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Top Android App Development Companies in California 2024

See the list of top android app development company in California. We have listed the 50+ CA based android app developers in...

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From 2022 to 2024, we all have encountered a dramatic spike in android mobile app development demand. The development of an application became extremely popular and motivated many brick-and-mortar shop owners to take their business online to meet the quickly rising demand. As the need for such applications accelerates, we can also notice the advancement of the technology trends simultaneously.

Are you tired of surfing the top Android app development companies in the USA, California, Florida, Texas, and New York? Here is a list curated exceptionally for you to pick from the top 10 Android app developers from the heart of the USA, California. To make things easier, we have prepared the list with complete research and provided excellent services in mobile app development. Let us begin…

Top 10 Best Mobile App Development Frameworks

Which country is best for an Android app development firm in California?

It is difficult to determine which country is the “best” for Android app development companies in California, as this can depend on various factors such as the specific needs and goals of the company, the availability of skilled developers, and the business environment in different countries. That being said, California is home to a number of well-known tech companies. It has a thriving tech industry, so it is a good location for an Android app development company. Additionally, the United States as a whole is home to a large and growing tech industry, with many talented developers and a supportive business environment so that it may be a good location for an Android app development company. Ultimately, the best location for a company will depend on its specific needs and goals.

Top 100 Android App Development Companies in California

You’ll need to hire an Android app developer to create a powerful and adaptable Android application. So, to help you find reputable Android developers in the USA, we’ve compiled a list of the state’s best Android app development firms.

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Belitsoft – Android Development Company California

Belitsoft is a top software development company with high-level expertise in Android development that renders the full cycle of services to turn clients’ ideas into compelling and stylish solutions. From startups and non-profit organizations to medium and large-scale companies – Belitsoft understands the specific needs of each business. 80% of the company’s clients come from the USA, the countries of the EU, the UK, and Israel. With 50+ apps developed from scratch, Belitsoft’s Android app development team brings its best practices to create engaging apps and ensure the highest return on investment.

Innowise Group – Android developer in California

Innowise Group is a custom software development firm based in the United States and UK, with 15 years of IT experience. They develop and implement custom app solutions tailored to business and technological requirements. Innowise Group also offers web application development services bringing in vast technology and industry expertise.

The company develops software that integrates, supports, and perfectly matches the user and business needs. They provide flexible collaboration methods, are transparent in their service delivery, and are willing to accept full responsibility for project outcomes from start to finish. Unified Infotech is an award-winning technology business that is an end-to-end solution partner for custom-tailored software and online and mobile apps for global enterprises, SMEs, and forward-thinking start-ups. They assist clients in increasing their business efficiency through smart planning, design thinking, and cutting-edge technologies.

RisingMax – California Based Android App Development

Risingmax is one of the best and most established Android app development companies in the USA for 2024. The company has an HQ in New York and offices in Sydney, California, and Dubai. They believe in operating in synergy and growing together. You grow, we grow! That’s their motto as one of the best Android app development companies in the USA. The product development lifecycle of Android app development at RisingMax commences with a strategic plan followed by crafting, Designing, Developing, and Mobile App Performance Testing. RisingMax provides services in web development, UX, UI, and digital strategy and offers a wide range of specialized services in the mobile space: developing iOS apps, Android apps, iPhone apps, iPad apps, native mobile apps, and much more!

WebClues Infotech– Android Application Builder in California

Since 2014, WebClues Infotech has been a global provider of services related to web and mobile app development. The team at WebClues Infotech employs highly skilled IT professionals who work at the intersection of business and technology and cater to all your development needs, from ideation to deployment and maintenance. Their unmatched expertise helps clients attain business resilience using market-leading technologies and tools. 

Their steady growth has made them an eminent name in the global market. They have created a wide range of web & mobile apps for different mobile platforms. They also provide mobile app development services related to the latest and trending technologies like Blockchain, AI/ML, IoT, etc. 

HireFullStackDeveloperIndiaCalifornia Android App Company

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia has become renowned in the software engineering service industry with its cross-disciplinary software solutions.

