Top Companies Using Node JS in their Development Process in 2022

Are you gearing up to enhance your online presence? Well, nothing overwhelming about it, everyone else is doing the same. You see...

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Top Companies Using Node JS

Are you gearing up to enhance your online presence? Well, nothing overwhelming about it, everyone else is doing the same. You see there is nothing wrong with entering the ever-growing hurricane of digitalization,  but how you survive the tornado matters the most. Among all the available web development technologies, javascript(one of the leading programming languages)has not just been doomed to death once or twice but again rose from the ashes and became the freaking face of the web development realm today! No wonder, businesses irrespective of their niche are willing to hop in and incorporate the JavaScript framework in their product tech stack.

The following post emphasizes what is Node.js, How is Node.js beneficial for businesses irrespective of different industry verticals and what are the top companies using server-side technology. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

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Top companies using Node JS in their development process.

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Trello
  3. NASA
  4. Netflix
  5. PayPal
  6. Uber
  7. Medium
  8. eBay


  • Why Must You Consider using Node.js for your upcoming project?
  • Learning Node Tech is a Piece of cake
  • It is Possible to Launch the product Quickly
  • Tried and Tested on Multiple Domains
  • Final Thought

Node.js Popularity – Is it Good or Just too-Much Hyped!

Everyone knows that Node.js is a javascript-based server-side platform mainly used for backend purposes to host multiple sites. Mainly used to manifest dynamic web pages, Node.js technology does play a significant role in smoothening the development process. Now do you think is it just limited to developing interactive, robust and scalable websites? Probably not!

Since the server-side runs on a V8 JavaScript runtime engine, testing and debugging can be done at a lightning speed. In fact, several resources vouch for the fact that nothing can beat Node.js when it comes to choosing a tech stack that increases the developer’s performance, satisfies the end-users and improves the performance of the developed app – all at once. Not to mention, by using the “non-blocking” approach, here javascript developers are no longer asked to waste any time in holding back for  I/O requests.

On a technical note, Managing requests and sending responses might be easier said than done. When you choose Node.js in your technology stack make sure to use Nodejs development practices for efficient programming. In Nodejs connections can be handled by running a single-threaded event loop. The only concern here is that it must be registered with the system. Due to this the callback function of Javascript fires.  Do you think Node.js just excels at handling non-blocking I/O calls? Absolutely not! In addition, to manage multiple servers or web servers, Node.js can be highly recommended for developing desktop-based applications and web apps. However, to conduct an effective Node.js development process or project, it is always advisable to look for a reputable company that follows the node.js best practices to deliver the best possible outcomes from their space.

Before we proceed any further some fruitful terms regarding the server-side technology to take into account:

  • I/O – input/output
  • Blocking and Non-Blocking I/O  – For blocking I/O, if there are two users A and B then it is impossible to initiate B’s data request unless you are done with A. Whereas with Non-blocking I/O multi-threaded tasks can be handled at the same time. One doesn’t have to wait anymore. 
  • JavaScript event loop – In case you want to monitor the callback queue and the call stack at the same time, go for the Javascript event loop.
  • NPM – Node package manager comprises a plethora of packages to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the development process.
  • Events – As the name implies, it means something has happened that needs to be responded to well.

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1Netflix Lowers Startup Time with Node.js.
2NASA Improved Database Access Time with Node.js.
3Trello Achieved Quick Prototyping with Node.js.
4PayPal Decreased Its Loading Time with Node.js.
5Linkedin Improved Its App Performance with Node.js.
6Walmart Improved Website Experience with Node.js
7Uber Eases Ride Processing with Node.js.
8Twitter Achieves 5 Seconds Loading Speed with Node.js.
9Yahoo Simplified Feature Releases with Node.js.
10eBay Reduced Resource Utilization with Node.js.
11GoDaddy Showed 4x Higher End-User Performance with Node.js.
12Groupon Achieved Scalability with Node.js.
13Medium Speeds Up Content Processing with Node.js.
14Yandex Created Numerous Apis with Node.js.
15Citibank Achieved 50% Lower Latency with Node.js.

