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12 Out-Of-The-Box AI App Development Ideas In 2024

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur looking for an amazing app development idea for an AI-based mobile app, then this...

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In a few short years, who would have imagined that machines would soon be able to act, behave, and perform tasks just like people? But presently, artificial intelligence can be found in almost every sector of the economy.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is among the most well-known and important technologies in this age of science and technology. It enables tools or programs to complete tasks more accurately and quickly. This cutting-edge technology can accelerate the process, automate processes, resolve complex information problems, and enhance the intelligence of your current systems.

Almost all mobile applications for smartphones use artificial intelligence to provide excellent user experiences. AI-powered mobile applications are in high demand because they help startup companies and business owners enhance business processes and ensure their success and growth.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur looking for an amazing app development idea for an AI-based mobile app, then this article is for you.

This article will look at 12 cutting-edge ideas for the latest artificial intelligence applications for iOS and Android. Continue reading!

12 latest Artificial Intelligence application ideas for Android/IOS. 

AI-based Chatbot app

A chatbot is a computer program created by humans that can start and maintain human-like conversations with other people. The AI-powered chatbots can answer any user’s questions about your service.

While the earlier chatbots provided generic responses because they were pre-programmed with scripts, the more recent chatbots have artificial intelligence and machine learning built right in, allowing them to learn from interactions and immediately address complex questions.

In e-commerce app stores, chatbots are very beneficial because they can gather data, enhance customer interaction, boost customer loyalty, lower costs associated with customer assistance and support, and so much more.

AI-based GEO tracking mobile app

Instead of wasting so much time exploring here and there or verifying Google Maps, an AI-based tracking program could assist users in pinpointing the exact location and estimating the length of the route.

The primary goal of utilizing an artificial intelligence app is to compile all the information about various locations and places of involvement, including stores, malls, parking lots for healthcare facilities, celebration places, cafés, etc.

It is the ideal illustration of a cross-platform app that offers a tailored, AI-driven location surveillance alternative while in a battery-saving method without sacrificing the accuracy of the location tracking information.

AI-based health records maintenance app

You can assist people in managing their health records by creating a record-keeping app for iOS and Android that uses artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Based on the health-related data a user enters, the app can recommend a check-up or possible health risks they may face in the future.

Performance tracking app 

To determine whether workers are completing their assigned tasks, it is crucial to evaluate their performance.

The banking and financial industries can benefit the most from analytical apps with AI, which will be a popular trend in 2022. These AI-based mobile applications for banks and other financial institutions speed up the evaluation of creditworthy customers.

You might consider creating such an app for companies or even educational institutions where staff members or students can enter information and the app will provide insightful data. 

AI-driven eCommerce app. 

Artificial intelligence app has begun to be used by eCommerce companies as well. With AI, eCommerce companies can add various personalized features in the application that entice the customers and appeal to them to purchase. 

It enables online buyers to match products to their favorite brands, sizes, shapes, and colors. Mobile app development services are in the growing market as AI-based e-commerce companies gain popularity.

AI-powered fitness mobile application 

The fitness sector has seen a rise in AI as well. Various companies frequently use AI in fitness equipment like Smartwatches. 

These are enhancing and improving at-home workouts. When people couldn’t access gyms due to the coronavirus breakdown, AI-based personal training also became more popular.

AI-based trainers can function similarly to human trainers, giving you advice on how to stand, advice regarding the proper posture, use of force, diet, and other stuff around. Additionally, you could work with someone one-on-one and get input on your posture as you go through an exercise.

Image Recognition apps 

Have you been chasing after product photos for your eCommerce website? If the answer is yes, most people used to waste time looking for related images on Google social media. You no longer need to worry about any of these things, though!

You can easily automate the whole process by using online machine learning and AI development tools for device acknowledgment. You can facilitate digitization, image analysis, object recognition, statistical and mathematical operations, and more.

