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Top 20 Smart Contract Audit Companies in USA, UK, & Australia

There are many smart contract auditing firms in globally. Finding best smart contract auditors can be hard. So, we have done thorough...

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Top Smart Contract Audit Firms

Smart contracts make the relationship between a seller and buyer direct and easy. There are no middlemen involved. Smart contracts are written into the line of codes that are agreed upon by both seller and buyer reducing the risk of any fraud to zero. 

The purpose of smart contracts is to increase transparency and create benefits for both parties involved. Businesses can take help from these smart contracts to establish better relations with these customers. Many companies in the USA, UK, and Australia can help a business create smart contracts. Not all, however, but here are the top 20 companies that offer smart contracts to businesses of any customer base.

List of Top Smart Contract Audit Firms

  1. Innowise Group
  2. SlowMist
  3. AppliedBlockchain
  4. Unisoft
  5. QuyTech
  6. Hacken
  7. IntellectSoft Blockchain Lab
  8. ChainInsulting
  9. AGILE Infoways Pvt Ltd
  10. Propy
  11. OpenZeppelin
  12. PolySwarm
  13. Trail of Bits
  14. AppsChoper
  15. Etherparty
  16. Openxcell Technolabs Private Limited
  17. Quantstamp
  18. Hyperlink InfoSystem
  19. CML Team
  20. Blockchain Expert
  21. Certik

Detailed Description of Smart Contract Audit Companies

1. Innowise Group

Innowise Group – top smart contract audit company in USA, UK, and Australia

Innowise Group is one of the top global IT companies with 15+ years of experience and a 93% rate of customer retention. The company boasts 1000+ high-flying IT professionals, with many experts in smart contract audits who have collaborated with tech brands from USA, UK, and Australia.

Innowise Group has shown excellent results in creating solutions for NFT, crypto, and blockchain for clients of all sizes from startups to corporations. The company works toward making blockchain operations as secure as possible, so do not hesitate to contact them.

2. AppliedBlockchain

The company is based in the UK but works with clients all over the world. As one of the best smart contract audit companies, they made a name for themselves with the help of a wide range of services in the Blockchain, NFT, and Crypto among clients of all scales, from an entrepreneur to multinational companies. 

They have deployed projection Ethereum, Algorand, Polygon, and Solana, with dozens of blockchain applications ranging from NFT marketplaces for famous artists to sophisticated DeFi protocols and Web3 dapps side by side to the next-gen Blockchain solutions. 

3. Unisoft

Unicsoft offers blockchain development company and distributed systems powered by blockchain to businesses of all sizes and industries. With this guidance, companies can create a brand new blockchain project without any previous experience in the technology. Along with the Smart contracts, UniSoft offers NFT marketing, private blockchain developments, Defi, Dapp app developments, and more. With all their experience, they are an excellent option for a business looking to find its way through technology. 

4. QuyTech

Founded in 2010 and since then, Quy Technology Pvt Ltd has been delivering exceptional services to all business sizes and has been a smart contract auditor in the industry. They operate in the USA and India and assist in blockchain, NFT, Smart contracts, and mobile application developments. Any new to well-established business can take advantage of their exceptions consulting and outsourcing services. 

Every organization can benefit from Quytech’s assistance in fine-tuning the latest blockchain initiatives. They offer complete solutions, from conceptualization to deployment support. Their solutions and linked services speak for themselves as they stand to their customer expectations.

5. Hacken

Hacken is a cybersecurity firm that protects Web 3.0 companies from being hacked and losing money and reputation. Founded in 2017, Hacken has since secured over 900 projects, including cryptocurrencies, Smart contracts, crypto exchanges, platforms, and so on. Hacken’s main services include smart contract audits and bug bounty programs.

Hacken is trusted by the world’s largest crypto exchanges, including FTX, OKX, Huobi, KuCoin, and, and its network of partners includes CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, VeChain,, Solana Foundation, IoTex, Avalanche, Polkastarter, and more than 90 other reputable brands.

6. IntellectSoft Blockchain Lab

Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) have the potential to introduce a new level of transparency, automation, and efficiency in businesses and nonprofits, according to this UK-based firm, Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab. And Intellectsoft has stepped into the technology with a bag of services surrounding the blockchain, which also includes the smart contracts. 

Most businesses struggle to grasp and apply the total strength of Blockchain and DLTs to achieve tangible business results and Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab helps exactly with that. They are passionate about the technology delivery in blockchain, technical capabilities, experience, and product mindset to assist clients in extracting real business value from blockchain and DLT implementations across their organizations.