Here are the companies using Node.js: Netflix, NASA, Trello, PayPal, LinkedIn, Walmart, Uber, Twitter, Yahoo, eBay, GoDaddy, and got much better results.

  • LinkedIn

Of course, who doesn’t know what LinkedIn is? It’s the biggest social networking platform. Much like Facebook, even this one is a social networking site but the only difference is here your connections are thoroughly professional. Today every individual whether he is a 40-year-old business executive or a student looking for some serious career goals, is available on such social media apps here. It’s about being noticed and generating relevant contacts, making a rapport, staying in touch with the existing market, knowing what’s in and what’s out irrespective of the industry.

It may quite interest you to know that LinkedIn was first developed using Ruby on Rails technology. Yes, its previous tech stack wasn’t Node.js. In 2011, the company switched to Node.js and the results are thoroughly incredible. High-end performance, loading speed, executes Javascript code swiftly, both server-side and client-side became one unit, developers are no longer stuck in firefighting.

  • Trello 

Many of you have this misconception that Trello is a project management tool or one of the best collaboration tools and not a company. Well, it is developed by a company with the same name. In a business there is no I or me, it’s all about effective team management which can only be achieved by efficient collaboration. Here it is possible to manage tasks in real-time. And this is what makes Trello better than Asana. Wondering why? It’s all because of Node.js. By using the server-side technology, Trello hasn’t just been faster but is pretty much light in terms of weight. Not to mention that no other tool can handle updates with zero latency as Trello does.

With the help of Node.js, all the unnecessary expenses have been deducted in regards to the prototyping and development process. No wonder Trello is one of the leading companies that use Node.js.  

  • NASA

Do we need to explain what NASA is? Now being a pioneer in the aeronautical field, it may quite interest you to know that even NASA did face difficulties in accessing databases. Whether it was for research purposes or looking for data on EVA spacesuits,  scientists were unable to access data even via multiple locations. By using Node.js technology, all the data was moved to the cloud resulting in reduced access time.  And all this was done without any errors. Surely, this is one of the leading companies that use Node.js enterprise architecture to enhance access time by almost 300%. Now the data is available to the end-users via APIs. By using data API modules, legacy Oracle and SQL Server databases can now be well-connected with the cloud database. 

  • Netflix

We all are pretty much familiar with the “ta-dum” sound. Yes, this one is the Iconic Netflix’s sound. The platform has gained severe popularity during the lock-down. Did you know that the user interface of Netflix was developed using which Technology? Node.js. Unlike other popular companies that use Node.js, this one had no such back story. Right from the beginning, The Netflix team chose Node.js to run smoothly across various devices. To handle all the requests on your preferred operating system, supports weekly video data streaming are some unavoidable perks of using the tech

Not to mention that apart from high-end performance, Netflix is best when it comes to speed as well and maybe that’s the reason why the platform has become the apple of the eye for its 182 million subscribers. 

  • PayPal

Paypal is one of the leading companies that use server-side scripting technology to streamline online payments like no other application. Earlier even PayPal faced a plethora of challenges such as it was unable to sync well with the client-side development. Also not to mention this resulted in poor performance and wastage of the development time. So what they did was, they chose Node.js as a solution.

By using the technology, an ample amount of time is saved, the size of the code is shrinking and of course, speed has increased almost by 35%.

  • Uber

If your car gets hit, go Uber! If you are getting late for an interview, go Uber. Being a leading transportation services provider. Uber also requires relevant and preferable technology to well-connect between riders and half a million users. A massive matching system was built where tons and tons of data were processed quickly, massive data analytics was performed and errors were being analyzed, quick codes were being deployed, and whatnot!

