to include increased security measures by rendering it hierarchical deterministic, which offers more security by preventing addresses from being used twice.

16. Unstoppable wallet

Unstoppable seems to be a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency digital payment that is non-custodial and user-friendly. While remaining anonymous, this wallet contains certain crucial capabilities for keeping, trading and evaluating Bitcoin performance.Unstoppable is a decentralised, accessible crypto storage system. It’s a newer wallet that is really intended to be quick and easy to use. All significant cryptos, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance, Bitcoin Cash, and a variety of ERC20 and BEP2 standard cryptocurrency tokens, could be stored in it.

17. Blockstream Green

Blockstream Green is a bitcoin-focused* non-custodial wallet created by Blockstream. Blockstream is deeply involved in all facets of the Bitcoin network, and they leveraged their experience to create a well-rounded bitcoin wallet. Blockstream Green has a simple user interface and a comprehensive collection of accessibility, security, and privacy characteristics, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced.

18. wallet

This is a fantastic wallet for simplicity of usage. Purchasing bitcoins with a credit card eliminates a lot of the bother. The terrible choice of extra security, which you must download from the app settings – this ought to be part of the mandatory initial setup – is one of the two major drawbacks.

19. Bitfinex

Bitfinex is a famous cryptocurrency exchange in the world, owing to its low charges. It’s also linked to the Tether stablecoin, which has caused the exchange to run into regulatory issues. The minimal costs on Bittfinex are positive, but its shaky past may be a risk for future customers.

20. HitBTC

It is a bitcoin exchange for competent cryptocurrency traders that want to sell altcoins. The exchange has a lot of liquidity and doesn’t need customers to go through any KYC procedures (but it’s a good idea to verify your account to avoid any problems). There have also been claims on forums that the service is unreliable, with some clients having problems withdrawing their payments.  There are numerous reports on sites that the service is unreliable with some users having difficulty retrieving their payments.

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