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50+ Essay Writing Apps | Best App That Rewrites Essays For You

50 Essay Writing Apps 2022: Choose the Best Essaybot App That Rewrites Essays For You

Written by Niel Patel · 7 min read >
Essay Writing Apps 2022

Let’s face it: Writing essays or academic papers isn’t the easiest thing to do. It isn’t just the writing but also referencing and formatting that can be time-consuming and overwhelming. And the worst part; if you can’t get the basics right, your academic career might be in jeopardy. 

Fortunately, there are applications and even reliable essay writing service providers that can help. But Very few students find the essay writing process easy, so they require college paper help. If you’re looking for the best essay writing apps to use at university or college, then check out this list of seven apps right here!

Here is the list of 25+ Top Essay Writing Apps Tools

Quizlet – Free Flashcards

Quizlet is a handy app that can be used for studying and practicing vocabulary words. Basically, the way it works is that students enter new words into Quizlet and label them. From there, they can test their knowledge using flashcards by typing in the word on each side of the card until they get both sides correct consecutively (like a game). By doing so, you’ll begin memorizing the definition of vocabulary words. Plus, it’s not just limited to studying for English tests or vocabulary; Quizlet can also be used for any subject.

Quizlet is an excellent way to memorize information and learn difficult material. The free app (which has no in-app purchases) comes with dozens of test prep features, which include study games that cover SAT, PSAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS exams, and more! Quizlet is the perfect app for college students who need to memorize things quickly while on the go.

Take Note Pocket Essay Writing App

This is another great essay writing app that helps students write better essays by converting their ideas into well-written paragraphs. It’s specifically designed with long-form content in mind, so it’s easy to use and comes with a very intuitive and simple interface. 

Take Note Pocket Essay gives students the tools they need to write better essays in less time. The app offers a wide range of features, including the ability to share your saved notes. You can share the saved notes via email. 

Alternatively, you can also take advantage of the online essay writing service printing feature to export PDFs. In addition, this app allows easy access to your notes as you can find any of them easily via the built-in search engine.

Grammarly – A Great Online Grammar Checker and Proofreading Tool for Students and Academics

Students seeking the best essay writing apps should definitely check out Grammarly. This is an award-winning proofreading tool that aids students in improving their English grammar and spelling. The free Essaybot (which has no advertisements) scans more than 250 errors using artificial intelligence, allowing it to better understand the context. Grammarly works with Google Docs, Word for Windows, and other top writing tools to make sure students get flawless results from their essays and research papers. It’s a great way to help them learn correct English while on the go!  

College Essay Writing Help – A Great Essay Writing & Editing Tool for Students

This is a great essay writing app designed specifically for high school and students who need extra support with their writing. College Essay Writing Help is the perfect tool for any student, as it provides a great deal of assistance when it comes to writing academic essays or research papers. It provides hundreds of helpful features that improve English essay writing, along with Essaybot that help you correct spelling and grammar errors – all from your phone.

Many students have already taken advantage of this useful app by downloading it onto their mobile devices. In less than 10 minutes, College Essay Writing Help can assist you in getting help with your essay. It can help you manage all assignments in one place, and the best part? This app can connect you with the best paper writing services or rather a personal writer to help with your essays. The interface is straightforward to use and simple to follow, so students of all ages will understand how College Essay Writing Help works from the word go!

Purdue OWL Writing Lab – A Great Writing App for Academics

The Purdue OWL Writing Lab is a great app used by millions of students across the world – and for a good reason. It offers hundreds of resources, including tips, videos, step-by-step instructions, and more to help students learn how to write better essays. There are also an Essaybot included in this app that allows users to track their progress while writing an essay or research paper. This is very useful for both novice writers who need guidance with their work, as well as experienced writers who want to get started on new projects quickly.

This writing app comes with dozens of features that are perfect for helping students write better essays, including the ability to create outlines within minutes using the Outline feature. All you have to do is type in the main topic and then add sub-points underneath each heading to create a basic outline. This is very useful for writing an essay quickly, and it’ll help students understand how to structure their work better – which will allow them to write better essays.


Hemingway is another useful app that can help you write correct and good sentences with the use of simple language. It uses a readability-score algorithm which enables users to understand if their content can be read by those who don’t have much time for reading or those who cannot understand difficult words. You can now spice up your sentences using an easy-to-use mark-up toolbar that highlights the most complex sentences in your text, making it easier for them to be understood.

15 Best Rewrites Tools Of 2023

  1. QuillBot
  2. SEO Magnifier Paraphrasing Tool
  3. Spin Bot
  4. SEO Tools Centre Paraphrase Tool
  5. Content professor
  6. Caligoniat
  7. Paraphrasing Tool
  8. Word flood
  9. Ez rewriter
  10. Paraphrase
  11. Free article spinner
  12. Article rewriter tool
  13. Plagiarisma
  14. Article changer
  15. Spin Rewriter
  16. Clever Spinner
  17. The Best Spinner
  18. WordAi
  19. Spinner Chief 6
  20. Chimp Rewriter

How to choose the app that rewrites essays for you : Four things to consider before downloading any app

Now, even though there are hundreds of essay writing apps available today, you should always be careful when downloading any new app onto your mobile device because some may contain malware or viruses that can harm your device. Plus, there’s also a chance that the features might not work as advertised, and you’ll end up wasting valuable time and money on an application that doesn’t do anything at all.

That’s why is a great option for anyone looking to securely and efficiently complete their research paper writing tasks on the go.

