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Top 20 IoT Consulting & Services Companies in USA, UK, Australia 2023

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Several internet of things consulting services providers also offer additional related services such as IoT development, IoT testing, and managed IT services. The IoT companies listed below have high-level expertise and earned popularity worldwide by serving fortune clients.

Complete automation is now possible with the Internet of Things. Smart cities, smart factories, smart homes, and connected vehicles are all conceivable thanks to the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things has reshaped conventional industries bringing together the physical and digital worlds. 

The technology will undoubtedly streamline corporate procedures and, as a result, greatly increase productivity. Businesses will be able to deliver better products as a result of it. The following is a list of the top IoT consulting firms that can take your business to the success of heights through high-class IoT consulting services. 

Let’s see the list of Best IoT Consulting Services Providers in the USA, UK, Australia

  1. HQSoftware
  2. Cisco
  3. Biz4Group LLC
  4. ARM4
  5. R-Style Lab
  6. SCNsoft
  7. Reinvently
  8. Waverley Software
  9. Apadmi
  10. CemtrexLabs
  11. Softeq
  12. GE Digital
  13. Gorilla Logic
  14. IBM
  15. Dogtown Media
  16. ITRex Group
  17. Indeema Software
  18. Skelia
  19. Vakoms
  20. Siemens

List of 10 Best Internet of Things Consulting

Top Internet of Medical Things Companies Worldwide

1. HQSoftware – IoT Consultants in the USA

HQSoftware was founded to find IoT technology solutions for some of the most prevalent problems that Startups and SMEs encounter (Small and Medium-scale Enterprises). This IoT app development firm handles all types of project budget constraints and a scarcity of skilled offshore app developers. 

What sets HQ Software apart from other IoT development firms is that they are solely focused on producing, deploying, and supporting high-end digital IoT technology solutions, including post-project maintenance, upgrade, and customized software services.

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2. Cisco – IoT Consulting Services

Cisco Systems offers a wide range of networking, IoT, mobility & wireless, security, collaboration, data centre, and other products and services. It has offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa, among other places. Cisco is a well-known IoT business consulting for creating, manufacturing, and distributing networking technologies based on the Internet Protocol and goods linked to the communications and IT industries. 

It offers IoT Networking, IoT Gateways, IoT Operations Management, IoT Data Management, and IoT Security solutions. Energy, Education, Financial Services, Cities & Communities, Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation, and other businesses can all benefit from its goods and services.

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3. Biz4Group LLC – One of the best IoT Consulting Companies

 Biz4Group, a reputed IoT development company, is one of the  IoT consulting firms globally, providing clients with cutting-edge application solutions. One of the reliable IoT development companies has changed itself into a global brand with more than 15 years of experience in  IoT development of smart IoT technology solutions.

This top IoT company’s skilled team includes IoT developers, IoT testers, analysts, and graphic designers who are well-versed in all of the complexities involved in these advances. Biz4Group LLC firmly believes that “the best results are achieved when diligence is mixed with pleasure and creativity is combined with a high level of professionalism.

4. Innowise Group – IoT Consulting Company

Innowise Group is a top-rated Internet of Things (IoT) service provider. The company offers a wide range of IoT consulting and development services to help companies worldwide leverage data for process automation and business intelligence. Innowise Group implements state-of-the-art IoT solutions for customers from various industries. Among IoT systems they create are predictive maintenance solutions, process automation systems, remote diagnostics software, transportation management platforms, and more.

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5. R-Style Lab – Industrial IoT Consulting

R-Style Lab is one of the leading Top IoT Development Companies, with skilled and adaptable development staff. The IoT company, founded in 2006, has gained a reputation as a dependable and skilled tech partner, having completed more than 250 successful projects for a global clientele. 

The Internet of Things company attributes its success to an intrinsic desire to find the best answer for each client’s demands and skill in working with complicated systems and non-trivial projects. R-Style Lab can handle any project, whether a mobile app for managing connected product work or a complicated IoT ecosystem.

6. SCNsoft – IoT Consulting Firms

SCNsoft is a well-famous Internet of Things (IoT) service provider across the globe. They’ve done 450 projects for 300+ clients globally, including the United States, Australia, etc. For producing low-level programming for hardware, the company focuses on each part of the IoT ecosystem. 

