What Is Golang & What Are Its Advantages?

It’s a brand new year, making it the perfect time to start fresh with a new programming language. One of the future programming...

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Is Golang better than Python?

It’s a brand new year, making it the perfect time to start fresh with a new programming language. One of the future programming languages we proposed to learn is Golang. It is used by renowned companies like Netflix, Google, Meta, and Microsoft. In this article, we will explore Golang’s advantages and how it can benefit your development process.

What is Golang?

Go, also known as Golang, is a new programming language created by Google engineers and was launched publicly in 2012 as an open-source project. The documentation explains that it “compiles quickly to machine code yet has the convenience of garbage collection and the power of run-time reflection.” In short, it is designed to be simple, high-performing, and efficient. 

Go is gaining popularity among notable developers. Aside from the tech giants mentioned earlier, web development companies around the world also use the language.

Why Use Golang?

Big names are adopting Golang because of the advantages it offers. If you’re not convinced yet, here are a few reasons why Golang is the next programming language to learn:

1. It is easy to learn

Golang’s simple syntax is similar to the C-language, making it easy to learn. It also omits several language features present in many other programming languages. 

Additionally, Golang’s documentation is quite detailed and clear, so it’s easy to grasp the concepts of the language from start to finish.

2. It is built for concurrency

Golang uses “goroutines,” which are lightweight threads that execute concurrently with the application. This allows multiple processes to run simultaneously and reduces the need for synchronization code. 

Because of its concurrent nature, Golang boasts a faster and more efficient performance than traditional programming languages. 

Bala Natarajan of Paypal vouches for its performance. He said, “In our tightly managed environments where we run Go code, we have seen a CPU reduction of approximately 10% with cleaner and maintainable code.

3. It has automatic garbage collection

Garbage collection is the process of dealing with freed resources. With Golang, memory management is handled by the application itself, making it easy to do away with any kind of memory allocation within the language.

4. It has an active community

A big reason why Golang is gaining popularity is its active and well-informed community. It consists of a large number of developers and researchers, both inside and outside of Google. 

This community is passionate about their language and are able to share their insights and experiences with others. Just explore the hashtag #golang on Twitter, and you’ll easily find people willing to help.

5. It is widely supported

Because Golang is an open-source language, its toolchain is massive and versatile and can be used for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

Golang also integrates with a wide variety of web development environments, like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. In fact, Golang is the newest language to get a MongoDB driver. This allows developers to interact with BSON data in various ways.

6. It can be used for many purposes

Golang has already been used for various projects in cloud computing, web development, and data science. But the possibilities don’t stop there! Because it is quick and effective, Golang can also be used to develop blockchain systems.

7. It provides high-salary opportunities

Golang developers are currently in high demand, and most job opportunities offer high salaries. A typical Golang developer enjoys an average salary of $135,750 a year. 

So if you’re looking for options to advance your career and achieve a higher income, learning Golang can be the way to go.


Currently, Golang ranks 11th in the PYPL Index, with a +0.7% trend. It could go higher, as developers are looking for new programming languages to learn at the start of the year. 

Because of its speed, efficiency, simplicity, and strong community support, Golang is an excellent choice for your next upskilling goals.

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