25 Senior UX Designer Interview Questions | UI UX design interview questions

UX Designer Interview Questions and Answers. Feel confident walking into your UX designer interview by preparing for these common questions.

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UX Designer Interview Questions and Answers

UX Design Interview Questions You Should Ask

Did you know that UX designing is helpful for businesses to prosper? Thus, being in this industry is promising. As a designer, you have to know the most common UX design interview questions which might be thrown at you. Read this post for more related information.

If you are a UX designer, there can be plentiful opportunities to come your way. You can eventually land a lucrative job that will give you more or less $100,000 income per year. Don’t you want to be part of this lucrative industry? Of course, you want to be part of it because income-wise, it will really give you a sustainable source of income. These days, all businesses might need the expertise of a user experience designer. That said, it is better if you are prepared to answer the UX design interview questions which might be thrown at you during job-related interviews.

The way you answer the interview questions for a UX designer should be clear, relevant, and on-point. This is to bring you to your goal of landing a lucrative job. You might experience an intense grilling during the interview but you just have to keep yourself ready. That is why knowing the common questions beforehand is an important way for you to be successful. Given below are the usual questions which might be given during the interview. Be knowledgeable enough and for sure you will get the job that you wish for. 

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There are things which must be established during the interview. Of course, the company representatives (those who will conduct the interview) should find you useful for them. Otherwise, you cannot be considered or shortlisted. It is just a matter of understanding your roles and functions. At the same time, it is important that you have relevant experiences. These things can bring you to the pedestal of success. So, invest in time and effort for the preparation. The time and effort you will spend to prepare yourself will matter in the end. It can lead you to success as you ever wanted. 

UX Design Interview Questions

Below are the usual questions which will be asked during the time when you will be interviewed and evaluated as a UX designer position candidate.

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  1. Can you tell us all related things about yourself and expertise?

The company is looking for an asset. The time they will hire you is the time they will invest in your expertise. So, clearly speaking, they want to know the person whom they are going to invest in. Remember that the salary and other benefits you will be receiving from them is part of their valuable investment. They are expecting something fruitful and beneficial from their investment. That said, the first question they will ask is about yourself. They want to know you as the person who is applying for the valuable job. 

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This is a classic first question during every job interview. The interviewer/s will definitely tell you this: TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF! Then, it is going to be supported by another relevant question: WHY WILL YOU BECOME AN ASSET TO US? Given the related questions, you have to prepare yourself well. Be prepared to provide the best and clearest answer as much as possible. You are going to be evaluated based on the way you answer the questions. The company wants to be sure that they will invest in the right worker.

The roles and functions of a UX designer are really important for success. In other words, a particular company cannot succeed when user experience is taken for granted. This is actually the main parameter when it comes to hitting growth and success. You cannot hit your goals and objectives if you are going to disregard UX design. Why so? Because as a brand, it is your obligation and responsibility to provide the users with a great experience. Your brand identity will be recognized when you are memorable as a company. 

Do not forget to introduce yourself properly. When introducing, it is necessary to stay calm all throughout the interview process. It is not easy to handle fear and anxiety during a job interview but you can do it right when you are well-prepared. The manner of preparing yourself depends on how knowledgeable you are with respect to UX related matters. Always keep in mind that your job is very crucial for the attainment of success. The success rate of the business organization you will be serving depends on how you understand the significant value of your expertise as a UX designer. 

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Simple UX Interview Question

  • What’s the difference between a UX designer and a graphic designer?
  • How is UX design different from visual design?
  • What sets UX apart from other design disciplines?
  1. Are the roles of a UX designer vital for success? Why? 

The company to hire you wants to be sure and certain that they will hire the right person for the job. Of course, they will do everything possible to filter your application. Having said that, they will simply ask about your understanding of your roles as a UX designer. Kindly explain to them the essence and significance of UX designing. That no business can succeed without considering user experience. It is the experience of the users which has to really matter. Without doing this thing, you can impossibly hit your goals and objectives as a business organization. 

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Put everything into context as much as possible. Why is this so? Well, the company to ink a contract with you has to make sure that you will become an asset. Being an asset, it means your job is valuable and helpful. It means the company cannot succeed in the absence of a UX designer to work within. So, your expertise is vital for their success as a business entity. Their brand will be recognized when you are there to help them. Therefore, they will ask how deep your knowledge is towards your role as a UX designer. Kindly explain to them what you’ve got, and, if possible, provide them with concrete examples. 