This IoT service provider also provides clients with new IoT goods and services. IoT Services: Automate operations, make better decisions based on increased analytics, and reveal new product or service prospects are among the services available. Build a proof-of-concept or prototype quickly to conduct focus group testing.

7. Reinvently – IoT Business Consulting

Reinvently is a top IoT consulting firm that works on the principle of providing successful technology-based solutions to their clients through flawless mobile app development strategies, unique app design concepts, and high-end product quality. Their skilled team of IoT developers adheres to the mobile product development process and utilizes cutting-edge technology such as AI and ML.

The IoT company provides its clients with expert research and advising services through specialized App Evaluation and Mobile Strategy Workshops. Reinvently is one of the greatest IoT startups, with work that has consistently stood out in verticals such as On-Demand Services, Finance, Booking & Ticketing, Fitness & Sports, music, and entertainment.

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8. Waverley Software – IoT Consultants in the USA

Waverley Software is another IoT firm that ranks among the top Internet of Things IoT companies. It has created several award-winning digital products for clients all over the world. Waverley’s team has successfully delivered and installed technology and IoT technology solutions that have transformed their market presence tales for startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

 Their team of tech nerds and creative artists is dedicated to working together to generate new ideas that will result in attractive digital solutions with smooth functionality and enhanced user experiences.

9. Apadmi – IoT Consulting Services – UK

Apadmi Ventures was founded in 2011 to identify and transition with the future’s large companies. On their journey to success, the IoT company believes in cooperating with these IoT software companies with their IoT development platform and services. Apadmi, as one of the leading Internet of Things companies, has created and produced mobile and web-based applications for clients in a variety of industries, including healthcare, entertainment, banking, education, blockchain, and more. 

From the initial phases of idea inception to successful deployment and beyond, their team pays close attention to project specifics and the different intricacies involved in each of their projects.

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10. CemtrexLabs – IoT Consulting Companies – Australia

CemtrexLabs is a creative technology lab with offices worldwide, including New York City, New York, and Pune, India. Their app designers and software developers strive to address problems by creating excellent software solutions for Web, mobile, television, wearables, virtual reality, and augmented reality platforms.

CemtrexLabs, a major brand in the IoT consulting services list, aims to make smart devices and synchronized web-based and mobile apps easier for clients by incorporating a variety of cutting-edge approaches and solutions.

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11. Softeq – Internet of Things Consulting

Softeq is a major Web and mobile app development firm and IoT service provider that provides full-stack app development services to its clients worldwide. It is expanding among the Internet of Things IoT companies. It is a leading name in the Internet of Things developer arena and one of the top Internet of Things firms. Cross-platform apps on Xamarin,  high-performance Web-based solutions for Java,line-of-business Web solutions, and MEAN  are some of the company’s other main skills. 

Thanks to top-of-the-line technical tools and a workforce that screams creativity, the company is known for creating IoT development strategies and products that redefine industry norms.

12. GE Digital – Industrial IoT Consulting

 DE Digital provides implementation, support, industrial managed services, education, and data science services, among other things. It is responsible for the IOT Platform. GE Digital provides software and advising services. Predix Asset Performance Management, Predix Manufacturing Execution Systems, Predix Operations Performance Management, and other industrial apps are available. 

The company uses GE Digital’s products and services for food and beverage, automotive, chemicals, steel manufacturing, semiconductor, pulp & paper manufacturing, water or wastewater.

13. Gorilla Logic – IoT Consulting Firms

 Gorilla Logic is well-known among the largest IoT companies and IoT service providers. It’s also one of the best IoT solution providers for Agile development and Nearshore app development for mobile, Web, and corporate apps. Gorilla Logic’s designers and app developers exclusively offer the highest-quality digital solutions capable of producing high-performance results in terms of both functionality and user interface. 

The goal of Gorilla Logic is to make the clients’ mission their own mission, and the company is growing in the Internet of Things sector. As a result, their devoted team of IoT development experts is not hesitant to go above and beyond to provide the finest potential output for their clients.

14. IBM – IoT Business Consulting

IBM is a global leader in developing and distributing computer hardware, middleware, and software solutions, including hosting and consulting services in various fields, from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.

