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Top 25 Oil & Gas Software Companies in the USA | Oil and Gas Software Development

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oil and gas software companies in worldwide
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3 Detailed Analyse of Best Oil and Gas Software Companies in the USA

The oil and gas business plays a critical role in any economy and is oil and gas software is the world’s largest market. Make An App listed the world’s best Oil and Gas software development companies in USA, UK, Dubai, and Australia.

With oil and gas software solutions and services, businesses like you want to make it easier to modernize their legacy software applications and make the process easy. An Oil and Gas Software helps manage and give ease to operations of businesses at large. 

  • Exploration
  • Extraction
  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Calculation
  • Asset Management

Exploration, Extraction, Engineering, Production, and Asset Management are a few services that come under this wider category. These activities or services are managed and supported by multiple software tools, and a bigger version of it is named Oil and Gas Software. 

Oil and Gas as an Industry are highly dynamic; to survive in this industry, businesses need to constantly evolve and adapt to the changes. Oil and Gas Software Companies thus help in making the business operations more agile and flexible. This software gives companies the ability to run their entire Supply chain from one particular place and even help reduce the costs by pointing out the inefficiencies and eliminating them. 

Therefore, it is highly important to choose the Best Oil and Gas Software Company for your Company as it can hold together your Company. This decision must be cautiously taken since it will be software that you would be relying on completely for your Operations. 

Now that we have understood what Oil and Gas Software is and how important it is for your business operations, it is evident that the Industry is a known market and is also full of competition. While you land on this conclusion to opt-in a software, it is also very important to go-ahead for the right company. An ideal company would be the one that deep dives into your troubles and creates and delivers what it promises. 

Major Applications of Oil & Gas Software

Key Features of Oil and Gas Contract Management Software

An oil and gas industry-specific bespoke program analyses a specific well and calculates various parameters based on input data. The monitoring and modeling software makes it easier for the user to manage multiple risk indicators at each foot of an oil well and provides deeper insights that help them make an informed decision.

  1. Raw Data Processing
  2. Integrated Wellbore Modelling
  3. High visual Outputs
  4. Powerful algorithms
  5. Easy Calibration
  6. Monitor well performance
  7. Powerful 2D and 3D Charting
  8. Fast Data Loading
  9. Leak Detection
  10. Gas Lift Optimization
  11. Accurate quantitative analysis
  12. Nodal Analysis

Well Researched List of The Top 25 Oil & Gas Software Companies in the USA

  1. ExxonMobil
  2. P2Bolo
  3. Aveva
  4. Field Squared
  5. DocVue
  6. Scada- Lite FDCA
  7. Scada- Lite Well Manager
  8. MODS Connect Suite
  9. Robo – Commodity
  10. Vail- Plant
  11. B- Scada
  12. ALTO Drill & Produce
  13. GDS Ware
  14. Focus ERP
  15. PaleBlue
  16. Petro Suite
  17. RockWorks
  18. Aucerna Solutions
  19. Husky Intelligence
  20. Petrel E&P
  21. iLandMan
  22. ToolWatch
  23. OGpro
  24. FieldCap
  25. myQuorum

Detailed Analyse of Best Oil and Gas Software Companies in the USA

1. ExxonMobil – Oil & Gas Software Solution Provider in the USA

oil and gas software companies in USA
oil and gas software companies in USA

ExxonMobil has been one of the major players in this particular industry and is a common name. It is one of the leading oil and gas software companies in the US and ranks in the highest worldwide. Exxon is active in all areas of the supply chain, from hydrocarbon extraction to retailing of gasoline. 

2. P2Bolo – oil and gas accounting software

A Company is widely known for creating and maintaining detailed information in a centralized and compact manner. It helps in making ordinary and long tasks quick and easy. From Accounting to Inventory updates to Order generation, this one company does it all and is known for its great client servicing and end-to-end managed services. A good and reliable choice of many across the globe, especially the US.

