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Top 10 Best Point of Sale System Software for Small Business – 2023

Manage your sales and inventory with the best point of sale system for small businesses. Here is the list of the top...

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Top Point of Sale Software For Small Business

The best POS software for businesses is sturdy, customizable to your needs, and sell-ready with powerful tools that allow your business to process transactions quickly from multiple payment sources.

Modern business point of sale software, also known as POS, are well-known for their ability to upsell products and services. They can automate or manage tasks such as restocking and accounts, tax/tip calculation, and employee monitoring.

Best POS Software that offers customer data insights, digital marketing management, and integration with third-party open source software is the best.

What is POS Software?

Any business that sells products or services to clients must have point-of-sale software. This software allows organizations to make sales and complete transactions. This software will make your job easier and your customers more satisfied. There are many POS vendors on the market. It will be difficult to find the right point-of-sale solution for your business. Every business has a unique set of requirements and will require different features to help them reach its goals.

How to use PoS software in Retail

Paid and free point of sale software can be a great help in streamlining sales and grocery store operations, as well as increasing transaction speed and efficiency. To make the most out of a retail PoS software you must follow the steps below.

  • Add items to sell: After scanning the barcode of any item, details will start showing the retail monitor. It is easy to search for any item and find out the frequency of sales.
  • You can easily add different discounts to your retail store, whether you’re offering discounts on specific items or the entire cart.
  • Pay by mobile: The Pos software allows you to accept payments via cash, credit cards, or mobile. You can also use loyalty points, gift cards, and pay later options.
  • Notes for future reference: You can use the PoS software to add notes about specific sales to highlight customer issues or requests.

Check out the List of Top 10 POS Software Available in 2023

1. Shopify POS

Shopify POS is an all-in-one eCommerce solution. It’s a powerful tool for eCommerce businesses without the hardware. But, the simple addition of a card reader transforms your smartphone or tablet into a complete Pos software for physical cash transactions and card transactions.

Shopify Basic costs only $29/month, making it an affordable option for small businesses. However, others should not dismiss it too soon. Shopify Standard at $79/mo is a great all-around POS. Advanced Shopify at $299/mo is a complete business management suite with everything from staff tracking and advanced analytics.

The card rates start at 2.7% and can drop to 1.5% for higher-end plans. You can also tailor your package according to your volume. This basic plan is great for small businesses and e-commerce. It includes unlimited stock, staff accounts, and 24/7 support. You can also create orders and set up discount codes.

Shopify is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. There’s no learning curve. Shopify is easy to use if you are familiar with how your device works.

2. Busy

The original accounting software was originally called. It now includes inventory and GST billing modules. Busy 17 is the GST-ready accounting software. It is also GST Software and serves as the backbone for all GST-related operations within the company. The operation such as accounting, invoicing, and taxation management. It facilitates multi-company accounting via barcode integration and POS billing, bills of material, warehouse management, and other functions.

3. Toast POS

Toast has been designed to increase sales and engage customers in new ways. It is an easy-to-use POS software that can be used by restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Toast comes as a complete package. This package includes both software and hardware. The hardware package includes a handheld device, which integrates with the entire Pos software. The handheld device allows customers to place orders at the table, or in the queue.

Toast is known for its ability to increase sales through its specialized programming. It makes it easy to offer loyalty programs and gift cards. It integrates seamlessly with other software to allow online orders to be accepted. You can also add inventory features. Open API allows for the expansion of functionality.

Toast provides a range of service packages that can be customized to suit any type of restaurant business, whether it is full-service, quick-service, or franchise. You can also use it to create customized software for bars, nightclubs, and pizzerias.

Toast also offers a 24-hour support service. Owners receive nightly emails with recaps and analyses of the day. Toast has an offline hardwired system that can be used to take orders even if you are not connected to the internet. It is easy to use, accessible via the cloud and works even offline making it a favourite of restaurant owners.

