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Top 10 Websites and Apps to Convert Text to Videos Online For Free & Paid

Looking to convert text to video only for free or paid? See the list of best text to video generators. Movio is...

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Video marketing is the perfect way to promote your website or the content you are working on. But sometimes, it can be way more costly than you can imagine. However, you don’t always have to spend big bucks of your money to create something valuable, especially when it comes to video marketing. 

Google ranks video results higher than articles and blog posts.

Believe It or Not!

There are some websites and apps, which we will explore, and create videos directly from the text. It saves you money that you would otherwise spend on editing and polishing the videos. Here, in this guide, you will explore 10 of these websites and text-to-video apps that can help you to easily make videos from the text. So, let’s get you started. 

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#AI Video MakersPlanMinimum PricingTrust Pilot Ratings
1InVideo.ioFree & Paid. (InVideo Watermark)$15/ month4.4
2Synthesia.ioPaid Only$30 per month4.8
3Designs.AIPaid Only$29 /MONTH4.6
4Lumen5Free & Paid$11 per month4.5
5VEED.ioPaid$12 per month3.9
Few More AI Text to Video Generators for 2023

List of best AI based online text to video converters to make video marketing easy

  1. Movio
  2. Synthesia
  3. Voice2V
  4. Kapwing
  6. Colossyan
  7. Lumen5
  8. Veed.IO
  9. Pictory
  10. Typito

1. Movio

Welcome to Movio, the next-gen video creation platform with AI avatars. Movio is an online tool that lets you make videos with perfect lip-syncing of an AI speaker.

It’s really cool that the avatars can type to talk in many different languages. To make a professional spokesperson video, all you have to do is type, click, and drag. has more than 60 realistic AI avatars that can speak in more than 20 languages with different accents. You are now holding a personal video studio.

2. Synthesia – AI Video Generation Platform

Synthesia AI video creation
Synthesia AI video creation

One of the most highly regarded AI video creation platforms, Synthesia has been used by thousands of businesses and up to 65 languages. As claimed by its website, you can save 80% of your time and money with it. To create videos with it you need no camera, microphones, or actors, which makes it ideal for small businesses and for the individual who wants to create videos for personal interest. 

This AI text-to-video converter can evaluate the content of your blog posts, news stories, and web pages to create relevant and compelling videos. But to access all of these benefits, you can choose your AI avatar from over 40 options or custom make your videos and type & paste your script, then wait a few minutes to get your videos. On top of it, you can also directly translate your videos from Synthesia.

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3. Voice2V – Convert Voice & Audio File To Video MP4 Online

It is a simple-to-use and best text-to-video website that you can use to complete the job. You might not be impressed with the UI of the website, but it can complete its job in a few simple steps. 

To create the video with this app, you will need the audio and background that you want to include in the video, the app will take care of the rest. It provides you with different text styles and backgrounds to select. All you have to do is enter your text and follow the instructions. As soon as you finish the given steps, you will have your video ready. 

You can access the website of Voice2V just with a Google search. But, if you wish to download the app, you can download it on windows. Along with the text-to-video, it offers you other options like image-to-video, audio-to-video, sequence-to-video, and much more. So, consider giving it a chance. 

4. Kapwing 

The next text to video website is Kapwing. This website allows you to make films with just a few clicks. After creating a free account, you will get immediate and full access to 20+ tools for video editing. 

It provides you with several templates to pick from, and if you don’t like what they have to offer, you can also create your own. To start making your video, all you have to do is simply paste your text and style it the way you want. 

You can make as many photographs as you like to make a video. To make the video more appealing and lively, things up, add music, backdrop photos, and shapes.

Kapwing is free, but you will have a watermark at the bottom of the video. You can remove the watermark with a one-time fee of $6 or by subscribing to the monthly subscription for $20.


This video maker blends high-quality stock video with artificial intelligence to produce remarkable outcomes in a fraction of the time, expense, and effort necessary. delivers you with an online platform that makes design accessible to everyone by utilizing patented AI technology. And the best part is you can create the videos directly from the text. To create your video with this tool, you don’t need to have any design knowledge. You’ll be able to produce great marketing portfolios in under 2 minutes thanks to their user-friendly interface and AI-powered tools.

The critical tools that his platform provides you with enable you to produce amazing images, unique logos, captivating movies, and intelligent mockups rather than just converting the videos. They also supply you with additional tools to help you with your design process.

Furthermore,’s simple collaboration tool allows you to invite your peers to work on your projects. How amazing is that its integration functionality allows you to save your brand assets and then use them across several productions?

