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What to Do If You Want to Trespass Dedicated IP

There are two types of IP addresses, namely shared IP and dedicated IP. Both of them actually have different characters from each...

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treepass dedicated IP

There are two types of IP addresses, namely shared IP and dedicated IP. Both of them actually have different characters from each other. 

The most striking difference is that generally, shared IP is provided by shared hosting, only at a more affordable price. On the other hand, dedicated IP is usually only available on VPS hosting services. Of course, it’s served at a higher price. 

With a higher amount of price to be paid, of course, there are advantages of dedicated IP that do not exist in shared IP. And that’s not all; this article will discuss the meaning of dedicated IP and its advantages. Plus, we also explain the methods to trespass an IP address. 

Understanding IP Address

Before going further into the definition and advantages of dedicated IP, you must first understand the meaning of IP Address. An IP address is a standard in the internet protocol containing a unique number that is connected to all internet activities.

Understanding and Advantages of Dedicated IP, The Faster Your Website!

IP addresses play a very important role on the internet. You, along with your laptop or computer, are indirectly connected to the internet. The way an IP address works is that it connects you to the internet and gives you permission to access the internet.

When you’re going online, like sending emails, chatting, or shopping at an online store, your request will be sent to the right destination. Then it will give a response back as you want.

Difference between Shared IP and Dedicated IP

Each domain name is the home of each website, and the actual website address is the IP. The developers made domain names because people would find it difficult to understand the IP addresses that were just numbered. Therefore, you should know the difference between shared IP and dedicated IP.

Shared IP

Shared IP is an IP address that can be used for several sites. This type of IP address can host multiple sites or web servers. Because it uses the same IP address as several websites, this often makes websites that are on a shared IP impact each other.

For example, if an IP address is blacklisted for sending spam emails, this will have an impact on other IP addresses on the shared IP. And many website owners pay less attention to this. When you encounter this, ask your hosting provider for help to resolve this issue.

Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP refers to the IP address that’s dedicated to your website. The question of whether dedicated IP is better will be answered when comparing it to shared IP. 

While a shared IP is a single IP address used by multiple websites, dedicated IP refers to a specific website. What makes it unique is that the IP address allows you to access the website as easily as accessing your website’s domain.
In order to get it, there’s one way you can do it. You can pick the best VPN services you want in order to get the dedicated IP Address. Simply choose the dedicated VPN services, which are widely available online. With an IP address and VPN, you can be much safer when going online.

Is It Possible to Trespass IP Addresses?

Although trespassing a dedicated IP address is quite impossible because it uses encryption technology, you can still trespass or change your IP address to other locations or servers around the world.

Change The IP with VPN Service

When you are using mobile phones, you can still change the IP address easily to another country by using the VPN app. There are so many options available in the market, but the main idea of any VPN service is still the same. They will channel your connection using safe technology so that you can switch to any server easily to avoid geo-restrictions.

However, if you’re planning to do the same thing, here are the simple steps you need to do:

  • Download and install the application first. You can get this app on the Play Store for free.
  • Check the VPN service that gets the most stars or positive reviews.
  • Once installed, please open the VPN application.
  • After logging in, you will be given a choice of various types of IP addresses. There are
  • those from Singapore, the Netherlands, India, to South Africa. Choose any servers
  • located near your area to avoid high ping and lags.
  • ● After that, your VPN will automatically activate, and you now look as if you are
  • accessing the internet from the server you previously chose.

Changing The IP Address On the Desktop

To change the IP Address on Windows the method is quite complicated but arguably effective. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Go to the Open Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel. Or if it’s complicated,
    please press Windows Key + R, then in the search field, type “control.exe/name
  2. Then click Change Adapter Settings.
  3. Select the IP address you want to change, whether it’s WiFi or LAN.
  4. If it’s a LAN, just click on the LAN section.
  5. Then go to Properties.
  6. Press Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) twice.
  7. After that, please select Use the following IP Address.
  8. Fill in the IP address you want.
  9. When finished, press OK.
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