It integrates with many platforms and systems such as Grubhub and OpenTable. Toast is available on Android and offers exclusive hardware. Toast and its services are available for as low as $79 per monthly

4. TouchBistro

TouchBistro – the name says it all – is a Pos software that was designed for restaurants.

TouchBistro’s tablet-centric point of sale software can be used to manage reservations, menus, and tables. Customers also have the option of receiving loyalty rewards or other benefits, depending on which plan they choose. You can also order online, which is great if you want to offer food delivery or pick-up.

TouchBistro’s POS software and hardware – which uses iPads – is simple to use and well-suited to a restaurant environment.

A single iPad Pos software is ideal for small restaurants. It allows you to have one payment terminal. Medium-sized restaurants may use five iPads, with one acting as the central terminal. Custom-built Pos software can be used by larger restaurants with a central hub PC. This allows you to connect as many mobile devices and as many servers as you need.

TouchBistro offers many other hardware options, including self-serve kiosks and a digital menu board. The latter streamlines FOH-BOH communications.

TouchBistro is a great value for money because of its feature-rich software and competitive prices. It also has a simple setup process. TouchBistro is a great choice for restaurants and bars that need to manage their business.

5. HDPOS Smart

HDPOS Smart, a retail best point of sale system for small businesses integrates seamlessly all the most popular barcode scanners. The retail billing software can also be used to assist with accounting, inventory, reporting, bookkeeping, and CRM. HDPOS Smart software is also available for retail stores. It can also be used in shoe shops, sports shops, electronic shops, and other places.

  • Helps to create loyalty programs, retain customers with offers, promotions, and customer grouping
  • Features include multiple price lists, gift cards, promotional emails, gift certificates, and SMS promotions.
  • With barcode stickers, you can create custom invoice designs.
  • Facilitates faster product catalog printing
  • Manufacturing operations supported with bill-of-material (BOM), and production planning features
  • It aids in weight scale integration
  • Multilingual support to provide an interface in your preferred language
  • Integrates with all major payment gateways
  • Supports pole and customer display screen
  • Stock transfers can be tracked and stock in transit can also be tracked

6. Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed eCommerce is a robust Pos software for restaurants and retail shops. It also provides services to build an eCommerce platform. The Pos software has been designed to allow for organic business growth. Lightspeed Retail’s revolutionary POS software is the best in its class. It features personalized CRM, merchant services, and eCommerce building capabilities.

Lightspeed Retail is ideal if you are looking to sell apparel, bikes, pets, jewellery, and electronics. It’s ideal for restaurants, cafes, hotels, fine dining, bars, and other food establishments.

Lightspeed Retail’s POS software is more than just a point of sale software. Lightspeed Retail also provides tools to help you build an eCommerce platform. It eliminates the need for developers and programmers to build an online shop. Because the design and customization were easy, users can create their online shops. As with all other software, no coding skills are required as all customization options can be clicked. Lightspeed Retail boasts a secure payment process and creative loyalty perks in its CRM.


IVEPOS comes with all the tools you need to manage your retail, food, and service business. It also features an interactive dashboard that allows you to quickly analyze your sales, inventory, back office, and other details. You can manage your business using this software from any device, including a tablet or smartphone. This POS software is a great business management tool for the retail, food, and beverage industries.

8. AirPOS

AirPOS is a less-known point of sale software free for small business services but has many benefits, including a simple back-end interface and integration with accounting and payment software. You can access your POS anywhere, anytime. This is an excellent solution for small businesses because it is simple to use, easy to set up, and doesn’t have any fixed contracts.

AirPOS can only be used to accept payments. However, it is possible to integrate AirPOS with companion services such as SumUp and iZettle. This is a simple process. Transaction rates can vary because payments are processed through third parties; iZettle for instance starts at 1.75%.

StoreKit, a UK-based ePOS company, offers hardware. They offer a variety of hardware options. You can also use an existing tablet as a card reader. This makes it simple for small businesses to start small and then add hardware as necessary. The Pro package (PS39.99) includes additional features, such as a loyalty program.

