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Virtual Trial Room Application | Introducing the Next Gen Fitting Rooms for eCommerce

Virtual trial room technology will reshape the online clothes buying experience. Online trial room for clothes. Virtual Fitting Rooms for eCommerce

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Virtual Trial Room Application

As e-commerce is advancing, new technologies are also stepping ahead. And one of them is virtual reality. The technologies make it possible for the users to test the product visually before even buying it. A great example of virtual reality in the virtual trial rooms. 

Virtual trial rooms eliminate the need for a user to go to a store and then try for an outfit. With the help of this technology, the users can do all the clothing shopping through a mobile app. However, the technology is not just limited to apps or online shopping.

Virtual Trial Room software

Introducing the Next Generation of Virtual Reality – Introducing the Virtual Trial Room

This guide will explore everything about the technology of the virtual trial room including the topics like-

  • Present Technology & Offerings of a Virtual Trial Room
  • What are the Benefits of Using a Virtual Trial Room?
  • How to Ensure Successful Implementation and Successful Results with VR?

Present Technology & Offerings of a Virtual Trial Room

The backbone of the virtual trial rooms is augmented reality, more precisely machine learning. Machine learning has made possible digital interactions. Using the different methods of machine learning, the technology can turn the digital graphics into intractable graphics which represent the users how a product will look in the real world. 

This technology has great benefits and is implemented in several industries. But its application in the field of fashion retail is the talk of the town now. 

Virtual trial room functionality

Usually, users need to open the virtual trial room app and upload their selfies to get started. Once the user uploads their selfie, it is rendered as a 3D avatar. This avatar replicates the mannequin that stores use to show their clothing articles. 

However, in the virtual trial room, the users can effectively change the height, skin complexion, and shoulder width and can see these applied changes in real-time. The process takes only a few clicks to do the whole change. Yet it lays the foundation of the whole virtual trial room idea.

Virtual Trial Room Vs Offline Shopping

Offline shopping involves going to the on-ground store, taking out of the world, spending time driving and in traffic, then searching for the favorite dress to buy. 

All of these processes take a lot of time and eventually increase the calculated expenditure for the users, as along with the dress price they also have to spend money on buying the fuel. 

But, virtual trial rooms not only reduce this cost but also saves time for users. They don’t have to take work offers and drive miles to buy just one dress. All the users have to do is to go to the app, instead of the physical store and try the dress. 

Not only does it benefit from offline shopping, but online shopping also. Online shopping also includes some ambiguities, just like offline shopping. For example, users can mistake the sizes sometimes, or sometimes not every size goes with every user.  

And if users need to return the product, then it results in the retail store spending the cost to exchange the users and it also results in the wastage of precious time.

But all thanks to the virtual trial room technology which offers fewer costs, minimum chances of buying the wrong size, and saves time for both the store and the user. Along with all of the benefits, the virtual trial room processes some drawbacks yet the technology is still in its initial stages so it can produce errors like producing the incorrect 3D avatar of the body. But, the developers are trying hard to cut these types of anomalies. And soon the users will have the virtual trial room apps without these glitches.

What are the Benefits of Using a Virtual Trial Room?

Let’s look at some benefits of the virtual trial rooms from both the retail stores’ and users’ perspectives. 

Benefits Of The Virtual Trial Room To Brands:

User Satisfaction

Online retail businesses like apparel, jewelry, accessories, or eyewear all are betting high on ‘virtual trial’ applications. The reason behind it is to provide satisfaction to the consumer. Although the virtual trial room software cannot provide the exact experience of a real trial room. Still, the user can get a good image of how the garment or ornament will look when worn. 

Improve The Buying Behavior

More than half of people who are frequently triggered by coupons presume they should be able to get discounts on items they see in real life using their mobile devices. It is reasonable to assume that those who seek discounts via their smartphone are the same clients who may purchase goods and services that include virtual trial room technology as part of its overall customer experience. For example, through an app or a promotion that appears on the phone while shopping online or simply walking.


It offers a basic gate for the users to explore the shop as they want without even retail spending the management costs. The users can try on a bulk of the dress without even touching the actual garment, which means there are no chances for wear and tear on the garment. So, with no extra expenses, users can wander around the store without wandering around the store.

Promote The Products Without Marketing Cost

Fashion brands can find more and more reasons to use virtual trial rooms to promote their products. The VR technologies offer endless possibilities to the brand as well. The potential wearers will be able to see what the clothes can look like and decide whether the outfit looks good on them or not. This gives a store’s consumer the power to make choices more independently instead of having the brand dictate what the dress can look like on a certain body type, face complexion, height, etc.