6. Colossyan

Using the Colossyan Creator tool, you can create studio-quality AI videos with actual presenters by simply entering a sentence. It offers you to create AI videos in more than 60+ languages. So, no language barriers. Plus, converting text to video has never been easier. You can simply enter your script, select an AI actor from the provided collection, make your changes, and add material to see your AI film come to life and be done. Along with the text, you can also upload PDFs or PowerPoint files to convert them to videos.

AI based text to video editors tools
AI based text to video editors tools

As its users claim, video content created with Colossyan increases engagement by 135%, and 78% of consumers view internet videos at least once a week. It allows you to convey and captivate your audience’s attention in a much shorter amount of time. The templates and AI features provided by Colossyan give you an excellent approach to engaging with an audience, advertising products, communicating with colleagues internally, and much more!

7. Lumen5 – Create Text to Videos Online in Minutes

You can use an online video generator to generate interesting video content in minutes. You can utilize hundreds of customized designs to create videos that communicate effectively and consistently.

Lumen5 uses AI to power your videos to this problem. You can begin by manually entering text or using a link or RSS feeds, and then you begin adding images, videos, and music.

To establish consistency across marketing initiatives, Lumen5 will allow you to customize your brand logo, colors, and typography. To complete your video-creating task, it provides you with three video formats: square, landscape, & vertical.

8. Veed.IO

If you want to make videos with a single click, this is the site you can trust. It is simple to use a program that saves you from the complexity that someone has to face when creating their video. It does not just allow you to convert text to video only, but also adds vitality to them. With it, you can make marketing, social media, business, and learning videos. 

You don’t have to spend hours learning how to use each tool before you can create something truly fascinating. Veed.IO makes it simple for everyone, even if you have basic computer knowledge. It enables you to create beautiful films without any video editing expertise or experience. You can use it to make powerful films by altering text, music, colors, fonts, and other elements. It provides you with thousands of themes that you can use to express your message in videos. 

9. Article Video Robot – Turns Your Text in Video

Article Video Robot can create videos using text, audio, images, and even voiceovers from the text. The site is responsive, you can use it on smartphones as well. To get started with video creation, you have the six video styles available. Also, you don’t have to type the entire text to create your video, simply start by entering text, either by URL or by pasting it. After that, you can complete the information by completing the author’s name, website URL, photos, and narrator’s voice. Once you are done completing the information, you have 3 to 5 minutes to wait for the video to be completed.

Finally, you can include background music and change the font type, size, and color. You can also utilize photos and add an intro/outro video. 

Also, you don’t need to download it, you can directly post it on social media platforms from the dashboard. You can easily post it to YouTube or distribute it via Twitter and email. 

You can use the site for free to create 30-second videos but to exceed this video time limit, you can subscribe for $47/month for up to 10 minutes of video, 5 voices, and SD video quality. Furthermore, you pay $97 per month for HD quality. Thinking it is a little pricey, wouldn’t be wrong. But, it’s beneficial for professionals who frequently work with text-based films.

10. Pictory – Transform Text Into Video

Easy, simple, and effective, Pcitory lets you simply convert lengthy video or text content into short and more shareable social media videos. Pictory makes this very simple from signing up for the account to creating your video. 

Sign up, and upload any text or long-form video, & it will transform it into a short, engaging visual tale that you can share on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

This website will help you save time while creating videos and boost the visibility of your organization. It considerably lessens the stress of keeping an active presence on social media.

11. Typito – Create stunning text videos online

You can look for a bundle of pictures to use in your video with the Typito interface. Creating the video is rather simple with it. As you can either upload photos of your own or choose from their library. It delivers 200 designs that you may search for using keywords. As with Lumen5, you may add text and afterward style it as desired. 

You can also use the sound samples available at it as the background music. Its free plan allows you to produce four full HD films, and access all motion graphics. You can even work with your team (up to 3 members ) on a project. However, you can only add up to ten clips or photos per video. To remove the watermark on your videos, you can subscribe for $10. At $25 per month, the Plus plan removes all limits and permits eight FHD videos with assistance for up to six members of the team.

Few More AI Text to Video Generators for 2023

  1. GliaCloud
  2. InVideo
  3. Synths Video
  4. Wisecut

These were the 10 websites and apps that you can use to convert texts to videos for easy video content marketing.

How to convert text to video online?

There are many AI-based tools to convert text to video online. These 3 websites are best to make your text into video., Synthesia and Colossyan are the top text-to-video converters online.

Is ther any free tool to convert Text to video?

No, there are no free tool to make video from text, however many online text to video converts offer free trials.

How does the AI video maker work?

AI video makers use data from text, images, and audio files to make videos. They do this with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Thanks for reading the guide. 

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