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Top 12 Real Estate App Development Companies in 2022 USA

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Are you looking for ways to upgrade your real estate business, but facing issues? Well, it’s a perfect time for you to step ahead from contenders with integrating mobile apps for real estate business that fulfill the gap between your services, investor, buyer, broker, builder, tenant, or anyone. 

Since 2020, the IT industry has been setting new benchmarks with AI-based technology. Now, we all are stepping into 2022; every business must be ready with upcoming industry challenges and opt technologies such as IoT, NFT, and Blockchain. 

For your assistance, we have curated a list of top digital transformation trends following companies backed with authentic clients feedback and review processes. Let’s get started and choose the best real estate app development company that suits your business needs. 

I understand every business run on unique business ideas and terms. But most the real estate business needs a few basic features to make business smooth, provide ease give advancement. Below we have listed the top feature that suits 9 out of 10 real estate businesses. Before hiring your best real estate app development company, ask them if they have developed any prior apps with these features or they have a capable team to do the complicated task.

Must Have Features in Your Real Estate Mobile App

Must Have Feature in Advace Real Estate Mobile Apps
1 Property Management 2 Real-Time Messaging
3 Buying Or Renting A Home 4 Push Notifications
5 Assistance For Real Estate Agents 6 Social Media Integration
7 Home Valuation 8 3D Virtual Tours
9 Virtual Tours 10 Personal Profiles
11 Navigation and Street View 12 Property Cost and Mortgage Calculators
13 Advanced Search Functionality 14 Chatbot
15 Save Search and Favourite Listings 16 Calendar
17 Map View 18 Augmented Reality (AR)
19 AI For Task Automation 20 IDX

1. RisingMax

About RisingMax:

RisingMax is a tech-driven solution to revamp the “pen & pencil” business, headquartered in NYC, United States. The company brings massive transformation in the real estate digital world and helps realtors how they are serving now. RisingMax provides end-to-end solutions such as Real Estate App Development, Android App, iOS App, AR/VR App, and Real Estate IoT App. You can also seek expert aid for the comprehensive real estate auction software solution. 


Our Real Estate Mobility Services provide builders, brokers, and aggregators with a platform on which they can provide end-users with services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without having to attend to them.

You can demand sophisticated property management solutions for residential and commercial projects. The extensive experience team works on custom real estate MLS, CRM, IDX, and assists in managing, analyzing & filtering the listings. Its predictive analytics solutions offer brokers precise reporting, investment analysis, market insights, and real-time projections. 

Founded: 2011

Company strength: Above 500

Hourly Rate: < $25/hr

2. Suffescom Solutions

Suffescom Solutions: 

California-based Suffescom Solutions is the biggest brand for developing custom apps and software solutions for real estate companies. The company has massive experience in developing world-class Real Estate Transaction Software, App Development, CRM & ERP Solutions, Property Management Software solutions, Cloud-based Database Solutions, and much more. Developers at Suffescom build responsive web & mobile applications to manage workflows and handle data seamlessly.


The expertise team at Suffescom creates cross-platform real estate applications for property managers, real estate agents, and tenants. iOS apps assist agents & buyers in receiving alerts about fluctuating prices, listing, open house times, and driving directions. With a Real Estate IoT App, brokers can show the properties without having a physical visit. 

Founded: 2013

Company Strength: 250+

Hourly Rate: < $25/hr

List of Top 100 Mobile App Development Companies in USA


About ELEKS: 

ELEKS is among the Top 100 Global Outsourcing companies, having an office in Chicago, US. The company has partnered with enterprise clients and SMEs looking for result-oriented work in real estate. Companies work on detailed pictures of clients’ expectations for commercial and residential properties, before commencing with the project. That’s why they have a highly satisfied customer base. 


The company begins its process from scratch and allows the business to go further. ELEKS has a strong team for analyzing data and determining the safe way to organize. From eye-catchy property views, your investors can get a deep understanding of the property. 

Founded: 1991

Company Strength: 250+ 

Hourly Rate: $49 – $99 /hr

4. Brights

About Brights: 

To ensure that real estate investors can get the most out of their investments, Brights provides a top-notch real estate application development solutions. When the technology and real estate business go hand in hand, it’s hard to deny business success. With this, their software development cycle begins from R&D and building MVP from scratch to scaling, UX analysis, and improvement. 


Brights is expertise in providing customized solutions for your real estate business. The application monitors equipment helps businesses and customers to keep an eye on auctionable houses. Expertise training from software engineers to your staff contributes to a seamless transition for clients. They have delivered 350+ projects on all niches that assist users in making better decisions. 

Founded: 2011

Company Strength: 72+ 

Hourly Rate: $25 – $49/hr

5. Table XI

About Table XI: 

Table XI provides end-to-end solutions in customized real estate mobile app for builders, investors, and brokers. The company has rich experience in building integrated web applications, mobile apps, and software. Table XI has partnered with many worldwide startups, and most of them are linked with real estate businesses. 


Company design unique platform for research and analyzing business needs. Therefore, considering the business requirement, Table XI offers solutions to its customers. Its custom-designed application solutions ensure to keep track of inventory and assist in property management. 

