How to Make An White Label NFT Marketplace | NFT Marketplace Development Cost

How much does white label NFT marketplace development cost in 2022? Core features of white label NFT marketplace

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white label nft marketplace

Hello everyone. In this article, we will walk you through the features and functionalities of the white-label NFT marketplace platform. What is the Whitelabel NFT marketplace, How to find the best-fit NFT marketplace for your launch?

NFT development services is a leading provider of digital marketing services. It has been in the market since 2006 and has grown exponentially. NFT Development Services has grown rapidly because they focused on what they do best – creating engaging content for their clients that helps them stand out from other businesses in the market.

What is an Nft Development Service?

A Nft development service is a company that specializes in digital marketing services. Nft development services are becoming more popular for various reasons. One of the main reasons is that they offer a wide range of digital marketing solutions and can be customized to suit the needs of their clients.

Nft development services have become a necessity for many companies because they offer a wide range of digital marketing solutions and can be customized to suit the needs of their clients.

How to Get the Best Nft Development Services for Your Business

Nft development services are a growing trend in the digital marketing industry. They help companies to create engaging content that is more personalized and tailored to their audience. Nft development services can be used in different ways. For example, they can be used to develop content for social media marketing campaigns, blog posts, or even websites.

To get the best Nft development services for your business, you should look for a company with experience in developing digital marketing campaigns and recognized as a leader in this field.

What are the Different Marketing Services in an NFT Development Service Package?

An NFT development service package includes the following:

  •  NFT development
  •  Customization of the NFT
  •  Marketing services
  •  Other services that are typically included in a marketing service package are:
  •  Business consulting
  •  Design and development of digital assets
  •  Social media management
  •  SEO and content marketing

Should You Hire a Full-Time or Part-Time Nft Development Expert?

Two factors play into the decision to hire a full-time or part-time nft development expert. The first is cost and the second is the work required.

Some companies have found that hiring a part-time nft development expert is more cost-effective than hiring a full-time one. This is because it doesn’t require as much time to produce quality content and it also has less overhead.

However, there are some companies that find that they need their nft development expert on site 24/7 and this can be difficult to manage with a part-time person.

NFT Marketing Services to Increase Productivity in Your Organization

NFT Marketing Services is a company that offers marketing services to increase productivity in your organization. The company provides SEO, content marketing, social media management, email marketing and more.

NFT Marketing Services helps companies increase their revenue by improving their online presence and brand awareness.

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NFT Technology Benefits for Businesses and How They can Use them Most Effectively 

NFT technology is a type of digital asset that has no physical form. It is a digital representation of an asset that can be exchanged and transferred similarly to any other digital product. The most common example of NFTs are crypto coins, but they can also be used to represent any type of physical or digital asset, from stocks to land deeds.

Shortly, NFTs will be used in a variety of ways by different industries and companies. However, these sectors will benefit not only from the ability to send assets across borders and between different platforms without any fees or restrictions but also from the security that comes with using NFTs.

The following are just some examples of how businesses can use NFTs for their benefit:

  • Investing in crypto coins: Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity over the past few years because they offer higher.

White Label NFT Marketplace Development Service

NFT Marketplace Software is developed mostly in two ways. NFT Marketplace Software Development from Scratch, and the other one is a customized White label NFT marketplace development. The creator works on the development process as per the client’s requirement to develop the white-labelled NFT marketplace.

The White Label-based NFT Marketplace Script is generally built on major blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Cardano, Polygon, and other blockchain networks that are in the recent trend.

Investors prefer White Label NFT Marketplace because of its 100% customization with its benefits like low cost and minimum time needed to develop the white label NFT platform.

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White Label NFT Marketplace Development Process

Blockchain specialists design White label NFT marketplace development according to the following workflow. Investors and businessmen have to pre-plan their platform features with experts for better results.

UI development

The developers develop the best user interface of the platform with the most attractive theme and display the platform’s features; developing an attractive user interface delivering the platform’s best information will increase traffic to the marketplace.

Smart Contract

The NFT marketplaces are decentralized platforms that are not monitored by a third person or by any admin. However, these marketplaces have to be monitored to avoid theft and misleading transactions, to monitor that smart contracts are programmed and all functions in the marketplace are monitored with these smart contracts.

Storage Setup

The transaction info of the platform and user’s data has to be stored, and at the same time, the NFTs listed on the marketplace also have to be stored. Developers created IPFS storage to store the NFTs and develop DB to store users’ data.

Integrating backend & frontend

Once finish the backend and frontend development process, developers integrate the frontend user edge with the backend functions by setting up keys and more. Developers initiate their integration procedure once the clients consent to the UI design.

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On Testnet

Once the platform is fully developed the developers execute the whole white label NFT marketplace on testnet to identify the errors in the platform and work on it to remove all those errors. Specialists work on test net until the marketplace works seamlessly.


Once the platform works seamlessly, developers run the white-label NFT marketplace in the client’s server and will be made live for worldwide users to access the platform and trade NFTs with cryptos.

