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Web3 Development Companies In New Jersey, Texas, California, USA

Hire the best web3 development companies in New Jersey, Florida, Texas. These Web3 companies in USA has the ability to develop and...

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web3 companies in california

Finding the best web3 firms and selecting the top companies to help your business expand takes time. However, investing some effort in infusing that adrenaline rush of expansion into your firm is worthwhile.

If you don’t know where to start your search, this guide is for you. It is a dedicated list of companies that offer web3 services. Without any delays, let’s begin and explore the list. 

Web3 Companies in California & New Jersey, USA

S.NoWeb3 CompanyLocationFounded In
1CodezerosNew Jersey2015
2AppinventivNew York2014
3Webclues InfotechGeorgia2014
5SoluLabCalifornia 2014
6LeewayHertzCalifornia 2007
7LeewayHertz California 2007
8Clavax California 2011
10DxMinds TechnologiesCalifornia 2018
11NeebalTexas 2010
Web3 Companies in California

1. Codezeros – Web3 Company in New Jersey, USA

Code zero logo
Code zero logo

Codezeroes recently emerged as one of the best web3 development companies in California. The company is a pioneer in blockchain-based solutions. Their benchmark mark projects include “The Fridge,” “Donut Swap,” “Refid Gold, ” and more. The company provides an array of services with exclusive work on unique ideas. Which includes: 

  • Blockchain development.
  • NFT Token development
  • Smart contract creation. 
  • Launchpad development. 
  • DLT Solutions 
  • Wallet Development 
  • Tokennomics and more. 

With the adoption of Ethereum as the primary framework, it delivers cutting-edge blockchain solutions. So, if this is something you have been looking for, Codezeros is undoubtedly a go-to choice.

2. Appinventiv

Offering the best range of enterprise-focussed metaverse development services, Appinventiv Technologies has, till now, supplied 1500+ digital solutions and worked on 150+ blockchain projects within just 7 years of being in the industry. With its years of experience in developing immersive applications, the company serves as a top-notch software development company that can take a project off the ground to the height of success. The metaverse software developers at Appinventiv build fully tested, glitch-free software solutions and implement various enhanced features that not just fulfill the business needs but also creates a great immersive virtual environment.

3. Webclues Infotech – Web3 Development Company in Texas

Webclues Infotech
Webclues Infotech

Yet another Web3 company, Webclues Infotech prioritizes its client’s satisfaction more than anything. With an overall experience of more than a decade, the company has become a well-established name in the blockchain development industry. Based in California, the company does not set any boundaries when it comes to services. It offers the top services, such as:

The company has deployed successful commercial projects like “EduPlayCloud,” “Reach Expansion,” and more. 

4. RNO1 – Web3 Firms in California


One of the unique web3 development companies in TA, RNO1 provides everything that a business or an individual professional can expect from a company. Through its approach to strategy activation, design empowerment, and market adoption, the company has fueled the growth of small and large brands.

With customer satisfaction as the core principle, the company has generated new ideas to bridge the dots for clients or users. It gained a respected name among the web3 world with the projects like “EOS Network Foundation — The Power Of Decentralization,” which are worth your attention too. 

5. Simform New York based web3 development company


Simform is a dark horse in the web3 industry, focusing on agility and speed. Founded in 2010 the company is based in Los Angeles. Regarding the services it provides, the company is no new name, but a master of web3 services. It has a bunch of services for its all global clients. The services that it provides include:

  • Blockchain development for the sections like finance and logistics. 
  • Smart contracts 
  • Digital identity and more  

Simform provides enterprises with smart templates, web interfaces, and other online solutions to simplify smart contract structuring and other web3 solutions.

6. SoluLab


If your business needs software and blockchain solutions along with smart technology, Solulab has it all. The company is a global leader in the creation of blockchain products. It creates all necessary supporting infrastructure to enable any Web 3.0 solution to shape the perfect world for web3 to grow. With it, any startup, enterprise, or industry can equip their business with secure, decentralized, and blockchain solutions. The set of its services goes as follows:

The company is the choice for every business requiring a broad range of blockchain development services, and more transparent, efficient, and automated versions of their operations.

7. LeewayHertz


Enabling innovation and rapid development, LeewayHertz is one of the best web3 development companies to bring custom solutions for DAOs and enterprises. Over its 14 years in the industry, the company has built a great portfolio with the services like: 

  • NFT development 
  • Dapps solutions 
  • Blockchain development 
  • Software development
  • Software consulting and more. 

