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Top 10 Reverse Text Generators | How to Mirror Text for Interesting Social Media Posts

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Written by Niel Patel · 3 min read >
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Whether you want to promote a business or impress your followers, writing interesting social media descriptions is one of the ways. But for many people, adding the ‘interesting’ factor to their social media posts is the most challenging task. So, this blog post is for you if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Here, we will discuss how to incorporate mirror text in your social media descriptions to make them more attractive. But first, let’s talk about mirror text and different ways to generate it. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is Mirror Text?

As the name depicts, the term mirror text refers to a state of the text where it appears in the reversed direction. However, when you put the mirror text in front of a mirror, you can see the text’s original shape from the mirror’s reflection.

Generally, people take assistance from mirror text generators to flip text horizontally and generate a mirrored version of the text. So, every mirror text generator works on the same algorithm. That’s why you will find the following modes in most mirror text generators:

  • Mirror Text:

The ‘Mirror Text’ method will horizontally flip all the words in the text.

  • Mirror Wording or Mirror Word’s Lettering:

This mode will horizontally flip the shape of each letter in a word. However, the order of words in this mode will stay unchanged.

Thus, whichever mirror text generator mode you try, you can always see the original shape of the text by placing the text in front of a mirror. But how can you generate mirror text? Let’s discuss this first.

How to Generate Mirror Text?

Some people take assistance from any mirror text generator. However, you should know about the hidden features of those tools to generate mirror text from them. So, here, we will discuss a simple approach that anyone can follow.

  1. First, open any browser and search for the ‘Mirror text generator.’
  2. The search engine will return different results regarding mirror text generators. As every mirror word generator works on the same principle, your output will remain the same. So, your choice of mirror font generator tools doesn’t matter.
  1. Once you have opened the tool for generating flip text, you will have to enter the text of your social media post into it. Most tools provide the option of uploading the file from local device storage. But if your selected mirror text app doesn’t have such an option, you can paste the copied text or type text from scratch.
  2. After inputting the text, choose the required mirror text generation mode to produce a mirrored copy of your social media posts. You can choose between:
  • Mirror Text.
  • Mirror Wording.
  • Mirror Word’s Lettering.
  1. The mirror text generator will instantly provide the output according to the chosen mode. So, depending upon the available options in the tool, you can either copy the result or download it in a file.

Some Tips for Posting Mirrored Text to Social Media:

Mirror texts can attract your social media audience and add the ‘interesting’ factor. However, you can only benefit from mirror texts if you incorporate them correctly in your social media posts. So, read the following tips before trying to post mirrored text on your social handles.

  • Often, weird things are more eye-catchy. The same is the case with mirror texts. However, if you flip your entire social media post, people won’t be able to read it, which will ruin its purpose. So, you should only flip a few words in your social media posts. This way, your social media post will be attractive and readable.
  • In this digital era, smart work is the key to success. So, instead of individually posting the same post on every social media handle, you can try a cross posting social media app.
  • No doubt, the mirrored words are undetectable in a plagiarism detector or grammar checker. But to maintain the quality of your brand or business, you should run a grammar and plagiarism checker on the unmirrored words.

Some Key Features of Mirror Text Generators:

As mentioned earlier, most mirror text generators work on the exact mechanism. So, let’s discuss some key advantages of all the mirror text generators.

  1. Free of Cost Availability:

Generating mirror text doesn’t require implementing complex algorithms. So, all the mirror text generators are available free of cost.

  1. User-Friendly:

Due to the simple working mechanism of mirror text generators, such tools have no learning curve. So, even if you try a mirror text generator for the first time, you will feel like you have been trying that tool for years.

  1. Highly Compatible:

The output of mirror text generators is compatible with all social media platforms. So, you can copy the result and paste it into your desired social media handle.

Here is the list of few online text generators

  1. Textfixer
  2. Smallseotools
  3. Textreverse
  4. Qwerty
  5. iloveit
  6. Duplichecker
  7. Prepostseo
  8. Upsidedowntext
  10. Flipyourtext


Often, the best solutions are right in front of your eyes. But most people are afraid of trying those solutions, as such solutions are often out in the cold. The same is the case with mirror texts.

Mirror texts have several benefits, from making passwords more secure to catching readers’ attention. It can increase your social media audience engagement if you try it correctly. So, read the above blog post to find out how you can generate mirror text and take assistance from mirror text in your social media posts.

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