Businesses of all sizes and industrial domains can hire dedicated Android developers from HireFullStackDeveloperIndia to get secure, scalable, and feature-rich Android app development solutions at the best competitive rates. 

The company works with the latest technology stack including Android 9.0 Pie, Android SDK, Android Studio, Java, C++, SQLite, Linux, and beyond. They have delivered great results to reputed brands. They are continuously expanding their portfolio list by working with innovative and creative thinking companies to bring sustainable change in the digital space. 

Suffescom – Android App Development Firm in California

Suffescom has been known as one of the top android app development companies in the USA, California. The company’s consultative & collaborative approach is analytics-driven. It helps enterprises navigate every facet of the digital landscape, identify growth opportunities, reveal competitive advantages, and define engaging customer experiences. They have invested years of knowledge in developing out-of-box and user-centric Android mobile app development solutions that help our clients scale their businesses. They have several satisfied clients whom we have helped beat the competition. The varied range of design and development projects is enough to reflect professionalism and experience.

Closeloop Technologies – Android Development Company in CA

Closeloop Technologies is a customer-focused software engineering and iOS & Android app development company catering to businesses of all sizes and types hailing from different industries and regions. They have successfully delivered more than 200 projects in the past eleven years that span across categories like iOS & Android (native and hybrid) app development, cloud computing solutions, wearable tech, ERPs, CRMs, eCommerce, and others.

Their sophisticated approach to building an app and C-level consulting to clients are exclusive to meet desired expectations and accomplishing set targets within a stipulated time. No wonder it is touted as a one-of-its-kind mobile app development company helping businesses establish and scale in today’s competitive environment with systematic procedures and groundbreaking strategies.

Blue Lable Labs – Leading App Development Company in CA

Blue Label Labs is a New York-based premier software development company focusing on mobile app development. The passionate and experienced Android app development team of Blue Label Labs is known to craft groundbreaking applications with unique UX designs and features for their clientele.

The company has successfully built and launched over 350 apps across many devices. The company gives clients the convenience of hiring Android professionals for their projects. At different stages of app development, the team offers inputs to clients to ensure they get maximum value in terms of revenue, user acquisition, and brand awareness. Blue-label labs aim to do the right thing for every project.

WillowTree, Inc – Android Development Companies Near California

Willow Tree is amongst the leading Android app development companies in the USA, with years of experience providing the best services globally. With high-end expertise, technical knowledge, and next-level skills the team at the company managed to work beyond the expectations of the clients. With a wide range of varied services in a development company working in every aspect to gain a competitive edge. From mobile strategy, mobile design, native application development, mobile web application development, mobile enterprise, and mobile commerce to cloud integration, the firm left no stone unturned in bringing business to the forefront of the technological world.

Intellectsoft – Android App Development in the USA

Intellectsoft is a reliable development company that offers comprehensive Android app development in the USA. By leveraging new-age technology and cutting-edge solutions, the company is helping businesses unlock the potential of the modern world. The company possesses a team of dedicated developers who are focused on delivering quality projects on time. With world-class technology usage, the company has maintained its level to bring Android development to the next level. The company offers several services ranging from custom software development to mobile app development delineated with all the modern technology.

A3logics – California-based Android app development company

A3logics is a global IT service, consulting, and mobile app development company delivering best-in-class services and helping worldwide companies to drive business efficiencies. The organization is known as a Software Center of Excellence and has set a benchmark for quality Magento Customize solutions. We combine our passion for perfection with expert technology ideas to achieve maximum client satisfaction, technology innovation, and enhanced time-to-market capabilities.

Octal IT Solution – App Design and Development

Octal IT Solution is one of the top-notch Android app development companies certified by ISO. The company has its offices in the USA but has also expanded its branches to the UK, India, Singapore & Dubai. With its wide expansion, it is serving clients all over the globe and delivering successful projects to them. Till now, the firm has developed more than 1,100 Mobile and Web Apps, making it the leader in terms of Android app development. Moreover, the company possesses a team of around 150+ professionals who adhere to satisfy their clients to the peak. The company holds expertise in web design and development, mobile application development, custom software development, SAAS development, and digital marketing.