So, how can you avoid downloading bad apps onto your device? Well, there are four things that you should consider before you download any app. These are very simple steps that help prevent problems from occurring, so always remember to consider these points whenever you install an app on your device.

  • Check through reviews

Always read customer reviews and take a look at the app’s overall rating before installing it onto your device. Most app developers will also give you a preview of what the Essaybot apps do and how it works, so you’ll know exactly what to expect from your download. If there are bad reviews, avoid downloading them, or you may face problems later on.

  • Be aware of permissions

Before downloading any new app, always pay close attention to the permissions that it requires. Fake apps and malware often ask for too many permissions, which means they’re really up to no good. You can find out more about an app by reading through its privacy policy before you download the application. These policies usually contain information about how data is stored once used with the app and other essential information.

  • Read through FAQs

Most app developers will include a FAQ section on their website, which contains the most common questions that users ask. You can read through these before downloading the app to find out if it’ll work on your mobile device or not. If there’s any information you don’t understand, try looking for an answer online. There are thousands of websites dedicated to helping people learn more about apps, so you should be able to find an answer quickly.

  • Look for customer support

Lastly, if you have any questions about the app, don’t be afraid to look for customer support. Most developers will have a help section on their website where they’ll answer some of the more common questions, but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, there are other options too. You can email or call the developer directly to get your question answered before deciding whether it’s worth downloading or not.

So there you go – now that you know what to consider before downloading an essay writing app onto your mobile device, download Hemingway or Grammarly with confidence, knowing that they’re great apps!

Top 5 Best Essay Writer Apps

  1. QuillBot
  2. Grammarly – Best Grammar Checking App
  3. Hemingway – Best App to Improve Writing
  4. Evernote – Best App for Taking Notes
  5. Studybay – Best App That Writes Essays For You

Apps that help you with essays

  1. FocusWriter – Best Free App for Focused Writing
  2. Cold Turkey Writer – Best App for Distraction-Free Writing
  3. Living Writer – Best App for Planning and Writing Stories
  4. Ulysses – Best App for Writing Papers on iPads, Macs, and iPhones
  5. Novlr – Best App for Writing Novels
  6. Blurt – Best App for Creating Writing Habits
  7. Jotterpad – Best Easy-to-Use Writing App
  8. Scribus – Best Writing App for Virtual Design
  9. Trello – Best App for Tracking Meetings and Setting Goals
  10. Hanx Writer – Best App for a Typewriting Experience
  11. Readable – Best App to Increase Text Readability
  12. Writer Plus- Best App for Composing Lyrics
  13. Google Docs – Best Alternative Writing App to MS Word
  14. Diaro – Best App for Journaling
  15. Hubspot Topic Generator – Best App for Generating Ideas
  16. Coggle – Best App for Mind-Mapping
  17. Simplenote – Best Elegant App for Writing Notes Quickly
  18. Byword – Best Free Writing App for iPhone and Mac Users
  19. Manuscripts – Best App for Project and Thesis Writing
  20. Written Kitten – Best App for Reward-Based Writing
  21. Libre Office Writer – Best App for Writing Office Documents
  22. IA Writer – Best App for Brief Essays
  23. Daily Page – Best App to Create a Daily Writing Habit
  24. – Best App for Selecting Songs While Writing
  25. Scrivener – Best All-in-One App
  26. Write Or Die – Best App for Stimuli-Based Writing

Can you rely on Essay Writing Apps Only and not on Human Teachers?

SoftwareFree Trial/PlanPricingDiscountMoney-Back
Spin Rewriter5 Days$59/y70% OFF + Bonuses
(Valid till 12th October)
Clever Spinner3 Days$9.99/m11% Off using
“CSP11” code
QuillBotFree Plan$79.95/y55% OFF3-Days
WordAi5 Days$347/y42% on Yearly
Chimp Rewriter5 Days$99/yN/A60-Days
Spinner ChiefFree Plan$59/y55% OFF30-Days
WordtuneFree Plan$119.88/y60% OFF

The essay writing apps that we have mentioned in this article are meant to support the work done by actual human teachers. Of course, those apps cannot replace a teacher or what they teach, so you should always take advantage of the lesson given to you by your professor.

Ideally, you should use the app to help your writing improve. This means that if your teacher gives you some feedback on how you did, you can implement that into the essay written by the apps you’re using. If there is no feedback given or even if there is an assignment provided for your writing ability, then these Essaybot apps may prove useful in giving a point of view from someone else who is not familiar with what has been previously taught.

The idea here is simple: even though it’s arguable that the essays made by apps cannot be trusted to stand as strong pieces of work when submitted to a school or employer, they do give one way in which our skills and potential can be assessed. The best thing about these apps is their cost – because they’re so cheap, they can be used multiple times and thus allow you to get a more accurate idea of where you stand in your writing abilities.

2023 Based More 15 Best Essay Writing Apps

  1. FreeMind
  2. ByWord
  3. Edusson
  4. Canva
  5. Evernote
  6. Diaro
  7. Focus Writer
  8. Essay Shark
  9. Scribus
  10. Coggle
  11. Libre Office Writer
  12. Pro Writing Aid
  13. Simplenote
  14. Hemingway
  15. Manuscript
  16. Writer
  17. Grammarly

Final Thoughts

You should note that the apps we have mentioned on this post are not designed exclusively for students; instead, they provide everyone with an opportunity to improve their skills in terms of what they write on. What’s important is the concepts that these apps can help with, like grammar and sentence structure, which are valuable things to learn even if one isn’t looking to become a writer or journalist.

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