3. Aveva – oil and gas data management software

Aveva is a software company that will help you reduce your costs massively and maximize your ROI through its AI-powered software.  IoT, AI, and Cloud-computing services are brought down under one category by AVEVA to help you understand the details of the services and make more informed and quick decisions, thus boosting your productivity. It is a global leader in the Software Industry space. A Trustworthy and reliable company in the US.  

4. Field Squared – oil and gas software applications

If you’re a Startup and are looking for a company which you can build your business with, Field Squared is the right choice. Its Fully Featured Scheduling software makes it immensely easy and smooth for Startups and other Enterprises to work with. It only provides solutions for Windows but provides End to end solutions, for that matter. Its scheduling system does it all; it provides alerts/notifications, group scheduling, multi-location, real-time scheduling, and resource scheduling; all of this is under the same umbrella of its software. It’s highly reviewed by its users, and every review has stated the change it has bought in their productivity and time management. FieldSqaured is the industry’s first unified Field Service Automation Platform. The top recommendation in the US. 

5. DocVue – oil and gas asset management software

DocVue is a fully-featured Document Management Software designed to serve Enterprises and Small Enterprises. It’s a scalable, flexible and agile software solution for your business that you can tailor to your needs and services. It provides End to End Solutions for sure but provides solutions that are designed for the Web App. It is an Online Document Management System that does it all. Resource Managing, Document Archiving, Document Retention, Compliance Tracking, and Electronic Signing; if these are your requirements and you want to put it all in just one place, DocVue is the best solution for this category. It manages all the services that fall under the category of Oil and Gas Companies, managing documents being the highest of a priority since this is what keeps your Business functioning up and tight. Safe, Secure and Reliable is what DocVue will be for your Company. 

6. Scada- Lite FDCA – software for oil and gas industry

Field Data Capture Application (FDCA) is what allows operators to perform onsite inspections and consistently track all sites, metres and tanks. It is a product that has been exclusively designed for Mobile Devices and for easing the operations, data collection and asset management of Field Workers. Scada-Lite itself works on the “Digital Field Data Capture Technology” (DFCA), thus the company’s name. This Software can access data for all routes, even for routes with an Unstable Connection, thus making it highly recommended for field assistance. 

7. Scada- Lite Well Manager – oil and gas production software

In the previous suggestion, we have mentioned what Scada- Lite as technology is all about, that is the “Digital Data Field Technology” (DFCA) through its Well Manager, you have well-monitoring data available 24/7, and this data helps you in not only managing your inventory but also in making predictions for the upcoming stock and making logical and calculative decisions. Since this is a Cloud-based software, the possibility of Down Times and Security issues are negligible, thus fueling up the production, productivity and working conditions as well. It is a highly rated company in its Niche in the US. 

8. MODS Connect Suite – One of the best oil and gas software companies

MODS is a Software Suite for the Energy Sector specifically. It creates and gives you tools that will help you source, plan, schedule, execute, and operate confidently from one place and not a host of places. A custom software development company that will fuel up your Productivity through its services for sure. 

9. Robo – Commodity – oil and gas land management software company

An award-winning Commodity Management Software functioning globally. Robo Commodity is a Microsoft Gold certified partner and leading global IT consulting firm offering business solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and Office 365. With over 17 years of experience and a team of 250+, Robo has been able to cater to more than 400 clients till date and expand its operations worldwide. 

10. Vail- Plant – oil and gas simulation software

An SAP Certified and Industry-leading software company, VAIL is an Asset Integrity Management Software that is specifically designed for the Oil and Gas Software needs and has been successfully catering to the industry for the past 15 years. It facilitates maintenance and inspection management cycles and is a master in its services. 

11. B- Scada – oil and gas project management software

Another Fully Featured Oil and Gas Software Company in the US that is designed specifically for the industry and helps with End to End solutions designed for Windows. Equipment Management, Material Management, Project Management, Compliance Management, Logistics Management are a few of the services that B- Scada provides at one single place to you. The Efficiency and Productivity that improves through this software is unimaginable until used. It is based out of Florida and is cloud-based, making it relevant and reliable since the downtime and security will not be an issue. 

