Where Can I Buy XLM BTC? | How to Buy Stellar Bitcoin

Learn where to buy and sell XLM and BTC. Find out how to trade XLM for BTC and the other way around...

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Where can I buy Xlm BTC

If you’re a cryptocurrency owner who wants to acquire XLM or BTC, or you just want to buy one crypto with another, you’re on the right page. In this article, we will show you the best crypto trading platforms and guide you through the process of buying XLM or BTC. Read on.

What Are XLM and BTC?

XLM is the official digital currency for Stellar Lumens, which is often called just Stellar. It is a decentralized open-source protocol that allows low-cost digital currency conversions to fiat money. BTC is short for Bitcoin, and we believe you know what it is.

So, what’s the best app for trading XLM to BTC? Let’s check out below.

The Best Exchange for XLM and BTC

The best option for anyone wanting to buy XLM or BTC (or to swap the two cryptocurrencies) is It is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that describes itself as one of the fastest in the market, as the average order execution time is usually between 5 and 30 minutes. This is much faster compared to other cryptocurrencies on the market. The transaction time mainly depends on the decentralized network that the cryptocurrencies you’re trading are based upon.

The way Godex determines the exchange rate for Stellar, Bitcoin, and any other digital currency it accepts is pretty simple. It monitors the rates on some of the world-leading and largest cryptocurrency trading platforms and always offers the best rates for each trading pair. We advise checking out the Exchange Rate section to learn more. 

The three main benefits of using Godex as the exchange platform are below.

Fixed Rates

Whenever you want to swap XLM for BTC, or any other cryptocurrency on Godex, the exchange will freeze the rate at the moment you initiate the transaction. Therefore, even if the exchange rate changes during the time necessary for the transaction to be completed, you’ll still receive the same rate you were shown at first.

Unlimited Trading

There’s no upper limit on Godex, which means you can trade as much as you like. Moreover, there’s no limit to how many trades you can make per day or week. It’s up to you to decide on your trading strategy without any limitations. Needless to say, this also applies to XLM and BTC.


Anonymity plays an important role at Godex, as you can trade cryptocurrencies without leaving any traces, which further enhances security. Godex doesn’t require its visitors to register or enter any kind of sensitive data on the site. Instead, you only need to select the cryptocurrencies you want to trade and enter appropriate wallet addresses to make the swap.

Other Platforms Where You Can Buy XLM and BTC

Even though we selected Godex as our #1 platform, we decided to give a couple of honorable mentions to several other platforms where XLM and BTC, as well as the XLM/BTC trading pair, can be found. The platforms are:

  • Coinbase. Coinbase is probably the most popular crypto trading app in the world, with a huge trading volume and millions of users around the globe. The reason why it occupies the second place is that it could be a bit complex for beginners. Also, it’s a centralized exchange, so anonymous buying is not an option.
  • Binance. Binance is even more popular than Coinbase. It’s a real market leader in terms of trading volume, so it had to make it to our final list. It’s ranked #3 on our list for XLM/BTC, mainly because it’s not beginner-friendly and it’s not available in some countries, including the US.
  • OKEx. OKEx made it to our list because it features low fees and a great user interface. It’s also one of the most popular exchanges at the moment. What made it rank #4 on our list is the fact that there are various limits for withdrawals. Also, US citizens aren’t allowed to use OKEx.

Final Thoughts

Both XLM and BTC are very popular digital currencies and are often traded with each other in many online crypto trading applications. We did in-depth research to find the best crypto exchange for anyone interested in swapping the two digital coins and concluded that Godex is the best fit due to its fixed rates, unlimited trading, and anonymity. 

The platform is beginner-friendly, and it takes less than a minute to figure out how it works and make the trade. On top of that, you can trade more than 200 other cryptocurrencies with each other with the help of Godex.

Apart from Godex, we picked a couple of other crypto exchanges that might be a good match for XLM/BTC trading.

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