Finance, logistics, education, etc. sectors comprise the major clients of Leeway Hertz. It has deployed over 100 enterprise-grade solutions that millions of users use worldwide.

8. Clavax


Clavax drives technology-led business breakthroughs by leveraging the solutions across numerous industries and businesses. The company has a large client base and an amazing portfolio, which you surely want to check out. The range of the services it offers for the web3 enthusiast. 

  • Blockchain development.
  • NFT development.
  • ICO configuration.
  • DAAPs.
  • Web3 e-commerce solutions.
  • Public and private blockchain.  

The company has successfully delivered multiple projects presented in this portfolio to examine. 

9. Neebal


Having a decade-long experience in rapidly developing innovative, robust, and scalable technology solutions. The company works on an innovation-led strategy to assist businesses in focusing on their growth. Neebal provides its clients with smart, and rapid solutions in the service such as: 

  • NFT development
  • Blockchain development 
  • IoT consulting 
  • Multisoft integration and more. 

Founded in 2010, Neebal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. assists clients in selecting the “correct technology” at all times – even if it requires custom development. Due to its client-oriented services and environment, it stands as an award-winning technology consulting organization with over a decade of experience designing, developing, and implementing outcome-oriented solutions.

10. Unicsoft


Unicsoft offers one-of-a-kind web3 services to help fair economies established on public or private blockchains, their NFTs, and more. Its services include:

Because Unicsoft has mastered the development skills and is familiar with practically every company’s environment, its clients can work with a dozen of the most well-known blockchain networks.

Exploring the technology, the company, today known as one of the best web3 companies in the USA. However, the company is also present in nations such as Australia, Singapore, the United States, and others worldwide.

11. Idealogic


Idealogic assists organizations of all sizes in leveraging our technical knowledge and global experience. With it, any business can take on new business challenges, expand skills, and boost its profit margin by becoming an Idealogic partner. It provides web3 services like-

  • Defi Implementation
  • NFT and metaverse creation 
  • Tokenization 
  • Web3 supply chain development 
  • Rollups development and more. 

The company has deployed several custom solutions in the industry like- “Health Life,” “Scaraps,” “U-beat” and more. Checking out companies’ stunning portfolios is worth your time to know more about the projects. 

12. Aspired


Aspired provides the business with a new approach to engage tech gurus and take a cost-effective road to quick product development. With hands-on experience on numerous blockchains, the company offers a huge set of services. 

  • Cryptocurrency Creation
  • Universal wallet development
  • Multichain development 
  • Smart Contract creation 
  • Exchange apps and more. 

Aspired is a fantastic development platform for recruiting remote personnel on demand, with the help of its engineers, SQAs, programmers, game developers, and blockchain developers in a competent pool.

13. Envision Blockchain Solutions

Envision Blockchain Solutions
Envision Blockchain Solutions

Envision Blockchain Solutions is a worldwide leader in blockchain product development. It creates all of the necessary supporting infrastructures for any Web 3.0 solution to form the ideal world for web3 growth.

Any startup, corporation, or industry can use it to outfit their businesses with safe, decentralized, and blockchain solutions. Its services include the following:

  • NFT development on the blockchain
  • Growth of the Metaverse
  • Making a cryptocurrency wallet, among other things.

The organization is the best option for any business that needs a wide range of blockchain development services and more transparent, efficient, and automated versions of its operations.

14. RisingMax – Web3 Company in New York


With covering the finance, retail, healthcare, supply chain, and IoT sectors RisingMax has become one of the best Web3 companies in New York. With over a decade of experience designing creative, reliable, and adaptable technology solutions. The organization uses an innovation-led strategy to help businesses concentrate on expansion. The major service that it provides is the-

  • Blockchain development
  • Blockchain-embedded cloud solutions

The company has deployed over 100 successful projects listed on its portfolio. The company is one of the web3 development companies in New York and is always up for business. 

15. Wyre


Wyre is the premier infrastructure supplier in bitcoin development, which you should consider if you have a crypto development project. It was founded in 2013 and has since gained competence in crypto wallets, digital bank accounts, bridge money transfers, and corporate payments.

Wyre’s goal is to create a solid foundation while also assisting others in growing their crypto initiatives. California-based company, It offers services like:

  • Fintech
  • Blockchain development
  • dApps development & Cryptocurrency

Along with these services the company offers robust, rapid, scale, and secure solutions for every scale business. 

