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Top 5 Online Logo Maker Platforms & Tools – 2024

Here in this blog, we’ve put together all paid & free logo makers available online so that you can start off by...

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A logo is like the face of a business or a company for its customers. A professional yet recognizable brand logo can do wonders for the company. According to a Forbes report, a business merely gets seven seconds to create a prominent first impression on their customers!

The question we arrive at can be: what can a logo signify? A logo can signify anything from the brand name to the brand’s mascot, even. A tick-mark in a specific style reminds us all of a popular sports brand, namely Nike. As for the chain restaurant, Wendy’s the logo represents the popular mascot of the company. Thus, a logo becomes a part of our daily functioning as it can be used to instruct or denote greater meanings through a simpler approach.

A particular color palette and styling can attract the target group of customers. Not only does it speak about the company’s values and personality, but it also resonates and integrates the same into its products.

In this manner, a logo becomes the identity of a brand. It is one of the bridges connecting customers or clients to a brand and bringing about a sense of familiarity and togetherness.

Logo makers are so easy to use—a monkey can do it!

online logo maker tools

5 Best logo maker platforms in 2024

  1. Wix
  2. Canva
  3. TurboLogo
  4. Logaster
  5. Looka

How to Create a Great Logo For Your Business?

Every day, each of us must be passing by numerous brand logos. However, we only notice a handful of them, and even a smaller number gets registered in our minds. We can recognize certain brands just by seeing their logo from a mile away, while others we won’t recognize even if it knocked on our heads.

This makes one wonder: what makes a brand logo stand out? What are the primary features of a logo that one should be paying attention to while creating it?

The features of a logo that sticks around in our minds include

  • The typography that it uses, such as the font used for the Harry Potter franchise
  • Any imagery that it might be involving, such as the face of Meduse that is used for Versace
  • Specific colors, such as the remarkable red and yellow of McDonald’s
  • A tagline, such as “Life’s Good” which is used by the brand LG
Specific colors, such as the remarkable red and yellow of McDonald’s
Specific colors, such as the remarkable red and yellow of McDonald’s

This is not all. As simple as the process of logo-making might seem, it can be quite a task. A logo will become one’s brand identity; all their customers will associate their business with. It becomes the face of the company. An attractive brand logo can have an extremely positive impact on a company’s daily comings and goings.

Even though the idea of minimalism came about only recently in design, simplicity has been something that all brand logo makers look out for. A logo should not be so complicated that it completely wipes away the brand name and identity to capture the attention of others. This does not mean that the logo should not be striking or memorable to the customers. 

Logo designers toe a very fine line when they need to make a simple logo striking in such a manner that viewers will remember it. The appropriateness of a logo is also important such that the onlookers can associate it with the brand. The brand Apple may not be a fruit vendor, but its logo is affiliated with its business name, which has become an identity. 

A New Dawn

With the advent of new technology, budding businesses have newly garnered the opportunity to visualize and create their brand identities by themselves. Neither do they need to hire a third person from outside nor do they need to spend extra bucks on the same?

This new dawn has brought online design tools that can help one create their own brand’s logo. Not only does this help new venturers in cutting costs, but it also helps them give a personal touch to their brand. After all, no one can envisage your dream better than yourself.

Online graphics designers have been helping the new-age entrepreneurs progress towards their ideal business model by giving a shape and form to their concepts. Here are a few pointers one should be looking out for a while using an online design tool:

  • Ease of access – One should know their own skillsets before choosing a particular logo-making platform. The user-friendliness of the online design editor can help create better and more helpful designs.
  • Professional work – Even though an online design editor is a cheaper alternative to a human designer, the quality of the logo should be stagnant and maintained properly. Hence, the tool should be of such a nature that they have a professional output level.
  • Customizable – The online design tool should not be limited to only generic templates. It will not only prevent one from creating a remarkable logo design, but also deliver low satisfaction to the user.
  • Price – It is important to ensure that one is getting the full value out of the money they are spending.
Adobe Spark Logo Maker
Top 5 Online Logo Maker Tools

Top 5 Online Logo Maker Tools

Now that we have a basic understanding of the features of an online design editor that are highly sought after, here are a few popular online logo making platforms:

  • Wix – One of the most widely used logo-making platforms, Wix has a particular way it functions. After creating an account for free on their website, this online design tool will put forth a series of two-choice options to better understand the sort of design the user is looking for. Depending on your tastes, they will suggest a completely editable design. 
  • Freelogodesign – It’s a terrific alternative for quickly creating and downloading a simple logo because it comes with a number of pre-made themes and icons. You can change the templates to make a wide variety of logos, including abstract, combination, and pictorial markings.
free logo design

With a trustworthy and consistent brand, you may expand your business across all channels. Your logo should be displayed on your website, used on social media, and printed on promotional materials. You may also use your logo to generate bespoke business cards. All you have to do now is print them off and distribute them to everyone.

  • Canva – Yet another free online logo design tool, their drag-and-drop interface makes it extremely user-friendly. Their wide range of features have made them a cult favorite among new-age designers.
  • TurboLogo – Self-determining themselves as better than a personal graphic designer, TurboLogo boasts of high-resolution logo designs along with print-ready vector files. It is a paid platform that allows the user full ownership of their logo design.
  • Logaster – Allowing a few features to be downloaded for free, Logaster is available for use in ten different languages. Providing its users a wide variety of design features to pick from, Logaster uses AI to generate unique logos for each individual.
  • Looka – Following the same pattern as Logaster, Looka is an AI-powered online design tool that allows users to bring their business identities to life.

10 More Free Logo Makers

  1. PlaceIt Logo Maker
  2. DesignEvo Online Logo Maker
  3. Adobe Spark Logo Maker
  4. Shopify Free Logo Generator
  5. Canva Free Online Logo Maker
  6. Wix Online Logo Generator
  7. Squarespace Free Logo Maker
  8. Zyro Free Logo Maker
  9. TailorBrands Free Logo Creator
  10. NameCheap Logo Design Tool
  11. Fiverr Online Free Logo Maker
  12. Looka Free Logo Maker
  13. TurboLogo Free Logo Creator

One of the primary focuses of an entrepreneur should be their brand identity, and a well-thought-out logo can get you halfway there already. 

What is the best free online logo maker in 2022?

These 3 tools are free online logo.
1. Fiverr Online Free Logo Maker
2. Looka Free Logo Maker
3. Canva

Is there a completely free logo maker?

Yes, Canva is totally free logo maker. Without using a paid version of it, you can create a splendor logo.

What is the list of the top 5 online logo makers?

1. Wix
2. Canva
3. TurboLogo
4. Logaster
5. Looka

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