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  • Guest Posting Rate
  • Section 1 — Introduction
  • Section 2 — Top Glimpses
  • Section 3 — How we can help you to generate SQL Leads
  • Section 3.1- Charges of Banner Ads and Link Insertion
  • Section 4 — How we are beating tech industry competition so easily.

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  • The minimum charge for a guest post is $79 – One Time
  • Get author access in 2600 USD for 1 month. Post “N” number of articles without approval on our website and improve keywords ranking, generate traffic, and generate leads.

Have you ever generated leads from Cluth, GoodFirms, or like websites? If yes, then you must know the quality of those leads. These leads are not only MQL but more towards SQL.

Section 1 – (Introduction)

How we can help you to generate sales qualified leads.

MakeAnAppLike is a fast-growing tech blogging, rating, and review portal.

  1. DA: 50
  2. Traffic: 85K in November.
  3. Traffic in Dec 105k
  4. Traffic in Jan – 185K
  5. Traffic in Feb – 223K
  • 67% US
  • 9% UK
  • 5% Canada
  • 3% Australia and
  • 11% Asia
  • 70% of Keywords are ranking on Top 10

Cross-check yourself in tools like Spyfu, AHREF, or SEMrush

Attaching an AHREF screenshot in support of the above. Would you mind checking the graph and AHREF RANK? Every month we are growing 300%. You must be aware that all SEO tools shows backdate data, so you can’t find 95k traffic here right now. But you can analyze by observing the graph. (AHREF DATA)

Stats on Nov 30, 2021

Stats on Dec19

Compare our growth in just 20 days.

Check Feb Numbers

Check One More For April

Section 2 – Top Glimpses

We are already ranking on money keywords listed below (Check on US server). These are the most potential keywords for any IT company dreaming to bring their website in the top 10.

  1. Top android app development company
  2. Android app development company in USA
  3. Android app development company USA
  4. Software Development Companies in Houston
  5. Android app development companies
  6. Software development Houston
  7. Largest IT company in the world
  8. Shopify plus development company
  9. View our all the top 10 firms articles

It’s just a few keywords; MakeAnAppLike ranks at the top on all the closed variants of the above keywords. Growing with a 47 Degree angle is quite challenging in the US, UK markets. We are receiving daily clicks on the above Keywords. Check this on AHREF

Section 3 – Generate Sales Qualifies Leads

4 Ways We Can Help Your Business to Generate Sales Qualifies Leads

  1. We can add your company name and banner in already ranking Top 10 Firms articles.
  2. Run your banner ad on our website.
  3. We can write for you.
  4. Write yourself and publish here to get more exposure. We are a community of more than 1 lakh tech interested people.

Section 3.1 Charges of Banners Ads and Link Insertion

  1. Add your company to Top 2 position in Top Firms category articles (Refer section 2) in just 2500 USD. (One Time)
  2. Add your banner on top of the Top Firms category (Refer to section 2) in just 599 USD per month & per article.
  3. Add your link in any post except the top firms category in just 85 USD.
  4. Add your 3-size banner ad on a complete website. Show ad on the Home page, Right side sidebar, 1 Top Bar ad of all pages, 1 Popup add to all visitors in just 2500 USD per month. Beleive us is more affordable than Adwords and Remarketing to generate MQL leads.
  5. We can write for you.

We can post an article customized to your business model. We have an experienced marketing team; they deeply analyze business and strategize content accordingly. There is no random work. The minimum cost for this is $80 for writing and 70 USD for publishing. You have a choice, you can post that anywhere if you want. It’s more affordable than having in-house writers.

Every content published on our website gets indexed in 45 minutes. 70% content ranking on top of the SERP

Section 4 – How are we doing so easily in a highly competitive industry

We have a large in-house marketing team, and we promote each content to hold the top positions. Whether content is published by us or our contributors we promote/edit it till it holds the top 10 positions.

Also, Check November Month Backlink Profile (90 Degree Graph)

Backlink profile in December 2011

Backlink Profile in November 2021

Early access to anything always helps.

Positions are limited, and the top 2 position always works. 

Email us or visit our corporate office to promote your business with us. Contact Us Now!

Section 5 – How to Become an Author

How to Become Premium Author.

  1. Get author access in 2600 USD for 1 month. Post “n” number of articles without approval on our website and improve keywords ranking, generate traffic, and generate leads.
  2. Mail us your Email ID, Full name, Bio, and Social profile URL along with your transaction ID or payment receipt. We will create your author account within 4 working hours.