WordPress Web3 Integration | Is WordPress compatible with WEB3?

How To Add Web3 Wallet Login To Wordpress With Unlock Protocol

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With Web3 advancing every day to monetize the content to bring all the power into the user’s hand and WordPress powring almost 43% of the websites running on the centralized model, the question must arise is Web3 and WordPress will get along. And in the current scenario Is WordPress compatible with WEB3? If these thoughts are cooking in your mind, you have come to the right place, here we will try to find out everything about WordPress and Web3.

How To Add Web3 Wallet Login To WordPress

So that turns your WordPress to adapt web3 ecosystem. Let’s see how to add web3 or crypto wallet connect to your WordPress website using unlock WordPress plugin. This means your users will now be able to log in or create accounts using the crypto wallet. 

So this is what we want to achieve. Something like this where anywhere the user land on the page, they can only see this pop up connect wallet to assess cost. So once you click it, you are able to connect your wallet. 

And another thing about it is once we connect our wallet, the user is logged in or a new account is created for them. Then this. Should disappear. So I want to walk you through and as you know it that in the programming investment, we always take each of our courses and lessons to be more of beginner, friendly and focused. 

So we are going to use Either to use our Web3 wallet directly. But I’m going to use connect with Metamask. So check your wallet to sign a message that will authenticate you. 

Is WordPress compatible with WEB3? If Not, Why Does It Matter That WordPress Offer It’s Users Compatibility With The Web3

WordPress powers a major section of the web and also it is the most powerful CMS ( Content Management System). To this day, WordPress does not offer compatibility with web3 and there is no robust mechanism for the creators to bridge the gap to web3 for their content except the plugins. 

However, this CMS needs to be in tune with web3 for the sake of the visitors, website owners, and creators. While visitors don’t have any mechanism to connect their Crypto wallets to the website, the website owners and creators also do not have any way to monetize their content or provide member-specific content. 

Without all of these features, WordPress is still a centralized system, which will fail to exist in the decentralized world. However, the good news is WordPress is continuously working to streamline WordPress Web3 Integration and the principles of web3 into its system. 

WordPress and Web3- The Future

Web3 is a new technology that is still in its initial stages, while WordPress has been with us for quite some time. Yet, they both share the same goal of making and publishing content that is of quality and gives power to its users.

Also, Web3 is the superior technology, sooner or later, it will be widely applicable and take over the internet. In that scenario, it is not possible for the bigger CMS like WordPress to not offer compatibility for it and the fun part is that WordPress has already started to show its alignment towards the WordPress Web3 integration by allowing users to use plugins compatible with the Web3. 

The Unlock Protocol Plugin-WordPress First Step Towards The Web3 

The Unlock Protocol is there to bridge the gap between web3 and the world. It uses NFTs to manage memberships, monetize content, and provide access to users. It has previously been used by many websites and applications like MyCrypto and MiniGate. 

What Is It? Explained.

Unlock protocol offers developers, creators, and platforms like WordPress to create memberships. This portal aims to push the conversion from users to members for a platform so that a monetized environment for the web can exist. In short terms, Unlock Protocol is a peer-to-peer system creating time-based memberships. 

With the Unlock WordPress will offer its users primitive for every membership, both online and offline, around the globe. Collaborating with the Unlock protocol will help this CMS create creators-owned and monetized internet.

How ITs Works With The WordPress 

The plugin creates an Unlock Protocol block in WordPress posts and pages like any other block. Creators can insert any “members only” content inside the Unlock block. Then, their visitors with an appropriate key ( an Unlock NFT ) in their crypt wallet will have instant access to the content within the Unlock long blocks on the website. 

Every unauthenticated visitor will be prompted to become a member of the site to access the content. In addition to this, WordPress creators will have the right to create membership sites, and offer advantages to their visitors. Also, they can monetize the content using Ethereum, Polygon (Matic), xDAI, and many other crypto-based assets.

What Will The WordPress Will Achieve The Unlock Protocol Plugin

In general, web3 and WordPress almost have the same goals and mission of democratizing content. Seeing this, here we can outline what the WordPress and unlock protocol will achieve together. 

