15 Kinky Ways to Make Money Online Quickly – 2023

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Make Money Online Quickly

Have you ever thought about what could be the weirdest things that can pay you money? Well, there is not one, and here in this article, we have discussed 15 kinky ways to make money online quickly including selling feet pictures, the most renowned online business of this era.

Do you know what is the most interesting part? All these ways don’t require any specialised knowledge to earn money. You just need to have a bit of interest in learning new things. 

So let’s know what are those unusual ways through which we can earn money. 

15 Kinky Ways to Earn Money Online Quickly

We explored a lot online and found these 15 kinky ways to quickly make money online. Of course, there are many more ways, but we feel these are the most unusual ways to earn money. 

Let’s check these out:

1. Selling Feet Pics

Do you know that you can make money by selling your feet pics? Although it may seem unusual, some people are keen to buy those captivating feet pics. Your feet pics can be used for various purposes such as branding, personal preference, or to use on billboards.

All you need is a camera, to step into this business. Click detailed photos of your feet and ensure they appear neat and clean in the pictures. You can experiment by taking pictures in various poses and angles. The next but the most crucial thing to do is, select the ideal platform to sell those images. We recommend you go with FeetFinder only.

Here, you can earn a decent income, but it completely depends on how many people want to buy your photos and how much they like them. Last but not least, in this business you have to be extremely careful. So keep in mind that you don’t share any personal information, and be aware of frauds. 

2. Virtual Friendships

Imagine a situation where you have friends but can’t meet that person physically, you can still talk to them on your computer or phone to share jokes, secrets, and adventures. That is the main goal of online friendships! This kind of friendship can be found online through social media, particular apps, or forums where you can meet people with similar interests. 

Remember that although online friendships can be a wonderful way to earn money, it is extremely important to stay safe by keeping your personal information secret. 

3. Selling Hair

You can also sell your hair for money, did you know that? Yes, you can sell your beautifully maintained hair, and buyers can use your hair for making things like wigs and art projects. You will be paid more if the hair is long and healthy. 

You can cut and ship your hair after closing the deal with the buyer. But again, your income may vary from factors like your hair’s length and condition. It is one of the best ways to quickly make money online, but before you start, use only secure websites.

4. Pet Psychic Services

A pet psychic is a person who can understand the animal’s thoughts and feelings through their behavior, and, to handle the wants and worries of pets, pet owners seek their assistance. Nowadays, these services are provided online via video calls or chats, and it is a great source of earning money. 

So,  if you have a strong bond with animals, you can opt for this kinky business opportunity.

5. Become a Professional Cuddler

To be a professional cuddler, you must provide comfort and normal physical affection to persons in need. People can benefit from the healing effects of touch and personal connection, and as a professional cuddler, you can also provide video calls for virtual cuddling sessions. Although it may seem strange, it can be a significant approach to help people overcome stress, worry, and loneliness. And, guess what? This weird option can also allow you to earn money online.

6. Transcribe Audio and Videos Recording

Transcribing is the process of turning spoken words from audio or video recordings into readable written text. In this work, you will get the recording of someone speaking, and your task is to listen to what they say and type it down carefully.

Transcripts are used for different purposes, including making podcasts more accessible, adding subtitles to movies, and many more. This work will definitely help you to make money if you have good listening skills and accurate typing abilities.

7. Become a Mukbanger

Mukbang is a method of earning money by sharing videos of food you consume. People like to watch other people eat. Therefore, they are ready to pay to watch you eat a heavy meal. You just need a camera to shoot and a YouTube channel to stream; that’s how you can start. 

Your audience can send you gifts or tips, which could result in decent earnings. Mukbang might be a delightful way among 15 kinky ways to make money online quickly if you enjoy eating a lot.

8. Do Paid Online Surveys

Companies are now using paid online surveys to find out what customers think of their goods or services. They will pay you for responding to their inquiries, all you need here is a phone or computer with an internet connection. 

On websites, when you sign up for surveys, you receive surveys depending on your interests. If you honestly answer those questions, you can win cash or gift cards. Offering valuable comments from your home’s convenience is the simplest way to earn additional money. 

9. Become a Virtual Babysitter

Being a virtual babysitter means caring for children online, normally through video calls. When parents can’t be with their children, then they choose this service. Here, you have to be engaged in gameplay, tell stories, and watch out for the well-being of the children. 

It is really important to be understanding and good with children. Although it can’t replace being a person present physically with the children, it is a way to support parents while they are working from home. 

10. Be a Virtual Bridesmaid

Virtual bridesmaid helps couples with wedding planning activities and offers emotional support virtually, and nowadays, it has become one source of earning money online. You can help them with a better planning timeline for the wedding, selecting the suitable décor, or even recommending the best matching wedding clothes. 

Even though you won’t be there at the wedding, you can still contribute significantly to the brides as their premium supporter. So, if you have experience with wedding planning, it is a fantastic option for you.

11. Become a Vlogger

Recording videos about the things you enjoy and uploading them online is known as vlogging. Here, you are free to discuss your interests, travel, or anything else. Many people watch your videos, and if your channel is monetized, you will be paid for this. 

It is similar to hosting your own internet TV program, and vlogging can be a fun way to earn money online.

12. Sell Pictures

Selling images online is one of the easiest ways to earn money. Just click nice photos, post them on trusted websites, and you will get paid when someone uses them. You can take pictures of anything that appears fascinating, including people, objects, and natural things. 

It is a great opportunity for anyone who loves to click pictures; they can make money by showcasing their capability to the world. However, you must be careful to abide by the policies and guidelines of the website you choose for your sales.

13. Be a Gamer

You can stream your gameplay to earn real money, for this, you can try websites like Twitch or YouTube, and you can convert your passion for gaming into an earning source. You can make money through ads, viewer donations, and sponsorships from game developers. 

The more you play and interact with your viewers the more your audience expands. It is the easiest and most fun way among 15 kinky ways to quickly make money online, but growing your fan following might take some time and effort.

14. Flip Websites

Flipping different items has become a trend to earn money, including websites. Although it may seem weird, it is a fun way to make money online. You can either build your own website from scratch or purchase one that needs some modifications. 

By adding content to that website, such as articles, or by ensuring that the website is ranking well on Google, you can sell that site for a huge amount of money. It is like renovating an old property and then selling it for more money. Strange, yet effective!

15. Do Remote Tarot Card Reading

Online tarot card reading for clients is one of the 15 kinky ways to make money online quickly. To start this business, you should know everything about tarot cards. Then, you can have your own website or register on websites where people are looking for tarot card readers. 

You read the cards and report to the client via video calls or chat. It allows you to generate money from your knowledge of tarot cards while also helping others online.


There are so many unique and fascinating ways of making money online. However, these 15 kinky ways to make money online quickly, from selling your hair to serving as a virtual bridesmaid, show how the internet is filled with opportunities. You can always find some kinkiest ways in the online world to fill your pocket. So, showing your creativity online and earning legal money rather than sitting idle is better. 

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