6 Tips For Preparing For the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam

Tips to paas AWS practitioner exam in fist attempt. 2023 guide to clear AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam in one week

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In this article, we’ll go through how to prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. The AWS Cloud Practitioner exam is the foundational and introductory level certification test. This test would be the first to start your certification journey if you are new to certification and unsure which AWS cloud certification to pick for your learning route.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is considered entry-level certification and is designed for new AWS users or those in the management field.

Let’s start with defining AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner to have a general knowledge of the test.

What is an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner?

People may gain a general overview of the AWS cloud platform by taking the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course. After completing the Cloud Practitioner course, many students move on to a particular certification. AWS’s key services, security, network, cloud pricing, and support options are all briefly covered in the certification.

This certification level is the fundamental one. Following this AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test, many people take further challenging exams to become AWS cloud experts.

Certification test for AWS Cloud Practitioner

The most basic certification test offered by AWS is the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification. Those who exhibit all functions in this certification exam will have their knowledge and abilities tested.

The following skills are verified by this AWS certification test:

  • The architecture of the AWS cloud
  • Basic AWS cloud architecture concepts
  • Important AWS services and examples of computing and analytics application cases
  • AWS security and compliance
  • the control of the billing, pricing, and account management systems
  • The management and implementation of the AWS cloud

Ideas for Preparing for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam

These days, every cloud provider offers its own foundational or fundamental certification examinations to help candidates become ready to begin careers in the cloud. However, these fundamental examinations would concentrate on the bare essentials and only consider extremely high-level knowledge of cloud computing, who can use it, and who it is intended for. 

6 best tips for preparing for the AWS cloud practitioner exam

As is common knowledge, preparing for a certification course is not simple. We must follow the right preparation process to pass the exam. As a result, we are here to outline the preparation process for passing the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test.

Commence with AWS Cloud Practitioner Training Courses

You may pass this certification by taking one of these three AWS Training courses.

  1. An introduction to AWS Cloud Practitioner: Candidates who want a thorough grasp of AWS Cloud should take this course. AWS services, pricing, architecture, security, and support are all covered in this course, along with cloud concepts.
  1. AWS Technical Essentials: This course educates you on the basic concepts of AWS services, products, and solutions. It increases your ability to analyze AWS services quickly and effectively, which helps you solve IT problems. You may pick up new skills and use them in your company.
  1. AWS Company Essentials: AWS Business Essentials teaches you about the advantages of cloud computing, such as financial gains and how adopting a cloud strategy may help you achieve your business objectives. This course also helps you grasp the AWS cloud computing architecture while educating you on security and compliance topics.
  1. Learn about the subject areas

The most crucial thing you need to comprehend while studying for an exam is the exam’s topic matter. Exam objectives for the AWS CCP certification have already been established; thoroughly review them before beginning your preparation with the suggested reading for each topic area.

  1. Examine AWS Whitepapers

We know that white papers are written to enlighten readers about a certain problem and advance a particular technique. The AWS whitepapers are a reliable source of information and cover fundamental subjects, including security, architecture, and economics.

Here are a few well-known AWS whitepapers that will aid your test preparation for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credential.

  • Description of AWS
  • How AWS Pricing Functions
  • Using AWS to its Full Potential
  • Best Practices for AWS Security
  • Introduction to the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Succeeding at 21st-Century Business Infrastructure: The Business Value of AWS.
  1. Self-Study

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam covers the fundamental ideas and expertise of AWS Cloud. Self-study is sufficient to pass the certification test if you have some prior experience with the AWS cloud platform. If you struggle with a few subjects, take a course online to prepare for the AWS CCP test. You will be able to pass the certification test thanks to the online training’s assistance in understanding all the topic areas. The AWS website itself has a wealth of information. 

  1. Examine Practice Questions and Complete a Free Online Test

The finest tool for determining how prepared you are for an exam is a practice test for any certification exam. Knowing the exam material is important, but it’s not enough to perform well on the test. Take a look at these free AWS cloud practitioner certification test practice questions. AWS Cloud Practitioner practice exams are a requirement if you want to succeed since they mimic the format and substance of the real exam. You can also attempt several full-length practice exams to identify your weak areas and strengthen them.

  1. Plan your exam and earn your certification.

It is appropriate to sign up for the test after you have finished your preparation and feel secure enough. On the AWS training website, select any testing location close to you and register. You will undoubtedly pass the exam if you are properly prepared and follow the preceding instructions. Good luck to you!

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