12. ALTO Drill & Produce – oil and gas software solutions

Designed to serve Agencies and Enterprises, this Oil and Gas Software Company provides End to End solutions for Windows. This company’s range of services is also similar to others. It helps you with Asset Management, Logistics Management, Project Management, Material Management etc. Provides Cloud and SAAS Services for your needs. 

13. GDS Ware – oil and gas analytics software

GDS is one of the most trusted software companies worldwide and has been delivering solutions in the Oil and Gas Industry since years. It standardizes the Product Generations facility and reduces the churn on quality and pricing. With the experience of working with multiple big brands, GDS is known to deliver the exact and the most appropriate solution for your services. It is a Cloud ERP System designed exclusively for the Oil and Gas Software needs. 

14. Focus ERP – oil and gas mapping software

A User-Friendly Software built for the Oil and Gas Industry, FocusERP is also one of the renowned names in this space. Its services enable the users to get real-time drilling stimulators and site visualization. Its services reduce the operational burden and help improve the Predictability and Inventory planning and reduce the scope of errors and mismanagement of the Assets. A Modern ERP solution for your Complex needs. 

15. PaleBlue – oil and gas exploration software

It is a one of its kind and technologically advanced solution that has been getting a lot of acceptance by the industry. PaleBlue makes it possible for you to get life-like visualizations of the site based on the satellite image. It helps you get reliable stimulators that help with the drilling usage and other management. A must try to increase the predictability and make the right decisions for your services. Its cutting-edge technology and 3D VR Simulators have made it stand out from the competition and become a favorable name in the industry. 

16. Petro Suite – oil & gas accounting software company

Petro Suite is a single cloud-based software that offers every solution to your Oil and Gas Needs. It is a one-stop and easy solution for your management and planning needs. If you’re looking at building on your efficiency and improving the overall productivity for your team, this surely is the right choice. Petro Suite helps you since it unites multiple interrelated departments at a single platform, making it more flexible and comfortable to use. 

17. RockWorks

A Comprehensive Software used for creating detailed 3D modeling, GPS tracking, and Geological animation. It is one of the most widespread tools for this purpose and is one of the most common software in the industry. This software makes work so flexible and easy that it creates Contour Maps for your servicing and helps you create Cross Sections for your Industry. 

Maps, logs and cross-sections, geological models, volume reports, general geology diagrams for the environment, geotechnical and mining etc. all of these are covered under the same software and the company at large. 

18. Aucerna Solutions – oil and gas software companies in USA

Aucerna is a one-stop and easy solution for your management and planning needs. From Planning to Execution, it offers everything you would need in the Oil and Gas Industry. It helps in Forecasting and creating reliable reports that help in the overall growth and planning of the company. It is currently one of the US’s leading unified asset planning systems. 

19. Husky Intelligence – oil and gas accounting software solution provider

Through AI’s extensive and smart use, Husky Intelligence has positioned itself as the low-cost oil & gas software. It reduces the need for and the scope of human intervention from reporting, ticket generation, and task allocation, thus eliminating the risk and the possibility of error in reporting, creating, and overall managing. It is very easy to integrate and flexible to operate. It is software that can be added to your daily operations so swiftly that it has been widely accepted and ranked as one of the best software ever.

20. Petrel E&P – oil and gas data management software company

Petrel E&P is one of the leading and trusted companies to ensure that you never lose contact with your On-Field Team. Its software lets you generate reports, send emails, stay connected and updated with your on-ground team, and its technologically advanced solutions. It is easy to use, customizable, and one of the best software you can deploy for your Oil and Gas Software needs. 

21. iLandMan – oil and gas software applications

oil and gas software companies in USA

This Software keeps it simple in terms of its offerings. Keep it simple, profitable, time-saving and highly efficient with this smart software that will make your operational needs extremely flexible and easy through its technology. This one software helps you connect with the Industry data worldwide and accordingly make informed decisions. 

22. ToolWatch – oil and gas asset management software

As the name also suggests, this software helps you capture data from multiple sources and platforms and further analyze it all for you without any complexities. This software can auto-generate pick-up tickets and is one of the best software in the industry till date. 

