How to Change Time Font on iPhone Lock Screen?

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how to change time font on iphone

iOS does not provide a built-in option to change the font specifically for the time display on the lock screen of an iPhone. The appearance and style of the lock screen, including the font used for the time, are determined by the system settings and cannot be modified without jailbreaking the device.

On the iPhone Lock Screen, you check the time, date, day, and month numerous times per day. As a result, personalizing your iPhone with your own color and typeface will go a long way. People wonder how to change time font on iPhone! 

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The iPhone lock screen has been updated with iOS 16. There are a slew of new dynamic backgrounds to select from, which you can further customize with your own app widgets. Another difference between iOS 15 and iOS 16 is that the time/clock typeface has changed to a thicker style, as opposed to the thin clock font in iOS 15. Here’s how to how to change clock font on iPhone. The iOS 16 lock screen offers numerous personalization options. Aside from many more options, you can select animated weather wallpapers and picture album shuffles. But one small adjustment is that you may now choose your own font for the Lock Screen.

Why Are Users’ Opinions of iPhone Modification?

Naturally, there is initial resistance to every new design. The issue is a little more serious with this particular adjustment, though. The new font size doesn’t blend in with the design of iOS 16. People are upset about this change since the new clock makes other UI elements of iOS 16 look like alien objects.

  • Change the font on the iPhone lock screen
  • Tap and hold the iPhone lock screen for a long time after updating to iOS 16. The new Lock Screen gallery is now accessible.
  • You must first create a new wallpaper if you want to replace an outdated Apple default one. To change the current wallpaper in any other case, tap Customise at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the time text on the clock. A new Font & Colour panel will appear as a result.
  • Select a different font from the options on the menu by tapping it. The second choice in the grid is the dated, tiny iOS 15 typeface.
  • After selecting a new font, click the ‘x’ to end the panel.
  • To save your changes, tap the ‘Done’ icon in the top right corner of the screen. To confirm, tap ‘Set as Wallpaper Pair’.
  • Your lock screen will now display the outdated iOS 15 typeface if you followed the previous instructions and choose the second font option.

You can use one of the other brand-new typefaces if you feel more daring. Bold, Light, Rounded, Stencil, Serif, Serif Heavy, Slab, and Rails are all typefaces that can be used on the iOS 16 Lock Screen. Light corresponds to the iOS 15 typeface, whereas Bold is the new iOS 16 default. By opening the same Font & Colour panel and selecting a color from the palette at the bottom of the panel, you can also alter the color of the time text. You can drag the slider that appears after tapping a colour to further modify the shade.

How to Change the Font on the iPhone Lock Screen?

The font, colors, and animations used in a product nevertheless have an impact on how we think and feel about it, even when we don’t pay attention to them. People adjust to particular design choices and notice drastic alterations. I’ll use an illustration from the real world. Imagine walking into a living area and noticing that the wall clock has doubled in size. You’ll probably feel like something is out of place at this point. It makes sense why iOS 16’s clocks are causing people so much trouble. It seems sensible to provide a way to customize or undo the changes and go back to the original design for that reason.

You won’t be able to immediately alter and change the font if you select Customise on an old wallpaper that has already been installed. Instead, click the Add New button and pick the background you want. Then, as previously mentioned, tap on the time in the editor to change the font and color. You can get rid of the previous lock screen once you’ve built and configured the new one. Swipe up to erase it after opening the gallery.

How to change the time font on iPhone 16?

Here’s how to change font on iPhone lock screen. To assist you with the procedure, adhere to the procedures below.

Method 1: Alter the typeface on your clock.

  • Start by unlocking your iPhone but keeping it on the lock screen rather than going to the home screen. Now, on the lock screen, press and hold anywhere. At the bottom, select Customise. You will be required to establish a lock screen first if this is your first time. After completing that, move on to the next phase.
  • The date and time widget is located at the top.
  • To choose a typeface, click on it under typeface & Colour.
  • To apply and save your changes, tap Done at the top.
  • If you decide against saving the changes, you can do so by choosing the Cancel option.
  • It should be noticed that the new “font” is only applied to the “time” element of the time and date widget.

Method 2: Change the color of your clock

  • To begin, unlock your iPhone but do not go to the home screen (remain on the lock screen). Now, on the lock screen, press and hold anywhere. At the bottom, select Customise.
  • At the top, tap the date and time widget.
  • Tap any color under the typeface & Colour to select it and apply it to the typeface in the selection.
  • Move the slider at the bottom to the right or left to increase or reduce the saturation.
  • To apply the changes and quit the Font & Colour window, use the X (close) button.
  • To apply and save your changes, tap Done at the top.
  • If you decide against saving the changes, you can do so by choosing the Cancel option.
  • All elements of the lock screen widget will have a new color.

Method 3: Modify the font script on your clock

  • To access the editing mode, unlock your device and tap and hold on the lock screen. Then select Customise.
  • At the top, click on your clock.
  • Select the Globe symbol now.
  • The script you want to use for your lock screen clock should be selected by tapping. The following choices are available to you.
  • To close the clock editor, tap the X.
  • To save your changes, tap Done right now.

How To Get The Date And Time Off The Lock Screen On My iPhone? 

There are a few ways to get rid of the clock on your iPhone’s lock screen: – One method is to disable the “Reduce Motion” setting by going to Settings > General > Accessibility.

In the same vein, how can I remove the time and date from my lock screen? To remove the time from the lock screen, swipe your finger from the right corner downward and then upward. Can I remove the clock from my lock screen is another query. Turn off “Always show time and info” by going to Settings > Display > Advanced > Lock screen.

Open the Clock app and select the World Clock tab after that.

To relocate a clock, tap on its current place, then drag it to the new location.

How to Change the Time Font on iPhone & Modify the Style of the Clock?

  • The Lock Screen in iOS 16 is popular with both professionals and users. And with good reason because it has made lock screen personalization possible.
  • Additionally, iOS 16 allows you to customize the appearance of the clock on your iPhone Lock Screen. So let’s learn how to alter the clock design on the iPhone Lock Screen if you want to try out this extremely cool function.
  • Start by using Touch ID or Face ID to unlock your iPhone. The Lock Screen wallpaper gallery can then be accessed by long-pressing the screen.
  • The ability to customize your clock face and Home screen is one of many customization options in iOS 16. By following our instructions, you can customize the typeface used for the clock on your iPhone’s lock screen. You have a few options if you wish to modify the clock on your lock screen.
  • Let’s first examine how to adjust the time straight from the Lock Screen:. – Long-press anywhere on the lock screen when you are there.

What Happens If the Font and Colour Are Changed?

If you changed the typeface on the editing page, you may have already observed that just the “time” element of the time and date widget was affected; the “date” element above it and the texts of any lock screen widgets remain untouched. Contrarily, any lock screen widgets’ words and other elements are affected when you alter the color.


On iOS 16, that is all there is to change the font and color of the lock screen. A fascinating feature to investigate is lock screen customization, which is available directly on the lock screen.  Why stick to the boring standards when you can mix things up a little?

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