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YouTube vs. Odysee Earnings Comparision | Odysee vs YouTube Which is Better?

Is Odysee a good YouTube alternative? What is the best alternative to YouTube? Is Odysee a safe website? Can Odysee will replace...

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While there are users weary of censorship, they are also the ones who make good money. There is a “cancel culture” among the users to free everything from civil liberties, but some advocate for the same centralization.

You can find a lot of platforms that come under debate due to how they provide rights to their users. Two of these platforms are YouTube and Odysee. 

YouTube needs no introduction, on the hand, in very less Odysee has obtained a loyal user base and its popularity is growing at a great pace. If you find yourself in between the scuffle of which platform is better, this guide is for you. Because here the guide will try to figure it out and put any possible answers in front of you. So, let’s start YouTube VS Odysee and see who wins. 

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What is Odysee And Why Is It in Comparison with YouTube?

Odysee, a blockchain-based video-sharing network, has seen tremendous growth since its launch in November 2020. According to the analytics, Odyssey is visited by over 27 million users monthly.

As Odysee grew and added creator-centric features, it compared with YouTube and presented itself as the better alternative or, more specifically, a “better-decentralized version” of YouTube.

The platform mainly promotes mainstream media outlets at the expense of independent artists. The platform has some strict policies to prevent any type of “misinformation” and “violent content.” This creator-friendly attitude is only one of several characteristics that put Odysee and YouTube into comparison. However, Youtube has its benefits, so no one like Odysee can replace it overnight. It has some real strengths that Odysee lacks. 

YouTube & Odysee Differences

About Odysee

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YouTube & Odysee Differences

About Youtube

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YouTube & Odysee Differences

To learn more about both of these platforms, let’s discuss the policies, features, and infrastructure of these two.  

User’s Freedom

Odysee intends to provide freedom to the users that they didn’t enjoy on YouTube, which includes the freedom of content and speech.

YouTube has great censorship regarding the content published on the platform. It can completely remove the content without the creator’s consent if the content is found to be violating its policies. So most of the time, content choice limits the creators.  

On the other hand, Odysee users can publish a considerably broader spectrum of content than on YouTube, which bulk censors anything it regards to be “misinformation.”

Ads and Media Outlets

There is no hidden fact that YouTube’s ads are not anything but annoying. Ads are one of the most famous reasons why users crave an alternative. 

YouTube frequently puts mainstream media publications on the screen that it considers “authoritative sources” despite viewers’ dislike. On the other hand, Odyssey is a more user-centric platform. This means it does not have authoritative sources and does not offer preferential consideration to mainstream media channels based on arbitrary categorization. Instead, it ranks each piece of content according to recency, relevance, and popularity metrics.


Content is the center of attraction when discussing the YouTube & Odysee differences. Both platforms try to provide different, creative, and exclusive content. But, YouTube channels cover much wider topics, and exclusive content, while odyssey hosts most of the users with limited content. 

Most of the users that were banned from YouTube due to their content are now welcomed by the Odysee. Odysee also permits creators to post a considerably broader range of content like YouTube. But it distinguishes itself from YouTube by offering to unlock new videos on themes that YouTube prohibits.

Platform Transparency

Odysee’s source code is completely open-source, including its content rating algorithms. Anyone can examine the criteria Odysee employs to recommend videos and openly share modifications to its criteria.

Because YouTube uses hidden algorithms from the public view, no one can see the particular factors that determine when videos are promoted or recommended. Furthermore, no one knows when or if these criteria have changed unless YouTube officially announces a change. So much confusion! Right? 

YouTube vs. Odysee Earnings Comparison

One thing that directly sets these platforms apart and impacts their audience is earrings. So, regarding the “YouTube vs. Odysee Earnings Comparison,” YouTube creators only receive a 55% share of their total ad revenue. Yes! That is true. 

It takes cuts on 45% of ad revenue and a 30% cut on channel membership and other services. Further, YouTube also detects sales tax and other taxes. 

While Odyesee goes a bit friendly here for its users by taking only a 5% cut on cash tips. It may also take a payment process fee, but usually, these fees stay either lower or 3%. Ultimately it provides 90% of the revenue to a channel’s owner. On top of that, Odyssey is a happy-go-lucky platform for Cryptocurrency users as it didn’t take any cuts on crypto tips, and dalmatian means users receive 100% of the cryptocurrency. 

Odysee VS YouTube-Reviews 

Till now the guide has looked at some of the major differences between YouTube and Odysee so that you can ultimately decide which platform you want to use. Now, it’s time to look at some reviews. Both types of reviews advocate in the favor of platforms like this one it goes in favor of Odysee.

YouTube vs. Odysee Comparison
YouTube vs. Odysee Comparison

While this user is right here,  it is still doubtful of the capacity of the Odysee.

YouTube & Odysee Differences
YouTube & Odysee Differences

These two reviews are enough to give a replica of other reviews about Odysee. Till now creators have mixed reactions to the Odysee, due to various reasons like its comparatively new and not everyone has yet started using the decentralization platforms. 

In this partial cloud about Odysee, YouTube has been in the industry for a long time and has some strong critics in favor and not in favor too. 

For example, this review goes tilting on the side of Youtube.

YouTube VS Odysee
YouTube VS Odysee

On the other hand, this user is not very impressed by the platform.

Wrapping UP!

It’s all about the “Odysee VS YouTube.” Hope the information was helpful to you and has helped you to decide which platform suits you the best. Both of the platforms have a lot of benefits and some drawbacks. After comparing the platforms, you can choose the one you want to go with. 

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