Possibility For Changes

This personalized trial room can be tailored to different people based on their preferences and purchasing habits. Brands can gain valuable information such as personal tastes, interests, purchasing power, and much more. The retail store can use this data to launch targeted marketing campaigns and communication systems. They can increase sales while also improving the overall customer shopping experience.

Meet The Pandemic Restriction

Customers visiting physical stores can also be given mobile or a tablet so that they can generate their virtual avatar and try on all of the clothes they want. They can then proceed to the billing counter and stroll out with their shopping bag at the end. This not only helps make the shopping experience more enjoyable but also allows the store to start enforcing high standards of cleanliness and safety, as the clothes trial will take place virtually.

The benefits of virtual trial room for online buyers

Reduce The Costs 

With the technology, users can easily try the dresses they want to buy. No need to head to the store, which leads to fuel costs, salary cuts, and compromise of time. Users can have the dress they like right in front of their door, once they have decided on the dress they want to buy. 


Stores offer their virtual trial room online with the help of the app. Users can easily access the app on their phones and enter the trial room in seconds without any hesitation. The 3D avatar creation only takes a few minutes making users able to do it in 4 to 5 minutes or even less time. 

Unlimited Options- 

While it is as captivating as the physiological dress trial room, the users can freely check for the options that they otherwise would miss because of the time and other limitations. With the help of virtual trial rooms. Users no longer have to take special time to check for the other variations.

It also allows you to try on a variety of clothes from the comfort of home – whenever and wherever you want. Users do not need to second-guess how they might look in a type of dress or whether a particular color would suit them. Instead, users can clearly see it for themselves using the 3D avatar.


Users can get a 360-degree view of their choice and inspect the smallest details of the cloth. They can make very calculated purchasing decisions with hyper-realistic lighting and lively backgrounds to choose from. A virtual clothes trial room can solve the “returns problem,” allowing brands to focus their efforts and resources on other areas of business.

How to Ensure Successful Implementation and Successful Results with Virtual Trial Room App?

As mentioned before, there are many things that some operations in shopping can be frustrating for both customers as well as for the retails. Some operations processes like giving and delivery time become very expensive when a brand has to perform over and over again in returns or replacements. 

With the help of the app, the brands can bring their entire wardrobe online. It will give the users a much better experience than online shopping as the users will see images of their 3D avatar wearing the garments rather than models wearing the garments. The app can go even further by replicating the garment into a 3D garment. which allows users to see exactly how the garment will look when worn. 

Also, the app produces the best results in the conditions like lockdown, store close, or any other situation where it is difficult for the user to reach out to the store. It becomes a truly intelligent solution that allows users to try and buy as many outfits as possible without any issues or falling sick. The lets business and users both stay away from circumstances that are not favorable.  

So, developing an app offers a lot of benefits for the fashion business as well as the users. And as new technology is coming ahead, the online brand can step up into this digital world. 

Examples Of The Virtual Trial rooms

There are few online brands that have implemented the virtual trial room technology in order to provide exceptional services to their users. And here are some of them- 


The brand has become one of the first online stores to offer virtual trial rooms for its consumers. The users can try different shoes for various outfits. 

The luxury retailer has partnered with Snapchat to create its virtual trial room

Ralph Lauren

The store also is in the race to provide its first RFID technology-enabled virtual trial room. The store is aiming to provide the best user experience on the basis of the data they have calculated from the users. 

Charlotte Tilbury

The store offers more than garment shopping. It provides virtual trial rooms for makeup too. The users can walk to the store to find the 10 famous looks and try them. The store even allows the users to take a photo of the makeup looks and then mail it to themselves along with the list of products used in the makeup look.


The retailer has produced an incredible customer experience to help its customers find their perfect fit. After the lockdown, Knix started its first virtual fitting room for all of its users. The users can even check the knix website to find their best fittings and enjoy the technology. 

Warby Parker

Warby Parker sells eyeglasses exclusively on its website. In a bid to make shoppers feel more generously confident in their purchases. It started a virtual try-on room through its iOS app to show glasses on a shopper’s face. Consumers get a 3D model of the glasses to see if the glasses suit them well before buying or not.


Virtual trial room technology is going to help both the users and the brands as well. It can work in different sectors within the fashion industry. The magicians’ learning has made it possible for the users to try the accessories from outfits to glasses without being physically present. However, Not just for an online trial room for clothes, the VR trial rooms can also provide themselves helpful for other sectors too like cosmetics, and jewelry. Its digital interaction design allows brands across the spectrum to reach out to a wider audience and engage them more effectively. As a result, they are getting closer to the future.

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