Offering Value To The Content For The Creators

Using the unlock protocol, web3 offers new ways for the creator to safeguard and monetize their content. 

It is also possible that with the advancements in technology, WordPress will offer features to mint your content ( text, audio, and video). Once content enters the web3 world, it has the protection of the blockchain timestamp, which provides clear proof of ownership. In addition, this blockchain stamp can also be used by search engines to check and value the original creator of the content. 

This makes stealing the content almost impossible. With the help of Unlock protocol and other plugins like this ( which will be discussed later in the guide), WordPress can provide a safer environment for its content creators.

Aso, creators will be able to turn NFT into content, which will make it possible for them to earn money from the very content they have created. 

Enhanced Security and Trust

Finally, the Unlock plugin may provide fresh approaches to some issues relating to online security. Blockchain can help to identify when content has changed, which means that any tampering with the content will be identified. Creators don’t have to worry about losing the quality of the content, which will create and build a strong trust between the platform and the creator.  

A New Way Of Community Building

In addition to using blockchain technology to safeguard and exchange digital assets, Unlock plugin gives creators better chances to establish their communities and ecosystems. Further web3 will allow creators to create their currency, which creators can use for creating their memberships. 

With the help of web3 and Unlock protocol, the creators can allow members of your audience to exchange them for discounts, experiences, and more. It is a good way of creating trust between a creator and a visitor. They can also be used to incentivize people to contribute to WordPress projects.  

Other Web3 Plugins To Try Besides The Unlock Protocol Plugin

Just like the Unlock protocol plugin, there are various other plugins that you might want to try to inject a bit of the web3 into your WordPress site. Let’s know more about them! 

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways

WordPress this plugin offers you the core value of cryptocurrency. The plugin enables you to store and accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and more. You can accept these currencies by simply adding your Wallet addresses.

The plugin solves the issues related to respecting customer privacy. Also, it offers no external redirects, seamless integration, and has no middleman fees meaning you will have all the benefits for your content. Plugin has been improved to offer Zeroconf support. This support enables customers to instantly receive their products without risk to the merchant.


If you want to give your users the option to log in to your WordPress login, using a crypto wallet this is a plugin that you should try. You can use MetaMark and other Wallet WalletConnect-compatible wallets to create a regular WordPress account in the background. The plugin further supports the customs hooks to promote the users to a certain landing page after they log in. Also, the NFTs access add-ons help you restrict the parts of your parts to the owners or a specific NFT token so that no one can access any other user’s content. 


If you want to own your content forever, this is the plugin that you should try. It is an application-specific blockchain on the decentralized publishing platform built on Cosmos SDK. It provides open-source products including infrastructure to publishing tools for creators on the board. 

With this plugin, you can publish content as an NFT, register it on a blockchain metadata registry, and sell it. The plugin enables you to register content for use and distribution in the file system. Additionally, by using the plugin, you can earn tokens that you can trade or convert into other digital currencies.

WordProof Timestamp

This plugin works to build a safer internet option for everyone. You can automatically timestamp WordPress content on any EOSIO blockchain using this Web3 plugin. It can publish the changes and provide a certificate for download. You are protected by copyrights and users can see what you are doing. It uses blockchain technology to give more reasons for your visitors to trust your database. Using this, they can easily verify the integrity of your content. 

Web3 Donations by DePay

The plugin particularly allows you to accept donations made with peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrencies. Along with adding the customizable donation button, it supports multiple blockchains and you can customize it using CSS. The best part about this plugin is that it offers you compatibility with MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet along with other wallets. Some notable features that this wallet provides you with include Wallet-to-wallet payments, Multichain, On-the-fly conversions, Configure incoming tokens, Open-source, 

Buttons & Links, Block-enabled, and Custom CSS.

Wrapping Up!

Web3 can protect your content, provide alternate login options, and accept donations. When it collaborates with WordPress, it gives the largest CMS in the world a new stride for its content creators. WordPress is starting to offer compatibility with the help of Plugins for its creators. However, it is still far from being fully compatible with the technology. As of now, we have just reached the stage where Web3 has offered us a use case to make our favorite CMS more friendly for decentralization. 

With that, thank you for reading this guide. We hope you have liked it! 

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