ArcTouch  – Android Development Company USA

ArcTouch is the best Android app development company in the USA, with a decade of experience in building exemplary Android apps for clients worldwide. Leveraging a blend of customer-centric approach and engineering, the firm promises solutions comprising the latest technologies like machine learning, IoT, artificial intelligence, and much more. The company also has a solid team of high-end mobile app developers who have in-depth knowledge of the newest mobility technologies and tools. They have a cutting-edge infrastructure for developing and implementing technology-driven solutions that give clients more control over their enterprises at the most reasonable prices.

Hedgehog Lab – One of the Best Android Development Companies

Another one of the top-notch Android app development companies USA on the list is the Hedgehog Lab. They offer a complete cycle of Android app design, integration, and management services. Whether you need a consumer-oriented app or enterprise-level solution, the company leads the entire development process from ideation to on-time delivery to beyond support. They helped many next-generation startups tackle the complex issues of the modern age. Hedgehog Lab, with its team of dedicated developers, has served 200+ clients with innovative and extraordinary solutions.

Swenson He – Android App Development Agency

In this list of top Android app development companies USA, Swenson He is also considered the leading one that has been providing its app development service for the last many years. From design to development to testing to support, they offer end-to-end mobile app development services that help you build the most user-friendly Android App for your business. The company incorporated the Agile development methodology to ensure a quality product for its clients. With 150+ high-skilled designers and engineers, the firm is the next-level technology partner offering Android app design and development, including the latest technologies, thus enabling businesses to reach the next level.

Hyperlink InfoSysem is a prominent mobile app development firm in Florida, the US, with a team of talented Android and iPhone app developers dedicated to providing the finest optimization outcomes for your organization. Their mobile app developers assist businesses in creating a brand experience for customers, as well as trust and loyalty among current and potential customers. With a varied skill set of specialists, Hyperlink InfoSystem’s key expertise includes designing and creating mobile applications that are listed in the app store.

ZCO Corporation

ZCO Corporation is the leading mobile app development company headquartered in New Hampshire and successfully running in other countries, including Nashua, Boston, and New York City. From fledgling startups to Fortune 500 companies, their clients depend on them to deliver cutting-edge software that meets their needs for Android development in the USA. With the vast knowledge, the company works on the latest tools & technologies for outstanding results and caters to them according to their desires. ZCO Corporation is a well-known firm famous for its app development services and successfully deploying Apps for Android, iOS, Web, IoT, Beacon, wearables, etc.


Fueled has been leading and acing the Android mobile app development companies in the USA, California for over a decade. They have created applications that are product-driven and make sure to speak for themselves among the store ratings and renown. Whether it be native iOS or Android app development or web design & development, our global team of digital transformation strategists focus on lean methodology and agile development to ensure you are getting the optimal ROI.

Bold and Beyond

Bold and Beyond is a well-established app development company of highly experienced programmers, developers, and project managers. From simple apps to complex Android app development in USA Miami, the company provides a flexible collaboration model for everyone interested in effective collaboration. They offer IT expertise, necessary resources, and a vast professional network to help you succeed. The developed applications are appreciated for highly interactive UI/UX, impeccable design, and flawless functionalities that help startups deliver an unmatched experience to their targeted audience. They utilize real environments and devices to test your product and actual usage data to offer improvements, optimization, and scale-up.


Simpalm was established in 2009 by passionate technologists with an entrepreneurial spirit. Fast forward to the present. With more than 300 completed mobile app and web projects, Simpalm is a catalyst in the USA, California revolution that transformed the complete picture of an android app development company in USA, California. They have built a solid reputation in technology by sticking to stringent deadlines and producing high-quality results. Because they follow a customer-oriented service approach, their clients consider them one of the most trustworthy partners.

Dash Technologies

Launched in June 2011, Dash Technologies was initially known as a digital agency, and now the company has grown to be on the list of top 10 Android app development companies. They firmly believe that technology empowers both their clients and their team. They are guided by the belief that effective mobile technology improves people’s lives in meaningful ways. Their goal is for each of our endeavours to contribute to this cause.