7. ChainInsulting

With headquarters in Australia and Germany, Chaininluation is one of the best smart contract auditors associated with blockchain. The firm performs the audits for blockchains like Algorand, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana. It assists them in mitigating risk and instilling transparency and trust. They also review and secure DAI, Unicrypt smart contracts 1Inch, and POA Network, as well as a slew of other top DeFi and crypto projects.

Chainsulting secures $100 billion in user funds that have been locked in multiple DeFi protocols. The leading audit firm’s team is built on their extensive tech expertise in the blockchain sector. It does so to provide high-quality audit solutions that are tailored to the changing business needs of its clients.

8. AGILE Infoways Pvt Ltd

Based in the USA, AGILE Infoways Pvt Ltd is an offshore development outsourcing IT company offering services on various platforms, including blockchain, NFT, and smart contracts. Incepted in the year 2006, Agile Infoways is doing incredible work on the ground of the IT fraternity. They have a global presence in India, the USA as well as Canada with a team of 200+ in-house talents. They help businesses by fully understanding their needs and stepping into clients’ shoes to build their products in more incredible ways. With their unique, talented team, AGILE Infoways offers something for every small to celebrate businesses. 

9. Propy

California-based company, Propy is one of the first companies to use smart contracts to buy and sell real estate, and it is one of the first companies to do so. In September of 2017, they completed their first transaction when someone paid $60,000 for a $60,000 apartment in Ukraine.

Owners and brokers can post homes on this “cross-border” real estate marketplace, where purchasers can also browse and negotiate the sale. Both parties participate in the smart contract simultaneously, and certain steps are taken to assure fair and legal play throughout the process.

10. OpenZeppelin

They provide security products to build, automate, and operate decentralized applications. And they have also helped the world’s leading organizations by performing security audits on their systems and products. To ensure a business about their experiences, they have a fantastic portfolio, with projects like Brave, the graph, BitGo, Compound, and Coinbase. When it comes to services, they have already proven themselves enough with these projects. Any business organization can trust small to large for in-depth security audits.

11. PolySwarm

It is a decentralized marketplace with a team of veterans. They provide tailored solutions for large to small industries. The business thriving to improve the threat intelligence landscape, smart contract auditing, NFT, and Blochian research can reach out to them. PolySwarm, a boutique information security startup focusing on bespoke solutions for the government and major enterprises, will break the pattern of today’s iterative threat intelligence services. It operates in information security, blockchain, cryptography research, smart contract auditing, and blockchain-based identity management. 

12. Trail of Bits

Founded in 2012, Trail of Bits has already created a good name for itself in the industry. Marjory, the company offers cyber security and protection to any scale of business. Now, it has also stepped on smart contracts, blockchain, and cryptography. Trail of Bits provides services on the grounds of mixing high-end security research and breaking the real attacker maintainability. Its clientele range from Facebook to DARPA, which needs no introductions. Its core technologies and extensive experience in reverse engineering, cryptography, virtualization, malware, and software exploits are sought by its devoted security teams.

13. AppsChoper

AppsChooper is a US-based company known for its services in the blockchain and mobile development industry. Established in 2010, the company offers a diverse range of services in blockchain technology. The range of services includes Smart contracts, distributed cloud storage, money transfer, and more. And with this wide range of services, they have started themselves as one of the best smart contract companies. 

Their clientele consists of the reputable list in their portfolios such as Intel, HP, Philips, Vodafone, Hwai, and more. With over a decade of experience and expertise, They provide unrivaled mobile app design and app development solutions to global brands from a variety of business verticals. They aim to develop programs that are unique, scalable, elevated, and secure. Their take a customer-centric, involved, and communicative approach to their work.

14. Etherparty

Either way is a Vancouver startup and a smart contract builder that guides customers and businesses to create their smart contracts. They have already beta tested its “contract wizard” with the number of 500 + pre-registered users and provided access to the premade customizable templates. 

The best thing about Etherparty is that they help its customers to understand the concept of smart contracts from its cores. They have expatriates in creating a wide variety of projects like escrow contracts. Token creation makes peer-to-peer escrow contracts, wagering, token creation, real estate agreements, supply chain management, contractor agreements, and more. 

Having all this experience, Eterhway enables quick and innovative solutions for business. 

15. Openxcell Technolabs

Operating in the USA, OpenXcell meets the Blockchain development needs that are driving true differentiation in today’s enterprise. OpenXcell’s offerings are perfectly suited to the global scale that businesses require, and they support innovation across industries. 

