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Barcelona Fan Tokens | How Fan Tokens Have Become Sports Newest Craze

The development of cryptocurrencies has opened a whole new universe of possibilities for individuals and companies. People can transmit money across borders...

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The development of cryptocurrencies has opened a whole new universe of possibilities for individuals and companies. People can transmit money across borders without paying a High Commission or risk losing monetary value in currency conversions, and they may invest in the cryptocurrency market 24/7. And expect significant returns. Cryptocurrency has also enabled sports clubs, celebrities, and businesses to create their digital tokens and request sponsorship or support from their fan bases through investment and purchasing items using digital currency. And that’s what we call a fan token.

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Fan Club Token – The Crypto Token to Watch and Purchase

Sports clubs and organizations worldwide are always looking for the biggest and brightest methods to engage with their supporters. After all, they’re the lifeblood of any sport; without those people watching who dedicate their spare time and often, their lives to following their heroes, no sport would be the same.

Barcelona Fan Tokens
Barcelona Fan Tokens

In Detail Information on FC Barcelona Fan Token

FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR)

fc barcelona fan token
fc barcelona fan token
Market Cap Total Supply Circulating Supply24 Hour Trading Vol 
$24,920,22839,960,0002,950,654 $2,807,936

Social media has been one largely successful method that organizations and individuals have previously used to great effect. It’s also something the fans utilize too, as they love nothing more to share an opinion on the goings-on at their favorites, as highlighted by NBC recently.

But as the saying goes, time stands still for no man, so it’s no surprise that the latest technologies are at the forefront of the developments in engagement in sports and entertainment. Some of the world’s most prominent sports organizations and teams are now capitalizing on the popularity of things built on the blockchain by offering supporters the option to purchase Socios fan tokens. While these uniquely produced digital utility tokens look relatively comparable to an NFT as they display the relevant organizations’ logo or branding, they have an additional use beyond a digital badge of support. That is where that extra layer of engagement and incentive comes in.

The token owners are afforded access to rewards unavailable to the non-token owning supporter, such as VIP experiences. But crucially, they also can vote in polls which directly affect decisions made within the organizations. It’s been an initiative that fans have lapped up, as they’ve become very popular. Many fan tokens are selling out within hours of being released on sale. While the sale brought people closer to some huge brands, it’s also raised considerable sums of money. From the UFC to Formula 1 and even major soccer teams in Europe, such as Barcelona, have profited by over $1 million due to fans’ investments.

While these are huge organizations, players in college sports have also taken advantage of the interest in fan tokens by releasing their own. The NCAA allows athletes to benefit from their image, so Kayvon Thibodeaux of the Oregon Ducks launched his crypto called $JREAM as a fan token. The Duck’s defensive end has had a lengthy interest in the blockchain and said it’s the ‘next step for starting his future’. Naturally, the rewards of being a token owner aren’t as huge as the major names can offer; however, the similarities to both schemes are apparent. Ownership of the tokens opens the virtual door to a special Discord community that Thibodeaux will be a big part of and grants access to a range of exclusive merchandise. Also, like the significant institutions, the more tokens an individual owns, the more access to rewards it allows.

However, token sales are restricted to limited numbers. Once they sell out, the owner can trade them at potentially inflated prices due to demand. This has led to some fans not welcoming their addition into the sporting arena. Still, Thibodeaux quickly rebuffed claims it was a money-making scheme. “This is not an investment,” said the player on Twitter. “Consider it a membership into an exclusive community where you will have access to me as a fan or supporter.”

That sentiment is something echoed by the CEO of Socios, Alexandre Dreyfus, whose company’s mission is first to deliver value to fans. He says that allowing them to vote on matters such as the naming of the training centers or the colors of the team jerseys helps to acknowledge just how important they are to the sports teams. Then as a by-product of that promise of engagement, the club benefits from the new income stream created by fan tokens.

“We think it matters for fans to be recognized by the club, [wherever] they are in the world as someone who belongs to a community,” Dreyfus said. “Secondly, as soon as I am part of a membership program, it is normal that I have some influence. Of course, this cannot happen on the field, it cannot happen on the business [side], but there are still many other things you can still try to push clubs to give to the fans. Our job is to try to push the clubs to give more to the fans.”

He continued: “Most of the teams understand that most of the growth in their revenue in the next five to ten years is going to be digital and it’s not going to be content. People do not buy content. It’s about what value you can give to a fan and we think recognition, benefits, voting, gamification [around those elements], and digital services we’re going to launch – this is valuable.”

While the integration between the blockchain and sports is still relatively in its infancy, it’s clear innovative opportunities like fan tokens and digital assets will undoubtedly play a huge part in the world of sports for some time to come.

Difference Between Fan Token and NFT Tokens

Difference Between Fan Token and NFT Tokens
Difference Between Fan Token and NFT Tokens

So what exactly are fan tokens

Fan tokens are a type of cryptocurrency in which holders can vote on club positions, incentives, and item designs. These can be used by sports clubs, music fan clubs, and other organizations. However, there is one significant difference between NFTS and fan tokens. NFTs do not give exchangeable ownership rights, whereas Fan Tokens do this; fan tokens may be easily exchanged for goods and services. Fan tokens also allow people to identify with one another and build communities. furthermore, unlike Bitcoin or ethereum. These tokens are unbacked by any digital currency. Their worth is usually determined by the number of people who want them. Manchester City, Barcelona ventis, and Paris Saint Germain have all implemented supporter tokens. Even IPL teams seek to create fan tokens to capitalize on the expanding cryptocurrency market.

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