Echo Innovate IT

Echo Innovate IT was introduced to the world to bring a whole new team of skilled Android and iOS developers to develop a set of technologically advanced Android mobile applications. The company ranked among the top 10 Android app development companies in the USA and California. Besides creating Apps for iOS & Android natively and UI/ UX Design, they also create amazing cross-platform apps and robust web applications using the latest technologies like Angular, React, Node.js and Vue.js. The company makes sure to stand tall in the competition with the upcoming and latest technologies. 

Phontinent Technologies

The company offers business-oriented on-demand solutions for food ordering, ticket booking, e-learning platforms, and much more. They also include on-demand services that have been rewarded with certified ratings by recognized global brands as the best software company. While achieving the stage of the best Android app development company, they have been delivering result-oriented business and have worked with individuals, organizations and several startups. Their team has mastered industry progression, SaaS, augmented reality, and many more. 


RipenApps is one of the top Android mobile app development companies in the USA, California, that is cutting-edge—established by industry experts to assist startups, entrepreneurs, and visionaries in developing great mobile products. RipenApps has helped 150+ entrepreneurs launch their ideas and 130+ businesses manage their operations, procedures, and revenues with solid Mobile Products in a short period. Believing and nurturing, innovation, advancement, growth, introducing technology, and much more are all things they do daily to ensure that each product is excellent. They are Android app development companies in the USA and California. 

Hedgehog Lab

The company itself aims to design and build exceptional software and offers outstanding product consultancy. The company has earned its position in the list of top 10 Android app development companies, takes pride in its work, and strives for perfection. The organization also holds specific certifications and prominent quality standards; the company has produced flawless results in the last decade.


The company holds expertise in several areas, such as digital transformation, AI/ML solutions, IoT, Blockchain and many more. They assist their clients with the same passion and offer various industries or technology stacks by offering distinguished IT solutions. They also make sure to deliver agile management techniques when developing native applications. They have researched and tailored each step precisely to ensure the app’s development cycles. The company strives to work with complex industries and narrow niches, delving into deep details.

App Maisters Inc – Android App Development Company USA

App Maisters Inc. is recognized as one of the Top App Development companies in the United States. We provide an ultra-rapid & cost-effective delivery cycle, a key success factor in such a rapidly evolving marketplace. We have consulted and developed over 400+ apps in the United States, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Our company has successfully done different kinds of projects for different industries, including Government, Oil and Gas, Health Care, Transportation and Logistics, E-commerce, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Banking, Legal, Non-Profit, Education, Consumer Devices and Electronics. AppMaisters is also recognized by well-known influencers as a top-rated app development company.

Quisitive – Android App Development Agency in Texas

Quisitive Solutions, being a top Android app development company in Texas, USA, is the right choice for startups and emerging companies looking for innovative app solutions. The firm guarantees scalability along with expertise in everything related to Android app development. They offer a wide range of services like Android app development consultation, custom Android app development, Android software development, and Android UI/UX design initiatives. The company relies on the latest technologies, methodologies, and high-level tech stack to deliver easy-to-use Android apps. The firm with highly skilled Android app developers knows the secret formula to building apps that ensure a million downloads on the Google Play store.

The List of More Android Developers in California of 2024

  1. Hyperlink InfoSystem
  2. Wizeline
  3. BairesDev
  4. iTechArt Group
  5. EInfochips
  6. Innominds
  7. Kin + Carta
  8. Orangesoft
  9. Kanda Software
  10. BairesDev
How much does hiring a company to build an app cost?

For a small to medium-sized app, hiring an Android app development firm might cost anything from $10,000 to $60,000. The range is so wide because it depends entirely on the app’s complexity and the number of screens.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Android App in the USA?

A small app will cost nearly $4000 – $10,000
Medium size android app will cost $10,000 – $50,000
Enterprise Android app cost more than $50k

Which platform is Android or iOS best to launch first in 2024?

Android any day.

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