23. OGpro – One of best oil and gas software companies

It is important to use friendly Oil and Gas Production software since bad software can make it hell for you. OGpro is one of the most used and reliable software and reduces the need for paperwork massively, creating a productivity boost and reducing the risk of errors. 

24. FieldCap – oil and gas project management software

Quick paperwork, ticket capturing, and safety from the generation facility are a few things that are required by all, irrespective of the role in the business. FieldCap in this situation helps manage it all and makes your life easier by eliminating the paperwork with this. It helps in even converting the older tickets into the respective invoices and thus smoothens the payment processing. 

25. myQuorum – oil and gas software development company

Leader in providing Scalable Oil and Gas Solutions and reducing the risks in management and operations through its automation facilities. It has an interactive and very user-friendly interface that makes it more acceptable and easy to use software by the industry leaders in the Oil and Gas space. 

Top 10 Oil, Gas, and Chemicals Software Service Providers WorldWide

Oil, Gas and Chemicals Software Vendors
ankVendorYoY GrowthRecent Developments
1Microsoft9.9%Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an idle solution for the oil and gas industry that covers all core utilitarian business requirements and processes to boost operational efficiencies. The solutions and schedules for any particular job are designed uniquely for the industry that fetches profitable outcomes.
2SAP-8.9%Leading upstream companies collaborated to define processes for SAP S/4HANA Cloud for upstream oil and gas. The solution is preconfigured with market-leading end-to-end processes for the oil and gas industry. SAP has more than 700 Oil & Gas customers, 1,000,000 global Oil & Gas SAP Users, and 100% of the Oil & Gas companies listed in Fortune 500 are running SAP.
3Aspen Technology14.6%In October 2021, Emerson entered into an agreement to acquire 55% of AspenTech’s shares. The combined industrial software company will comprise Emerson’s grid modernization technology, geological simulation software, and AspenTech’s software offerings to the mining, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries. The new company will retain AspenTech’s name
4Salesforce.com16.6%For the Oil & Gas industry, Salesforce connects stakeholders and assets across the value chain. The Salesforce platform enables engagement with stakeholders, streamlined field operations, the ability to predictably manage assets, workforce empowerment, enhanced customer engagement and data-driven decision making. With Salesforce, Oil & Gas organizations can leverage a single source of truth to connect and engage with stakeholders, employees, customers and assets.
5AVEVA Group-15.7%AVEVA’s largest end market is Energy at around 35% of pro forma revenue, including upstream, midstream, downstream Oil & Gas, and the emerging renewable energy sector.
6Infor4.5%In 2021, Hexagon acquired the entire Infor EAM business, one of the industry’s biggest players. For $2.75 billion, Hexagon will become the owner of Infor EAM, which can be described as one of the industry-leading SaaS-based solutions for managing enterprise assets, such as factory and production facilities and the like.
7Oracle-16.5%Kuwait Gulf Oil Company is Kuwait’s first Oil and Gas Company to implement Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications. The implementation has seen more than 60 core business processes automated to enhance efficiency, drive business continuity and enable seamless remote working.
8Siemens Digital Industries Software3.8%In January 2021, the legal merger of Mentor Graphics with Siemens was completed – merging into the Siemens Industry Software Inc legal entity. Mentor Graphics’ name was changed to Siemens EDA, a Siemens Digital Industries software division.
9Quorum Software3.9%Quorum merged with Aucerna, a global provider of integrated planning, execution, and reserves software for the energy industry. Operating as Quorum Software, the combined company recently acquired TietoEVRY’s Oil and Gas software business, including flagship solutions Energy Components and DaWinci. Together, the company now serves more than 1,800 energy customers across 55 countries.
10P2 Energy Solutions9.1%P2 Energy Solutions’ customer base totals 1700 customers who rely on P2 to support billions of transactions across hundreds of thousands of wells. P2 customers are CrownQuest, Indigo Minerals, Newfield, Urban Oil and Gas, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Dominion Resources, ExxonMobil, Marathon Oil Corporation, Oxy, Newfield, Urban Oil and Gas, and many others.

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