But remember this rule of thumb when answering this question. Do not ever try to hype your answer. It means do not overemphasize things. Do not ever try to explain things which are beyond what you have in stock. Take this great opportunity to impress the interviewer/s but stay within your line. Do not circumvent the process by telling lies or things which are beyond your control. Let them know that you are able to help them with what you have in possession, and that you also have limitations as a UX design professional

  1. Can you work in a team effectively? Why yes? Why not? 

To be effective as an employee or worker, it is necessary to be a team worker. Teamwork is always key to success. Take note that you cannot work alone. No man is an island. It means it needs a team of diligent workers to hit goals and objectives. It takes team effort to make things happen for the purpose of getting the results every company ever wanted. So, you have to be clear when answering this question. Show them with what you’ve got as a team player. And let them know that you are willing to work in a team and that you are not selfish with your own expertise. 

Along with this is the essence of collaboration. Of course, it is not only UX designs that matter for success. There are other fields that have to work together with UX design in order to hit business goals and objectives. The implication is quite simple. It is vital to showcase your interpersonal skill set to the interviewer/s. This is how to increase your meritorious points as a candidate for the UX designer position. Always remember that it is important to work with other professionals in the digital world in order to succeed.

A question like the one cited above is a generic one. What does it mean? In every job interview, it is a given question. Why so? Because every business organization wants to make sure that they will invest in workers who can work in a team. To reiterate, you have to show to them that you are a team worker. That you are able to share your knowledge and values with other workers in the company. By doing this, you can have the assurance that you can be considered as a top candidate for the position you are applying for. 

  1. Can you tell us about your successful UX design projects? 

This is to measure your capacity as a UX designer. So, be sure that you can tell the prospective employer about your successful UX designs in the past. Of course, this is about your past work or job. Your past employment will have to corroborate what you will explain. Be truthful and stay on facts. Otherwise, you will be regarded as someone who will just tell lies and therefore will not be an asset to them. Keep in mind that every company is looking for a valuable asset. That said, you have to let them know that you are an asset to the company should they hire you thereafter. 

The moment you will tell them about your successful UX design projects is the moment the interviewer/s will determine your strengths and weaknesses as a UX designer. So, just open your book where they can trace what you’ve really got. Your skill sets should be relevant to what they are looking for. Hence, it is important to keep them aware of your skill sets and other related capabilities. As a UX designer, it is your task to bring the served client (business organization) to the highest level of success. It can only be achieved when you are able to tell them honestly about your successful UX designs. 

Your contribution to their success is what will really matter. This is really true. If you have a digital portfolio, it is better if you will share the link with them. Or, you can bring a hard copy during the job interview for the interviewer/s to read. For sure, it can add more merits which are favorable to your application. You will be considered as one of the top candidates when you have something impressive. Be sure that you can share what you’ve got to the company which is going to hire you as a user experience design expert. 

  1. What do you think you can do to contribute to the company’s goals? 

You need to have a positive impact on the company’s goals and objectives. Thus, it is really significant to specify things according to this question. As a UX designer, you will be considered as an asset to the company. That said, it is better if you can clarify to them how great you are as a user experience designer. Tell them clearly about the things that you can contribute to them. This is how to increase your points as a top contender for the open position. Remember that once you will fail in this aspect, there is a great possibility that you will not be considered for the job. 

The company must be able to ascertain your passion. You must be passionate about the things that you are familiar with. You have to be passionate about your tasks and obligations as a UX design expert working for a certain company. They will assess the level of your passion. That is why it is advised that you will answer clearly when you are asked about your possible contributions to the company’s growth and success. This way, you will possibly be hired as the company’s UX designer. 

Be accurate with your answer to this related question. This is important to let them know that you are really suitable for the job being vacant. You can as well tell related literature or theories about UX designs and let them know how you can apply what you have learned from the literature and theories that you’ve already known. This is quite important as far as hitting your goal to land a specific UX design related job is concerned. 

15 Senior UX Designer Interview Questions 2022

  1. What is your definition of UX design?
  2. How does UX differ from other design disciplines, such as UI design?
  3. Why did you choose UX Design as your career?
  4. How did you become a UX Designer? Did you study UX, or did you convert from another discipline?
  5. Tell us about your most successful project!
  6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  7. What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced/are facing as a UX designer?
  8. Describe the value of UX design!
  9. What do you think will be the next trend in UX design?
  10. Tell us about the project that makes you the proudest!
  11. What was your favorite project that you’ve ever worked on?
  12. Tell us about a UX project that didn’t go as planned. How did you manage it?
  13. What is the meaning of the term design-thinking?
  14. What defines a good UX designer?
  15. What are the 3 most important skills of a UX Designer?

In a nutshell 

Do not be left behind by your competitors in the UX design industry. Remember that there are a lot of UX designers who may apply for the same job you are applying for. So, you have to be as excellent as possible. You can land that job when the employer (company) will evidently find your skill sets, values, and traits fit with what they are looking for. They will invest money in you. So, you should be an asset, not a liability for them along the way. Answer the questions clearly and honestly. 

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