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10 Best Video Monetization Platforms Compared 2024

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Written by Niel Patel · 4 min read >
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An average adult spends almost 3 hours a day watching videos online. During different activities of the day, we always find time to scroll for a few minutes and a few hours after our day is over. According to Statista, the average watch time of digital videos was 157 minutes in 2022; the same is expected to reach 184 minutes by 2026. 

This means that creators who wish to create video content and make money from it can take further steps and start their streaming channel. There are many streaming platforms out there that are created for digital creators and provide various ways to monetize the content.

Let’s see the best 10 streaming platforms so you can decide on a platform that suits your needs.


GUDSHO allows content creators and filmmakers worldwide to put their content online and start earning immediately. Unlike other platforms, you can earn right away once you upload videos.

Creators can put content related to education, entertainment, and health. They can also publish their indie films or short films and showcase their best work. GUDSHO provides earnings through subscriptions and rentals; creators can also request their fans to donate if they like their work.

All it needs is 5 minutes to create and launch your channel before you can use it as video on demand or live stream. Creators can customize their channel, upload the banner and logo, and optimize the overall space. By accepting international currencies and inviting people worldwide, GUDSHO allows creators to make maximum earnings.

#2 Vimeo

Vimeo is another streaming platform and one of the most well-known. The platform allows creators and businesses to upload video content and conduct live streaming and meeting sessions.

Hence, The platform helps businesses connect with their staff and clients, showcase their products, and pitch sales more effectively.

Vimeo is your go-to platform if you want a clean and sophisticated platform that lets you perform several customizations with the video player for branding purposes. However, the platform only accepts premium content, so they are picky about which content should be published and which should not.

Creators can always experience their services, from basic to advanced plans, using the free trial.

#3 YouTube

YouTube needs no introduction as it is already the most popular website for streaming. Other than being the favorite of the viewers, YouTube is popular among creators because of the kind of exposure it brings to them.

However, since YouTube also imposes strict terms, and demonetization is a common scenario on the platform, creators should consider both aspects.

By signing up on YouTube as a creator, you also need to keep up with its algorithm updates and take action accordingly. Those who want a simpler platform with fewer restrictions should go for the alternatives mentioned here.

#4 Brightcove

Besides providing video hosting services for individuals and businesses, Brightcove also offers a marketing suite to assist with all marketing needs. The same helps creators market their videos and implement the right tactics in their marketing plan.

One of the best video-sharing platforms, Brightcove lets creators earn through AVOD and SVOD revenue models, which means they can earn when their subscribers pay the subscription fee or watch the ads during streaming.

Brightcove pricing starts from $199 per month, which might not be a pocket-friendly option for every creator. Hence, creators can take their 30 days trial and see if they should continue with Brightcove or look for alternatives mentioned here.

#5 Kaltura

Kaltura works best for enterprises as the platform provides solutions for virtual events, webinars, virtual classrooms, and overall team communication. You can join Kaltura if you are an organization, an educational institution, or someone who provides TV services.

They provide cloud-based storage, making managing, publishing, and monetizing content easier. 

The platform lets you sell courses online and lets you earn through advertisements as well. Creators can also use subscriptions to earn additional income!

You can also integrate all your tools in seconds, doubling your working potential and results. They provide plans pricing per the services you need; you can always utilize their free trials and better understand the platform.

#6 Dailymotion

The French streaming platform is also considered a YouTube alternative and is one of the oldest portals for videos. Dailymotion is known for its features, such as it puts no restrictions geographically. It lets you upload content in various categories, exposing it to a large audience.

The platform is free; creators can upload a file for up to 60 minutes. The platform lets you earn via advertisements; hence, it is also free for the viewers. Those looking for a less restrictive platform that allows full HD video quality can opt for Dailymotion.

#7 Uscreen

If you have some experience as a content creator and looking for an alternative, you should definitely try Uscreen. The platform offers a clean user interface with advanced features that won’t let you miss a thing.

Uscreen is provided for a premium experience; hence, they keep everything updated, precise, smooth, and tidy. The platform lets you earn when you sell videos online and use different revenue options, so you don’t have to rely on a single income source.

There are various pricing plans where you can choose per the features you need. Their marketing tools help you with subscriber retention and let you prepare a better marketing strategy.

#8 Dacast

Those who want to use a streaming platform without any prior experience will find it easy on Dacast. The white label streaming allows you to customize the video player and brand your videos. Different monetization options ensure higher earnings from your videos; the platform also ensures low latency, which keeps videos running smoothly.

Their detailed analytics keep you updated with the tracking history of your viewers, providing you with important insights. Creators can also set password-protected streaming where only authorized viewers get to stream. To try their services, you can take the 14-day trial!

#9 Wowza

Wowza is a cloud-based streaming platform that meets all your video hosting and monetization needs. Their powerful CMS lets you organize all your video content well, giving you more control over video management.

The in-depth analytics is another feature worth noticing, which brings you all the necessary and advanced information regarding the demographics of your viewers. The API lets you easily integrate the needed tools and makes the overall video hosting quick and smooth.

Creators can also provide metadata that helps the right audience discover the videos easily. You can automate streaming tasks and get them done at the assigned time to manage your time better.

#10  Panopto

Panopto is another ideal platform for those created in the education niche. The LMS and CMS make it a powerful virtual learning platform where all the tools and integrations happen in a blink.

Individuals or companies who wish to feature their learning sessions online and make money can opt for Panopto. The platform also lets you create quizzes that keep the students engaged and improve their learning experience. 

The platform has all the needed features, such as drag and drop, screen recording, automatic captioning, all device support, and more.

Wrap Up

There are plenty of streaming platforms nowadays where you can start creating and monetizing. However, it all comes down to the niche you want to create, the features you need, and the overall budget.

Hence it is always the best idea to analyze a few well-known streaming platforms, have their free trials, and then determine which one suits you the most.

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