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What Makes the Perfect Bingo App?

bingo app card game

Written by Ashok Kumar · 2 min read >
bingo app card game

Twenty years ago anyone floating the idea of online bingo must have been viewed with the same suspicion of a witch in the Dark Ages. 

How could anyone back in 2003 imagine a world in which pensioners would be tech savvy enough to operate a computer and play bingo online with all of their friends?

The answer posited by those early online bingo trendsetters was that the game wouldn’t be played by pensioners, it would instead be enjoyed by a much younger demographic of players who were technologically adept and…they were right.

Despite the stereotypes, bingo is now a game enjoyed mainly by people in the 18-40 age bracket and it is almost exclusively played online by that demographic. 

Is it any wonder then that when you type in ‘bingo’ into the App Store or the Google Play Store that dozens upon dozens of results come up?

Whilst variety is often heralded as the spice of life, that much choice can become a little bit overwhelming, especially for first time bingo players. 

If like many people, you’re struggling to work out which bingo app to download, read on to find out the features that we think the perfect bingo app would have…


Okay, after very, very recently saying that variety can be a little bit overwhelming it might seem a little strange for us to kick things off our list of features for the perfect bingo app with the very same word but, bear with us on this one.

We don’t mean the type of variety that makes things confusing and actually turns you off from playing rather than exciting you. We actually mean the type of variety that will keep you from getting bored.

Bingo is undoubtedly a fun game, but after a while it can get a little samey which is why our perfect bingo app would have a little bit of variety. There would be casino bingo games, more classic casino games like slots and a lot of variations of bingo.

Free games, penny games, differently paced games, ones with huge jackpots and others with smaller, more niche prizes. Essentially what we’re describing is an app that would have just enough variety to keep you from ever getting bored and not enough to overwhelm – we’re not asking for much…

Good Reviews

Note everyone is going to like everything. If you built the perfect home, on the perfect street, with the perfect neighbours and the perfect amenities all within walking distance someone would complain that it was too far away from their old home. Disappointed people are just a fact of life so we’re not asking for an app that would be 5/5 stars to everyone.

Instead we’d like to see an app that had mainly good reviews, with customers praising it for its ease of use, how friendly staff are when needed and generally how much fun they have whenever they open the app.

It would still have the same old negative reviews from people complaining about the colour scheme or that the music made them feel melancholy, but that wouldn’t matter, because everything that matters (safety, customer service etc) would all be top notch.

Changing Prizes

Money is good, in fact it’s great, but sometimes we want something a little bit different from our jackpots. We’ve all played games with million pound prize pots, but ultimately these numbers don’t really mean much to most of us.

Which is why our perfect app would have an ever changing cast of prizes ranging from cars to multi-million jackpots. Why not have games with much lower prizes but more guaranteed winners? What about low buy in games where you could win a holiday abroad or a garden renovation?

Just something to spice things up and keep you interested beyond the vapid daydreaming about what we would do if we won that multi-million jackpot that we stand very little chance of doing.

In Summary

We said earlier that we’re not asking for much, but we are really. Although what we covered above isn’t a pipe dream and it certainly isn’t unattainable. 

There are plenty of bingo apps out there that offer much of the same features that we have covered in this article, all you need to do is go out there and find them!

Written by Ashok Kumar
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