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How does White Label NFT Marketplace Features & functionality?

White Label NFT Marketplace Features
White Label NFT Marketplace Features

The platform supports private listings, gifts, and drops, asset ranking asset bundling multiple type listings, Dutch auctions, English auctions, fractional ownership, royalty earnings for the original owner, referral programs, affiliate programs, order management, inventory management, integration with Google Analytics and marketing tools like buffer, integrated blog. Slack integration and many more features.


A crypto user who wants to buy NFT must sign up to the NFT platform with his crypto wallet and enter the user information. Once signed up, the users will be enabled to trade NFTs listed on the platform by bidding. The listed NFTs will be in the auction or open bid if NFTs are stored under auction, then the user will be able to bid and only if the seller accepts the bid value is the NFT moved to the buyer wallet.

In the case of an open bid, the seller pre-defines the NFT value and lists it on the NFT platform. So in this instance, once the buyer bids the NFT and NFT are moved to the buyer wallet, and the cryptos are transferred to the seller wallet.


A seller also has to sign up to the NFT platform as stated with all the information. Once signing up to the platform, the user has to forge his digital asset as NFT. Minting is a method where the digital asset is minted on a blockchain network and the NFT data will be stored with an address on the blockchain network.

Once minted, the seller lists NFT in the marketplace in the auction or open bid by defining the crypto value for the NFT. The NFT is minted on the marketplace once the seller pays the off-gas fee to mint the digital asset as NFT.

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nFT white label marketplace for Android & iOS

The platform is also available as a mobile application on Android and iOS platforms, you can manage the marketplace activities on the go with the admin mobile app. In this article, you have already walked through the core features and functionalities of the user side of the NFT marketplace. The entire design, including the logo, and color, theme, etc. can be customized according to your specific branding requirements.

Many White label NFT platform also supports multiple languages and an integrated blog, it can publish recent articles, news and updates.

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Core Features of White Label NFT Marketplace

  • One section should be to displays the latest NFTS added to the platform.
  • One section should be to show popular NFT.
  • The marketplace homepage should have a universal search option that can be used to search and find specific NFT’s.
  • Filter functionality should be there filter the NF T’s based on different categories such as digital arts, collectibles, etc.
  • On the listing page you can see all the NFT’s available on the platform. Users can filter NFT’s based on their price or by different collections. The page also supports list and grid views of NF T’s for users’ convenience. They can also sort the list of NFT’s based on their popularity rating, price, bid and auction stage.
  • This should be the NFT listing page with full detail, previous buy and sell record. When you click on an NFT, a very detailed product page over here you can see the basic details of the NFT details of the Creator and view the digital asset file in an interplanetary File System, also known as IPFS. The price of the NFT is displayed here.
  • The platform should supports both fixed-price sales as well as auction-based sales.
  • NFT buy page also lists related and similar NFT products listed by other NFT sellers on the platform/seller. You can purchase the NFT by adding it to the cart. Once the NF T’s are added to the cart, you can proceed to buy them from the checkout page.
  • Users can also add coupon codes to get purchase discounts. Once finalized, the user can proceed to checkout and provide the billing details here. The user has multiple options to complete the checkout, including fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, for automatic Metamask, wallets, etc.
  • The purchased NFTs will be transferred to the user’s wallet when the payment is successfully processed. From the user dashboard, the user can view their order history which shows the status of each order price details and view detailed order information.

White label NFT marketplace functions with the programmed smart contracts and the platform functions contrast for NFT buyer and seller.

What is the Cost of White Label NFT Marketplace

The White label NFT marketplace cost depends on the level of customization you want. Features that you required in your NFT marketplace with white labeling. This approximate white label NFT marketplace costs near $25000 to $30000.

Features & FunctionalityTime Required to DevelopCosting $25/hr
UX/UI Development  42 hours$1000
Authorization and Security  72 hours$1750
User Profiles  42 hours$1000
Home page  84 hours$2000
Search and filters  96 hours$2250
Product page  42 hours$1000
Reviews & Ratings  48 hours$1125
Shopping cart  48 hours$1125
Payments  42 hours$875
Notifications  32 hours$875
Etherium incorporation  96 hours$2125
NFT management  96 hours$2125
Inventory management  42 hours$875
Buyer panel  64 hours$1250
Artist panel  132 hours$2500
Admin panel  85 hours$2000
Costing of NFT Marketplace 1063 hours$23875
Cost of White Label NFT Marketplace


NFTs have been the most trending topic of 2022 and the same continues, the NFTs business has increased and this is never going to be down. NFTs have established over a billion-dollar market value record in 2022, and it is expected that NFT will reach new heights and make new records when compared to 2021. Business owners launching their crypto sphere business with White label NFT Marketplace will make billions of profits. Connect with ChainTechSource, the best NFT marketplace solution provider and kick-start your world-class NFT platform on your preferred blockchain network

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