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Adidas says Kanye West’s

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Bjørn Gulden, chief executive of Adidas, expressed regret over the termination of the company’s profitable partnership with Kanye West, stating, “I don’t think he meant what he said,” in reference to the rapper’s antisemitic comments in October 2022.

Kanye West is one of the most famous artists in the music industry, but in recent years, he has stirred an uproar among the audience towards him after his anti-semantic posts. 

Kanye West said about adidas is, “I don’t think he meant what he said,” in reference to the rapper’s antisemitic comments in October 2022.

This is what happened with Adidas and Kanye West


The post lists over a billion dollars and costs him many profitable deals. One of those deals was with Adidas. He partnered with Adidas in 2013 for Yezzy, a brand mainly known for its unique shows. 

Because the broken deal cost him a loss, it seems like it has created bad blood between the artist and the brand. Immediately, Adidas pulled out all the Yeezy articles from its stores, and the reports were coming out that it was all thrown in the trash. Just recently, Kanye posted a series of comments against the brands, which again made him take off for another brand reason. Some of those comments go as follows:- 

  • In one post, he showed the post of the Adidas sneakers marked with a red ‘X’, signifying his aversion towards them.
  • Going forward, he composed a verse about Adidas, stating, “Adidas won’t seek further conflict,” alluding to the ongoing tension between the artist and the company.
  • He did not stop there. He kept criticizing Adidas for producing counterfeit YEEZY slides and targeting Adidas CEO Kasper Rørsted.
  • Just in another trigger, he posted a screen capture of a message to his ex-attorney, instructing them to notify Adidas that they can begin creating new designs in footwear, clothing, and accessories without delay.

Another article told the same story but in different words. Capitalxtra said, as the audience expected that things might calm down again in summer, Kanye took to his social media earlier this summer when he called out Adidas for making sliders that he reckoned were just knock-offs of his Yeezy slides.

Even though Adidas makes Yeezys and Kanye isn’t the guy designing them, he still blasted them on Instagram, but then he deleted the post.

Things seemed to chill between Kanye and Adidas until ‘Yeezy Day’ rolled around in August 2022. That’s when Kanye piped up again, claiming all that went down without him giving the thumbs up.

So, all in all, things escalated, and Adidas responded finally to all of these allegations. 

Adidas Side 

So, it’s pretty clear that Adidas has officially dropped Ye, or Kanye West, because of the heat they were getting after his antisemitic rants. Everyone’s been pushing back against him, and he’s losing deals left and right.

Adidas came out and said, “No way we’re putting up with any hate speech, including antisemitism.” They’re saying Ye’s recent outbursts are way out of line and totally against what they stand for – which is all about respecting everyone and being fair.

Brands like Adidas standing by someone who just posted a thread against a community doesn’t sound that great, so of course, they had to cut ties no matter how much profit they were making. The fun part is that not just Adidas but other brands, like Gap, sailed the same boat. 

They already said bye to their Yeezy Gap deal in September, and now they’re pulling all the Yeezy stuff from their stores and shutting down the YeezyGap website. They’re all about saying no to any form of hate and teaming up with groups that fight against it.

This whole drama hit Adidas’s wallet hard. Because of this decision, They expect to lose 250 million euros, which is around $246 million USD.

The pressure ramped up on Adidas after some group hung a banner in LA saying, “Kanye is right about the Jews.” That got a lot of people, including politicians, celebs, and just regular people on social media, super upset.

Adidas says Kanye West’s Yeezy category is under review


What Is The Future Of Kanye And Adidas? If there is any

For Adidas, it’s kinda like they’ve got to figure out how to bounce back after losing a big moneymaker like the Yeezy line. They took a hit of about 250 million euros – that’s a hefty chunk of change. They’ll probably have to come up with some new items like shoes or even a clothing line that can overshadow the freshness of Yezzy to keep their fans happy and their cash flow. 

Plus, dropping Ye shows they’re serious about standing up for their beliefs, like respecting everyone, no matter who they are. This could be a good look for them and might even lead to some fresh collaborations with other artists or designers.

Now, for Ye, it’s a whole different ball game. Losing Adidas means he has everything fallen out, as it was one of the deals that made him a billionaire. So, he must figure out what’s next for his Yeezy brand. He could team up with someone else or go solo, but that’s a lot of work and dough. 

Plus, with all the drama around his recent comments, finding new partners might not be a walk in the park. But let’s not forget, Ye’s got a solid fan base, and he’s always been a big name in fashion and music. This could be his chance to shake things up and maybe even dive into new fashion ventures. It’s like he’s at a crossroads, and it’s anyone’s guess which way he’ll go.

Adidas Scrambling for Plan B

So, Adidas is kinda in a pickle after dropping Yeezy. They’re staring at a huge 250 million euro hole in their pocket. They’ve been more creative with their brand since then, so maybe they whip up some cool new kicks or hook up with other big names. It all sums up to keeping their fans hooked and the cash flowing without the Yeezy buzz.

Adidas Standing Up for What’s Right

Ditching Ye was a big statement from Adidas. They’re saying they’re not cool with hate speech and are big on respect and diversity. This could be a win for them, showing they’re not just about profits but also values. It’s a chance to show they’re a brand that cares and maybe get more people on board.

Ye Doing His Own Thing

Now Ye’s gotta figure out his next move in fashion without Adidas backing him. He could go it alone or find some new peeps, like maybe Bianca, to team up with. But that might not be easy with all the drama he’s stirred up. It’s a chance for him to shake things up and see if he can make it on his terms.

Ye and the Backlash Balancing Act

Ye’s recent comments have ruffled some feathers. This party’s about how his words have messed with his image and what that means for his future in fashion. Can he find new partners, or will the controversy keep them at bay? It’s a tricky line to walk, keeping it real without scaring away the business.

What’s Next for Adidas and Ye

So, what’s on the horizon for Adidas and Ye? Adidas needs to figure out how to stay cool without Yeezy. As for Ye, it’s about making his next big move in the fashion world, controversy and all. Will he reinvent himself or stick to his guns? Both of them are at this turning point, and it’s gonna be interesting to see where they go from here.

Why did Adidas drop Kanye West?

They split up after Ye posted antisemitic comments.

What’s the financial hit for Adidas after dropping Yeezy?

About 250 million euros. It was the same for Kanye, as he also lost billionaire status. 

Did other brands also cut ties with Kanye?

Yes, including Gap.

What escalated the backlash against Kanye?

A hate group’s banner supporting his remarks and his continued push of ethically incorrect remarks. 

What’s next for Adidas and Kanye?

Adidas seeks new strategies, while Kanye faces career redefinition. We never know if they may come back as he recently posted an apology in Hebrew on his Instagram page, which was then replied to by Israel’s official page by saying, “Sorry, not sorry.”

Who is the CEO of Adidas on Kanye?

Adidas CEO Bjorn Gulden

What did Kanye say about Taylor Swift?

I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, why? / I made that b— famous.”

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