Their services include a wide range of blockchain technologies like Smart contracts, Smart Contract auditing, Hyperledger, Exchanges, Wallets, and much more to maximize their benefits. As a leading Blockchain Development Company in the United States, OpenXcell employs a large team of Blockchain designers and developers to meet the changing needs of business and society.

16. Quantstamp

Along with Australia, Quantstamp also operates in China, Korea, and Japan. It is the industry leader in blockchain security, having completed more than 250 audits and securing over $200 billion in assets. Their goal is to make blockchain technology more widely adopted by providing security and risk assessment services.

Quantstamp’s services include safeguarding Layer 1 blockchains like Ethereum 2.0 and Solana, auditing smart contract-powered NFT, and Defi applications like Maker and OpenSea. They also design financial primitives for Layer 1 blockchain ecosystems. Quantstamp is also trusted by enterprise corporations and non-governmental organizations like Visa, Toyota, and Siemens to protect their blockchain deployments.

17. Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is one of the top smart contract audit firms. It provides fully versed smart contracts to the business to satisfy their business needs models. They do this by understanding what someone wants to achieve through these smart contracts and what kind of change a business expects through these.  

The hyperlink has more than 9 years of experience in the industry and has deployed more than 1500 web projects till now. Now they have scooped up the blockchain world, and have collected some amazing benefits to offer to their clients. 

18. CML Team

Based in the UK CML team works to empower their customers with their consultancy services. They offer various services in the field of blockchain including smart contracts. 

And due to their services and hard work in the field, they have won Bankathon #5 competition in the SME track, making it the proof of dedication towards their customers and prodigy genuine, well-integrated, and cutting-edge technologies. 

19. Blockchain Expert

The UK-based company holds the goal of bringing different blockchain technologies together. They are also one of the best smart contract audit companies in the UK. They provide services in Blockchain and related technologies. Along with blockchain, they have made significant advancements in software development, IT architecture, cryptography, and artificial intelligence.

Today, the company made itself a well-equipped and constantly improving company that develops blockchain-based solutions such as smart contracts, hyper ledger applications, cryptocurrency, and wallets. They also provide Blockchain consultancy services and Offshore blockchain development services to meet their clients’ demands. 

20. Certik

CertiK is blockchain security and smart contract audit organization. It was the first to implement cutting-edge Formal Verification new tech on smart contracts and blockchain networks. Professors from Yale University and Columbia University founded the company in 2018. Its main mission is to keep the cyber world safe.

According to its website, the team has performed over 1,800 audits globally across well-known protocols. CertiK has secured top crypto exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, and Huobi. CertiK audits, for example, are used by the Binance Accelerator Fund to ensure the security of the top platforms in which it invests.

So, that’s all. That is the list of 20 smart contract audit firms that can help a business achieve the well-suitable, integrated, elaborated, and authentic smart contracts to reach out to their business and client’s expectations. 

21. SlowMist

January 2018, Slowmist is one of the best smart contract auditing firms. It works toward making the blockchain as secure as impossible. The company has an expert team to deliver the network security services, becoming a global dose. They have renowned as an international blockchain security firm that has worked on various projects such as Huobi, OKEx, Klaytn, EOS, 1inch, PancakeSwap, Binance, imToken,, A TUSD, Alpaca Finance, MultiChain, O3 Swap, etc.

SlowMist offers a variety of services to every type of business. Their services include intelligent contract audits, threat information, defense deployment, security consultants, bug bounties, and other security- services. They have also expanded their area of expertise for AML, Vuplush, Smart contract firewalls like Firewall, safe staking, and other Saas products. 

Their clientele includes partners like TianJi Partners, IPIP, Cloudflare, BitDefender, Akamai, FireEye, etc.

Few More Smart Contract Audit Companies

#Contract AuditorWebsiteTeam size
1EtherAuthority 10-50
6ConsenSys Diligence people
9Trail of Bitshttps://www.trailofbits.com10-50
How much does a smart contract audit cost?

The average smart contract auditing cost is $5,500 to $12,000. It also depend on the features and the code complexity.

Which is the best smart contract auditors in USA, UK?

List of 5 smart contract audit companies are as below
1. Astra’s Pentest
2. Smartdec
3. Hosho
4. Quantstamp
5. Solidified

What are the different types of smart contract audits?

Static and dynamic are the two different types of smart contract audits.

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