Founded: 2002

Company Strength: 10 – 49

Hourly Rate: $150 – $199/hr

6. Integrative Systems

About Integrative Systems: 

Integrative Systems is one of the INC 5000 certified fastest-growing companies in the US. The company is well known for leading IBM iSeries, Microsoft DotNet, JDA MMS consulting, development, and services. Integrative Systems have an outstanding contribution to enhancing the real estate business. 


Integrative Systems certified technology and functional experts leverage best practices. Here, experts have a clearer understanding of how your business should interact with potential investors. The high-quality UI/UX has the potential for pre-closer real estate property sales. The company also provides 3600 customer support that ensures to resolve issues instantly. 

Founded: 2001

Company Strength: 175+

Hourly Rate: $50 – $99/hr

7. inVerita

About inVerita: 

inVerita is an industry leader for real estate software development. This company offers a customized solution to real estate providers, commercial property managers, and owners to improve operational efficiency. inVeritan works closely with upgraded technology that maximizes your business benefits. 


Experts at inVerita offer сustom real estate app development solutions, including property management apps, database software, applications for real estate agents, CRM & ERP systems, multiple listing services, etc. These will keep your business pace with the fast-growing real estate industry.

Founded: 2015

Company Strength: 120

Hourly Rate: $25 – $49/hr

8. Debut Infotech

About Debut Infotech: 

Debut Infotech is an industry leader for providing future-ready solutions to real estate startups. Over the past few years, Blockchain tech has proven to be revolutionary because of its myriad potential uses and applications. Debut Infotech offers opportunities for sensitive real estate businesses to use the power of blockchain and make your confidential documents such as agreements transparent & complete supply property. 


Debut Infotech builds augmented and virtual reality solutions that help real estate companies and brokers to visualize properties to save costs and time. Plus, smart devices and real-time system monitoring allow realtors to work with several locations simultaneously. 

Founded: 2008

Company Strength: 150

Hourly Rate: $25 – $49/hr

9. KitelyTech

About KitelyTech: 

KitelyTech is a full-service technology consulting, design & development firm having offices in various locations such as downtown Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, Detroit, Austin, Phoenix, Charlotte, and Miami. The company has expertise in buying, renting, and selling property in a snap and becomes possible with robust mobile & web applications. 


Engineers at KitelyTech real estate application solutions for real estate agents, websites, property management apps, multiple listing services, and PWAs for your business. Professionals keep track of changing customer behavior and their growing expectations from the real estate business to keep you on top of cutting-edge competitions.

Founded: 2009

Company Strength: 100+

Hourly Rate: NA



Gophers is one of the most trusted development services providers in the world. They have a team of industry professionals who can manage back-end development, front-end development, and DevOps-related tasks. GOPHERS always keep updated with the latest trends that provide your real estate business an opportunity to be pushed on the top with innovative designs. 


GOPHERS LAB provides cloud solutions to all value chain areas that assist from data storage to project management. The artificial intelligence and machine learning at GOPHERS Lab ensure your business with unrivaled opportunities for real estate providers. With this, you can turn your virtual tours, detailed property online listings, e-signing, and advanced geolocation marketing dreams into reality. 

Founded: 2017

Company Strength: 100+

Hourly Rate: < $25/hr

11. Nextbrain Technologies

About Nextbrain Technologies: 

Next brain transformed into one of the top mobile design and development companies in a brief span. Next brain is famous for building custom interactive web and mobile applications for real estate businesses. Next, brain Technologies experts ensure that the technologies they implement should maximize the benefit for your business.


Whether you are purchasing, selling, or renting properties, Nextbrain provides you with a robust solution. The team of specialists visualize all the essential information, then provide advanced property search and filtering, easy signup and login features, and extensive admin panel bearing reports creation and analytics capabilities. 

Founded: 2016

Company Strength: 100+

Hourly Rate: $25 – $49/hr

12. Simpalm

About Simpalm: 

Simpalm is a prominent name in North America for providing specialized application development, Mobile Technologies, Responsive Web Development services. They have delivered more than 300 projects successfully for mobile app and web projects development. Professionals at Simpalm develop CRM & ERP platforms that work as a mediator between all core business processes. That platform provides access, management, and secure information from every department and makes correct data-driven decisions for your business investors. 


Simpalm builds augmented and virtual reality solutions in support of real estate companies and agents. It helps the companies and investors to visualize cost and time. Some of the most sorted application includes point-and-click interactive plans, 3D visualization, and virtual tours that allow the buyers to make decisions. 

Founded: 2009

Company Strength: 50+

Hourly Rate: $25 – $49/hr

Final Words

I hope that the list of top ten real estate mobile app builders has helped you. As you are reading this post till the end, then I am assuming that you are trusting in my expertise. So advising you to before taking a decision, take care of a few features of tech companies that will definitely ease you in long term partnership.

  1. Multilingual Support
  2. Agile Methodologies
  3. Flexible Engagement Models
  4. Geolocation Support
  5. Experienced Team
  6. Direct Marketing Channel

On the Internet, you will find thousands of real estate app development companies in 2022 serving in the USA. So, above, we have scrutinized for your assistance. 

Now, it’s your turn to pick the right real estate mobile app builder for your needs.

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