It primarily serves to increase the effectiveness and caliber of machine translation systems. The same technology can be incorporated into all retail locations to speed up monitoring, organization, and classification based on smartphones.

Additionally, this classification tool allows retailers to access a large selection of images relevant to their geographical region, product category, and market opportunities.

AI-based recruitment tool 

Rehiring and recruitment expenses could be very expensive for businesses. In this hiring industry, we have occasionally observed a lack of skilled workers rather than actual hiring. Recruitment decisions are subjective and subject to change when the recruiter develops a bond or connection with the candidate.

Since we are all human, even the recruiter occasionally experiences environmental effects. In this bizarre situation, the AI tool might be very alluring for bringing on the right hire.

AI aids businesses in conducting objective hiring of candidates. AI assists in identifying the best fit for the company by thoroughly analyzing the skills and personal expertise of the applicants. It filters out irrelevant applications and only considers the appropriate candidates.

AI chatbots equipped with NLP technology assist in providing candidates with individualized and objective feedback.

Artificial Intelligence app ideas for Marketing 

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications are also quite prevalent in the field of marketing.

With the aid of psychological profiling, pattern classification, and other AI technologies, marketers are able to deliver extremely personalized and targeted ads. Additionally, it aids in retargeting viewers at the appropriate time to ensure better outcomes and lessen emotions of irritation and mistrust.

AI can assist with content marketing in a way that complements the tone and aesthetic of the brand. It has the ability to manage repetitive tasks like campaign findings, achievements, and many other things.

AI can modify and improve marketing campaigns to meet the requirements of a local market and offer users real-time personalization relying on their behavior.

AI-based content creation application! 

Not every company has the budget to employ a content marketing specialist. Such online businesses could benefit from the creation of an AI-based content creator app. If you’re wondering whether AI can produce content as well as humans do, the answer is obviously no.

However, it can provide you with amazing marketing advantages. In order to provide you with extremely SEO-optimized material, AI-powered techniques use NLP to understand the content. These techniques are also capable of comprehending the SEO strategies used by major search engines.

Since millions of pieces of content are already available on the internet and it can be difficult to produce new, original content, it can also aid in content ideation.

Travel-based AI application idea

Investing in the AI and ML-based travel plan application is worthwhile despite the fact that the tourism and hospitality sector is anticipated to grow by more than $500 billion by 2029.

In spite of the poor state of the economy, the tourism sector is still growing. It is now time to take advantage of this opportunity by simply hiring an AI development company that can quickly add the necessary feature to the app.

The automated ML and AI technology in the travel sector can aid users in making expert-level travel plans. The AI-based travel plan app will choose everything, including the best locations, attractions, and lodging while considering your travel budget and interests.

AI & ML for on-demand delivery 

Home delivery services are quickly becoming more and more popular as a result of how quickly the world is moving. Now, instead of having the delivery valet wait for you to pick up your orders as in the past, you can have your food delivered by robots and drones. This might be a fantastic investment gamble for any on-demand delivery company.

Soon, you would see tiny robots scurrying to deliver your orders as they walked and ran through the streets. A few businesses use it to avoid traffic all over the world.

The most frequently used technologies to make this possible include computer vision systems, GPS tracking devices, automated driving vehicles, etc. All of these are made possible by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

To sum up! 

It is clear that the technology has established a firm foothold in almost all industries given the prevalence of chatbots and AI-powered devices among consumers and businesses. The demand for AI solutions that can complete a variety of tasks just like humans but more accurately and quickly has ultimately increased due to this growing use.

We have mentioned 12 AI-based mobile application development that will benefit your company, considering the huge artificial intelligence market. 

However, to get the best app ideas, connect with a leading AI mobile app development company to help you get started. They can assist you by providing some of the best project ideas and by transforming your project using their tried-and-true methodologies and technologies.

And if you are looking for one, then Sufalam Technologies can help you out. We are a team of expert developers and designers helping companies develop out-of-the-box solutions. 

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