Digital Marketing Agencies: What Are They and What Do They Offer?

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B2C Digital Marketing

Do you know what a digital marketing agency is and all the services it can offer you?

Here at Market Boom we explain what a digital marketing services agency is and also everything it can do for a company or business.

Digital marketing consists of the development and application of strategies that help marketing in various digital channels. Currently, this represents the key point to grow any type of business.

Day by day, new technologies emerge. And with this, marketing techniques are reinvented. And advertising strategies have been adopted by the digital world. A good online marketing strategy combines various elements that help companies be taken into account by search engines. This creates benefits for the company in terms of ROI.

Digital marketing experts will study all the factors related to a company in order to help it have results that are measurable benefits. With the support and strategies that are created by these professionals, companies will achieve global reach, specify their target and build customer loyalty.

Having a digital marketing strategy is essential to have a return on investment and generate benefits. And also to have measurable results that allow the application of truly effective marketing strategies.


A digital marketing agency can help a company more than you think. It doesn’t matter what type of company you have. A digital marketing strategy adapts to all types of businesses and will help you:

  • Position your brand through effective SEO strategies.
  • Increase the reach of your company and its products and services through ghostwriting company.
  • Create corporate websites that attract users who become consumers.
  • Design the advertising image of your company.
  • Manage all your business social networks and increase their value.
  • Produce audiovisual content adapted to your needs.

All this is part of the services of a digital marketing consultancy. So take your business to a new level of profitability and give your company the boost it needs.

Market Boom Digital Marketing Services

Market Boom has various digital marketing services that will help you position your company and increase your profits.

The professionals who are part of the Market Boom team have complete training in digital marketing. Numerous clients who have worked together with us consider our experts as true digital marketing specialists in Sabadell.

  • SEO Positioning: This type of organic traffic services includes the creation and implementation of SEO strategies in order to position all types of companies. Increased visibility and real conversions are associated with increased return on investment.
  • SEM Campaigns Take advantage of AdWords campaigns by generating paid ads that stand out among search engines. With a correctly managed SEM campaign you will have great results in a short term.
  • Graphic design and advertising: Who said that design is not linked to advertising? Design attracts customers! For this reason, we offer a complete catalog of graphic design such as flyers, logo creation, image editing for social networks and much more.
  • App creation: Business applications can help monetize a business. Contact our app developers and make your business have a business application.
  • Social media management: Social media management has immense value that your business cannot ignore. Our Community Manager experts will be in charge of the total management of all your corporate networks.
  • Audiovisual production: After movie, Video Clips, video flyers … What do you need? We have everything in editing and audiovisual production.
  • Professional websites: A website is essential for the positioning and value of any company. That is why we develop websites and E-commerce for various platforms. We optimize all elements to adapt the loading time and enhance its value in search engines.

Digital Marketing Plans

Market Boom has various digital marketing plans related to its services. These plans have everything you need to acquire marketing services for your company with the best budget.

  • Video-flyer: Advertise your business with unique memoir writing services and attractive video flyers. They will be the ideal hook to promote all your products and services!
  • Pack of 3 hours of modifications and extra travel: Ideal option for a service of three hours of modifications and audiovisual travel.
  • Event Video – After movie: We capture those key moments of your event and turn them into a memorable audiovisual production.
  • Video clips: We create video clips for your social networks that boost the levels of interaction with your users.
  • Video link: The creation of audiovisual content and link indexing strategies for positioning are available in this pack.
  • Design and networks: Because graphic design and networks complement each other with this package you can have the best of both.
  • Unlimited Monthly Graphic Design Pack: With a total graphic design package you will have the creation of graphic pieces of various types as a priority.
  • SEO Web Positioning and Text Writing Blog Articles: Content creation is something that you cannot leave aside. That is why we have a complete blog article writing service along with SEO positioning strategies.
  • Graphic design 1 hour: For specific changes, this pack offers you a quality graphic design service with the best budget.
  • Unlimited Monthly Pack A completely unlimited monthly graphic design service package.
  • Basic Web Pages A package of web pages that offers you a basic website completely optimized for your business.
  • Custom Web Pages Pack: We develop web pages tailored to what your company needs.

We offer you a wide variety of digital marketing service plans and packages. You just have to contact us to request your quote and let us advise you.

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