16. Quytech


Quytech is a Blockchain development company, based in California to allow businesses to innovate through digital transformation. Quytech’s products are powered by Blockchain and AI technology and are geared primarily at SMEs and start-ups worldwide. It provides a list of services like:

  • Blockchain development
  • Crypto development 
  • NFT marketplace development 
  • NFT development

The company has grown 12 times in size over the last decade, and its team now consists of 100+ developers working on cutting-edge technology.

17. OyeLabs


Oyelabs specializes in product creation and solutions. Along with blockchain focuses on concept prototyping, MVP development, and custom software solutions. It can emphasize your company’s demands in order to identify and implement solutions that best meet your objectives. Its services include the:

  • Blockchain development
  • IoT solution
  • ML/AL solutions 

Oyelabs aims to use technology to address complicated economic and societal challenges and empower citizens around the country to do so.

18. DxMinds Technologies

DxMinds Technologies
DxMinds Technologies

DxMinds Technologies is one of the most rapidly expanding web3 companies. It mostly operates in America and the Silicon Valley of the United States but also in Peru, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia.

They offer solutions in cutting-edge technologies and best industry practices. The company understands the art of creating the best solutions employing blockchain technology such as:

  • Technology Consulting
  • Development Services
  • Integration Services
  • Testing Services

It also provides blockchain staff augmentation services like:

  • Offshore
  • Nearshore
  • Onshore
  • Hybrid

19. Bitdeal


Bitdeal, based in McAllen, Texas, is a bitcoin exchange and blockchain development firm. Its primary goal is to lessen the risks associated with bitcoin trading while also encouraging new cryptocurrency exchange startups by providing a well-developed exchange script or software. Bitdeal always runs along with the industry, so you can find working it in multiple domains like:

  • DeFi
  • NFT
  • DAO
  •  Metaverse, and Blockchain 

It creates enterprise blockchain solutions for startups and big-scale corporations both.

20. Sphinx


Redefining the digital experience for the clients like you, Sphinx is one of the best web3 companies. The company delivers comprehensive solutions for scale businesses. 

From node deployment and Smart Contract development to comprehensive front-end mobile applications and graphic design. It includes blockchain development services like:

  • Scalable Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • Hyperledger
  • Bitcoin apps
  • And private blockchain development services.

It is also based in Dallas, Texas, and has the knowledge and experience to bring your ideas and thoughts to life.

21. Augusta Hitech

Augusta Hitech
Augusta Hitech

Based on the Taxes, Augusta Hitech can become an all-in-one spot for any business looking for web3 development companies in Taxes. It is secure, smart, and scalable. It specializes in Blockchain solutions:

  •  Blockchain development.
  •  Blockchain testing.
  •  Improved Blockchain security and mobility.

The company works in various industries such as healthcare, audit, supply chain, and agriculture.

22. Crypto App Factory

Crypto App Factory
Crypto App Factory

Crypto App Factory focuses on providing high-end Blockchain and Cryptocurrency solutions. The companies hold extensive expertise in developing and assessing security apps. It is a professional company genuinely dedicated to web3 and is one of the reasons why the company offers almost all services you can expect from the blockchain industry

  • Blockchain development
  • Crypto development.
  • NFT development.
  • Tokenization and more. 

20 years of expertise developing and reviewing security apps, and 5 years of experience in the cryptocurrency area. It has created new bitcoin-related cryptocurrency protocols and uncovered and reported numerous security flaws.

These are the 20 companies to kick start working on the bright future of your business. However, keep in mind that when looking for a top Blockchain Firm, never go for a company that offers predatory pricing. 

In that case, both time and money will be lost, and your prestigious project will languish. So, before handing over your project, go through a detailed discussion with the company about their competence in web3 data, technologies utilized, and testimonials so that there are no unpleasant surprises afterward. As a result, choose a bespoke web3 business from the above list that provides reasonable estimates while meeting your needs.

Web3 Development Company In USA

List of More Enterprise Web3 Companies

  1. Company Name
  2. Binance
  3. Crypto.Com
  4. Ripple
  5. Coinbase
  6. Okcoin
  7. Consensys
  8. Chainalysis
  9. Candy
  10. Bit Go
How many Web3 companies are there?

In 2022, there are 150 popular web3 companies exist worldwide.

Which is the most popular web3 company in USA.

Decentraland and Axie Infinity is one of the most popular web3 companies in US.

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