Town Star: The Play-To-Earn Blockchain Farming Game

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Town Star: The Play-To-Earn Blockchain Farming Game

Townstar has sparked much curiosity among crypto-game enthusiasts. Over 700,000 Towns have been created, and over 2,000,000 USD have been awarded to participants, making this a rapidly growing and popular farming game. Numerous favorable Townstar evaluations attest to its popularity among locals. The goal of each day’s task in the game is to collect 1000 stars. When this goal is reached, the player is rewarded with 1 Town Coin, which has a real-world worth of $1. One way to do this is for a Town to produce resources, which might then be sold to a nearby metropolis. Fans of farming games will enjoy Townstar, one of the greatest crypto games currently available. It supports PCs, Macs, and mobile devices running Android and iOS.

Town Star: The Play-To-Earn Blockchain Farming Game
Town Star: The Play-To-Earn Blockchain Farming Game

Town Star, What Is It?

Town Star aims to create a prosperous metropolis via strategic production and distribution of commodities. Eric Schiermeyer, the co-founder of Zynga, launched Town Star to Gala Network after the massive success of Zynga’s Farmville to attract players acquainted with Farmville themes. Players may customize their town any way they want, using NFT items found throughout the game to build on any of the available plots.

Farming, harvesting, processing, selling, and investing in improvements are all in the player’s hands. They will one day be in charge of a thriving metropolis. More structures in a town indicate growth. The weekly leaderboard competition awards the top performer with unique in-game rewards.

One of the creators of Zynga, the firm behind Farmville, has created Town Star, the No. 1 Blockchain Game for Competitive Farming and Town Building. Gala’s network, which is based on Ethereum’s blockchain, hosts the game. Players must cultivate crops, collect resources, and manufacture components to construct more permanent structures. Therefore, a quiet farm may blossom into a bustling metropolis.

Town Star is available for play on the Gala Games website using a desktop computer browser. Simply ensure that your ad blocker is off. Town Star’s competitive nature is one of the game’s most appealing features. Participants have one week to maximize their farm’s production in a typical round and get as many points as possible.

Winners are limited to the best performers. Usually, these prizes are GALA tokens, but sometimes they’ll be something else. These GALA tokens may be used to purchase NFTs just like any other currency. Players may use NFT structures to increase their storage capacity, allowing them to manage their production flow better.

What Role Do NFTs Play In Town Star?

With Town Star NFTs, you may feel like a genuine owner in the game while still enjoying all the benefits of virtual ownership. Like other NFTs, you can invest in Town Star NFTs using reliable crypto bots like Immediate Connect. In Town Star, the free-to-play mode, you get access to the bare bones of a game’s worth of structures. You may also find more constructions as NFTs from other players or via the Gala Games shop. In the beginning, these NFT structures enhanced people’s living conditions. Storage facilities that hold 20 of a certain kind of product might be obtained via NFTs, rather than the game’s general storage shed that accepts any kind of fruit. Or even a crane to help you with construction.

We have also seen skins, accessories, and promotional tie-ins that alter the game visually. They’re also really pricey. In the eyes of NFT holders, Town Star cares more about its wealthy customers than it does for its average consumers. 

NFT Gaming

When players accomplish daily challenges, they get access to gifts that can be redeemed for Towncoin and may be used in conjunction with their NFT products.

Each player has a certain amount of Gala Power based on their starting balance of cashable $GALA and TownCoin. A player may play one more NFT that counts towards TownCoin prizes for every level their Gala Power improves by. Season Passes are tickets that players may use to earn TownCoin during each Town Star Season. The Season Pass unlocks the door to a year’s worth of TownCoin rewards.


First, sign up for a Gala Games account and set up a wallet. The next step is for gamers to acquire some $GALA or TownCoin and put it away safely. How many NFTs a player can access in the game depends on how many tokens they have in their wallet. The in-game shop is where you may buy NFTs.

These NFTs are used to carry out tasks inside the game that provide TownCoin to the user.

There is a correlation between the number of NFTs a player has and the amount of daily TownCoin they may earn. Each NFT must have been active inside the game for at least 24 hours before the user claimed their TownCoin. Players will be asked to collect their TownCoin after they have completed the daily task. To proceed, just choose the option shown. The TownCoin the player claimed will be added to their inventory immediately.

Game Features 

Some of the features of the game are as follows:


If you want a more laid-back gaming experience, Play to Earn: Town Star is the game for you. The monthly game is popular among players for many reasons, one of which is that it may be a pleasant and strategic walk towards completing a town of which one can be proud.

Fun and immersive 3D gameplay await players in this farming simulation as they strive to develop the best possible city in the given space by putting their knowledge of workers and building responsibilities to good use.

Sell Towns

Town Star is a game about managing money and selling towns. Players start with a little amount of money and must use it wisely to construct systems that will provide a steady stream of revenue. Star Points are awarded to the player upon delivery, with the amount being proportional to the value and difficulty of manufacturing the given product. The top scorers after the term-based competition game get real money awards in the form of $GALA for having accumulated the most Star Points during the game.

Gala Games

Gala Games is built on a blockchain that enables genuine player-owned assets, so players may purchase a variety of in-game units from the Town Star shop or a secondary market like OpenSea to get a competitive edge. These NFTs don’t cost anything to put in a player’s town, but they do come with bonuses to production, unique NPCs to help out the player’s workers, and more.

Weekly Tournament

Town Star, the worldwide competitive game for town and city builders, hosts a weekly tournament. Even before the game’s play-to-earn features were implemented in October of 2021, Town Star revolved around a weekly tournament in which players competed for a spot on the leaderboard and a share of the $GALA prize pool.


Every Town Star player’s journey begins with farming. The first critical stages in making high-priced commodities like uniforms and cake are collecting and controlling basic components like wheat, brine, and cotton. Farming fields is vital to get started producing money and points, but it won’t get you into the top 100 players. Time and water are also necessary for farming.

The acquired TOWN token may be taken from the Gala wallet or kept there to increase Gala Power. TOWN may be transferred from the Gala wallet to Uniswap, where it can be traded for either USDC or WETH. To trade TOWN for fiat cash, it may be found on platforms like OKX and CoinEx. When withdrawing cash from your Gala wallet, keep in mind that you will be charged Gas costs in ETH.

Conclusion: How Much Money Can You Make in TownStar?

blockchain farming game

The amount of money a player puts into Town Star, the length of time they spend playing, and how efficiently they play all affect how much money they may make. Players may maximize their earnings by investing in tools like piers, which let them labor more effectively and produce and sell more crops utilizing bots.

The farmer’s physical location also has an impact on the crop. Players in more fruitful locations will be able to gather more crops than those in more dry places. However, deserts may be profitable due to the oil deposits there that can be exploited to produce gas.

Is there a blockchain game like Farmville?

Yes, Town Star is a farming game on blockchain technology.

What is the farm game to earn crypto?

Town Star is a blockchain game to earn crypto.

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