AirPOS is free of hidden fees and contracts. Just pay the monthly rate, and you are good to go.

9. Marg Retail POS

Marg GST-ready point of sale systems for small business helps in the smooth running of a retail business. It generates invoices quickly and accurately, reconciles bank statements, and tracks inventory accurately. Point of sales GST software helps with barcode management and GST return filing. This software can be used to meet all requirements for a retail store or retail chain.

10. AB POS

AB POS is a flexible best pos system for small businesses that can be used by both retail and restaurant businesses. It also comes with an Android-powered hardware device that can be programmed to increase sales and adjust for growth and expansion. Its enhanced features and functions for extensive analytics make it stand out as a Pos software. It includes management tools via cloud-based reporting as well as remote store setup. All users have access to real-time data. Businesses can easily identify peak hours and slow hours by using the hourly sales breakdown. It also provides increased security because businesses can be certain that they have offsite backups.

AB POS is a versatile software that can be used in all types of retail outlets, including restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

The handheld device is packed with tools to allow customer payments, inventory management, pricing, tax reporting, and employee management. You can access cash payment tracking, multi-tender payments tipping, refunds, and sales reports with a single tap. Employees are granted a PIN login to secure access and multi-access is possible.

Many features will make managing a retail shop easier. It provides comprehensive inventory tools and an extensive export and import catalogue. A dashboard with daily reports gives you access to the top-selling items. This is ideal for expanding businesses.

AS POS is used by over 50,000 bars and restaurants in the United States. This simplicity is what makes AS POS so popular. Order taking becomes easier with the intuitive and simplified dashboard. Financial accountability is made easier by the ability to give employees their login PIN access. It also gives real-time sales information.


Logic POS software provides a single platform for all your team’s data access. It also has powerful tools that allow you to manage complex inventories and product mix, as well as merchandising. It also helps you manage your customers, their accounts, and dynamic pricing. This solution also gives you real-time visibility of your stock and supply chain. This helps you to increase sales and profit.

Based on our research, the few more best POS systems of 2023:

  • Square: Best overall POS system for small businesses
  • Shopify: Best for multichannel retailers
  • Lightspeed: Best for retailers with complex inventory
  • Toast: Best for growing restaurants
  • Vend by Lightspeed: Best for growing brick-and-mortar retailers
  • TouchBistro: Best for small food and beverage businesses
  • IT Retail: Best for high-volume independent grocers
  • Lavu: Best for restaurants switching from a cash-only model
  • KORONA: Best for vape shops, liquor stores, and other high-risk retailers
  • Revel Systems: Best for small grocers and high-volume restaurants

The Comparision Of Best POS Systems

#Supported business typesMonthly subscription feesAverage hardware costIn-person payment processing fees
 SquareProfessional services, retail, restaurants$0–$60+$49–$1,6072.6% + 10 cents
 LightspeedRetail, restaurants, golf courses$69–$289Requires custom quoteLightspeed Payments 2.6% + 10 cents; other processors vary
 ToastRestaurants$0–$165+$0–$799+2.49% + 15 cents
 Vend by LightspeedRetail$69–$299$499–$1,036Lightspeed Payments 2.6% + 10 cents; other processors vary
 TouchBistroRestaurants and related food and beverage businesses$69Requires custom quoteVaries based on processor; TB Payments is custom-quoted
 IT RetailGrocery and markets$79+Requires custom quoteVaries based on processor
 LavuRestaurants$59–$279$199–$225+Varies based on processor; Lavu Pay is custom quoted
 KORONARetail, High-risk merchants, and ticketed businesses$49–$79+Requires custom quoteVaries based on processor
 Revel SystemsRetail and restaurants$99+Requires custom quoteVaries based on the processor; Revel Advantage is custom-quoted


Small businesses have many options for POS software, but it’s important to select the right one for your business. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the top ten POS solutions for 2022.

Make a list of priorities for PoS software. Do you only require iOS-based systems? Do you also require hardware? Location may be important if you are not located in the U.S.

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