IoT Platform, Watson IoT, Enterprise Asset Management, Facilities Management, and Systems Engineering are some of IBM’s IoT solutions. It offers services in finance, banking, retail, government, telecommunications, media, and entertainment, among other industries. IBM is a well-known provider of computer hardware, software, and middleware.

15. Dogtown Media – Best IoT Consultants in the USA

According to the Internet of Things firms’ list of outstanding enterprises, Dogtown Media has built a reputation for itself in the mobile app business by translating app ideas and concepts into profitable mobility app solutions. It is one of the top internet of things firms, analyzing and designing every part of a client’s project to make it entertaining, visually appealing, and simple to use. 

In just a few years, their team of mobile app developers and application designers has successfully produced over 200 apps for mobile and web platforms, mostly in the EdTech, Health, FinTech, and Internet of Things (IoT) industries. 

16. ITRex Group – Top IoT Consulting Services – the UK

ITRex Group is an Internet of Things (IoT) development firm that designs and implements feature-rich and secure specialized IoT solutions. Cyber-physical systems that take sensor data, run it via AI algorithms and deliver intelligent insights to end users are among the company’s specialties.

TRex primarily works with manufacturing, supply chain management, retail, healthcare, and education companies. ITRex also works with consumer electronics firms to build an end-to-end software infrastructure for connected devices like wearables and Smart Home solutions. 

Walmart, Procter & Gamble, JibJab, TASC, PotentiaMetrics, Hyginex, Dun & Bradstreet, Warner Bros., 21st Century Fox, DogVacay, DealMe, and Dollar Shave Club, among others, have used ITRex to deliver 500+ industry-specific solutions since 2009.

17. Indeema Software – Best Internet of Things Consulting Consultants

Indeema Software is an Internet of a Things software company and IoT service provider specializing in automating time-consuming processes and turning them into useful outcomes. Their technology and scientific experts can assist any device or technology solution in connecting, collecting, and analyzing data from any other device and presenting it to clients exactly as required. Their competence areas include industrial and residential IoT, advanced Web, desktop, and mobile apps.

18. Skelia – Top Internet of Things Consulting Consulting Services

Skelia is an IoT firm with a global presence that also creates cross-border IT and technical groups and affiliate enterprises in Eastern Europe. A wide spectrum of clients with big projects, from startups to Fortune 500 organizations, use the company’s staff augmentation services. 

The company is a leading online technology firm in Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, and the United States. The Customers may keep control of their team and budget thanks to the company’s open-book pricing policy.

19. Vakoms – Internet of Things Consulting

Vakoms is a unique software development firm specializing in IoT development from start to finish. The company provides a comprehensive spectrum of solutions and services to its clients, starting with IT consulting and ending with product development from the ground up, with a portfolio of over 300 successfully delivered projects and over 120 in-house specialists.

The company has delivered various projects in the home automation (smart home), construction and real estate, interior design (3D, AR, VR), sport and fitness sectors, among others, using key technologies such as Node.js, Python, Golang, Java, C/C++, and others.

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20. Siemens – Top Internet of Things Consulting Consulting Services

Siemens offers MindSphere, an open IoT operating system. It provides an intelligent gateway for Industrial IoT solutions. Siemens is well-known for its microgrid-building and operation products, solutions, and services. Siemens is involved in manufacturing, healthcare, energy, infrastructure, and cities, manufacturing, digitalization, and financial services. 

MindAccess IoT Value Plan for Users and MindAccess DevOps Plan for Developers and Operators are the two connections available. For these connectors, you can obtain a quote. Fleet Manager Rules Upgrade ($236 per month), Analytics Services Upgrade ($1062 per month), and Backing Services Upgrade ($472 per month) are the three upgrade options available.

21. ARM4– Internet of Things Consulting

The ARM Company is well-known for producing RISC multi-core processors in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It offers a Device-to-Data Platform for connectivity, device management, and data management in the IoT. Mbed OS, SoC Solutions, and Kigen SIM Solutions are among the company’s device offerings.

The company offers AI, IoT, and security solutions to several industries, including automotive, retail, logistics, healthcare, and infrastructure. Bed OS is a completely free and open-source operating system. Commercial assistance is available in three flavours: Community (free), Business ($36000 per year), and Enterprise. 

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