  • Medium

Another leading platform to take into account is Medium. Medium uses Node.js technology to build app servers and it certainly succeeded. Today it is one of the best publishing platforms with 85 million users. By using node.js, no matter how long your content is – all it takes is 2 secs for web pages to load. Also, not to mention that the tech did play a significant role in enhancing the user experience.

  • eBay

Node.js did mend its ways in enhancing eCommerce-based platforms such as eBay. One of the leading companies that use the technology and follows Node.js best practices is eBay. By using the technology, eBay specific services of live connections could be maintained day in day out.

In addition to these, there are many other multiple companies using Node.js such as Microsoft, Mozilla, Walmart, Groupon, GoDaddy Twitter, Yandex, IMDB, Yahoo, Amazon Web Services, BBC, Rakuten, SAP, and so forth. All of them firmly believe that nothing beats Node.js when it comes to developing a  web application with improved performance, robustness, scalability and of course, the lightning McQueen factor i.e. speed.  Speaking which let us go through why one must consider Node.js for their upcoming web development project i.e. developing web apps or web applications.

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Why Must You Consider using Node.js for your upcoming project?

Why are famous companies using Node.js apps

Till now you must have been assured of the fact that the popularity of Node.js is immense and it will be growing more in the upcoming years with more and more companies from different business verticals will be seen jumping on the bandwagon. Above we have mentioned the top companies using Node.js which should be probably enough for anyone to decide why to consider the server-side for your upcoming project. Still, we would like to shed some sure-shot reasons or to be precise advantages of using Node.js technology so that sooner or later even you can be in the list of top companies using Node.js for a few parallel projects.  

#1 Learning Node Tech is a Piece of cake

Did you know that technology is extremely easy to learn? Yes, almost all development teams can vouch for the fact that Node.js is great in terms of learning and use. Even the client-side professional developers have admitted the fact that the  Object-Oriented Programming language enables one to host multiple sites in the same apache server. 

Not to mention, since Node.js is pretty popular, you can find tons of information, courses, and tutorials. And it is a safe bet to say that since it has no steep learning curve and is pretty easy to grasp technology, more and more developers and development companies are found specializing in the tech. So finding one for your web application development project won’t be much of an issue. 

#2 It is Possible to Launch the product Quickly

Since at present every small, medium or large enterprise is found making a strong online presence, it’s time to think of something out of the box that will definitely not just help you to survive but also succeed in the particular niche. And quick launch time is the only way to do so. Node.js is one tech used for application development because it significantly reduces the time-to-market cycle. You won’t even know and your application will be developed. All you have to do is choose a reliable senior software engineer who has some hands-on experience in the technology and who follows the Node.js  best practices.

Not to mention that instant or quick deployments also lead to quick feedback. So another crucial reason to use Node.js is it offers a reduced time-to-market. 

#3 Tried and Tested on Multiple Domains

Node.js is not a newbie in town, the technology featuring an official package ecosystem and cross-platform runtime environment has been in demand right from the beginning. Also, you must have gone through the aforementioned companies that use Node.js to enhance their products all across the globe at a fanatic pace. So yes, the tech is a thoroughly sure-shot way to not just create but enhance your online presence to a great extent in a short span of time. 

Also, here you will find a huge community of experienced and veteran developers who know the tech inside-out. So even if you choose an amateur developer due to budget restraints and somehow he gets stuck in between. All he needs to do is ask for assistance from the Node community and feel rest assured.

Final Thought

If you think Node.js will be abandoned anytime soon then you are certainly mistaken. With Node.js technology becoming the obvious choice for every business (whether it’s a startup or a mid-level enterprise or a large enterprise), it is impossible to take no notice of. What makes the technology a cut above?

  • Outstanding performance-driven tech
  • Streamlined development process
  • Code reusability
  • Developing real-time tracking apps, enterprise-grade web applications and server applications
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Talent pool and a huge community

And the list goes on! So this is it for now! Keep watching the space to know more regarding Node.js development technology later in the day.

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