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Top Applications Developed through Laravel

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As technology advances and becomes more intertwined in our everyday routines, applications that run on secure frameworks become increasingly important. A leading framework used to develop robust and reliable applications is Laravel. It is a PHP-based open-source internet tool framework.

For businesses that need a fast and secure framework for their internet programs, using Laravel can be invaluable in guaranteeing success. With its array of features, such as multi-database system support, user authentication and authorization, and data encryption, This popular framework is one of the most powerful.

From streaming services for online stores to internal enterprise applications, developers can create dynamic applications that use Laravel’s comprehensive toolset to deliver engaging user experiences. Laravel can empower businesses to create innovative solutions swiftly and economically. Join us while we discover some of the top applications developed through Laravel.

9 Best Apps Built with Laravel Framework


MyRank was a digital platform constructed using the PHP framework—the main focus by arranging multiple components following user likes and dislikes. It enables people to make and handle individual ranking lists for multiple themes, including movies, books, music albums, or restaurants.

People can give ratings and provide product feedback, and the software determines general rankings based on what users say. The MVC  architecture of Laravel structure and robust database mapping technique known as Eloquent simplify the process of efficiently handling database operations and running advanced queries.

Using Laravel’s pre-installed authentication and access control features, Our application ensures protected user access and data control. Moreover, Laravel’s template system and front-end technologies, including VueJS, enable an interactive and user-friendly design for MyRank.

Neighbourhood Lender

Neighbourhood Lender is another fantastic web app created with Laravel – a platform that connects local borrowers and lenders. It allows investors to request loans and to present offers with tailored terms and different interest rates. Everything you need for loan arrangements is in one place!

With Laravel’s routing system, managing all those loan requests and lender profiles is a breeze. Plus, its awesome validation and form-handling servers ensure our information stays secure while processing. Neighbourhood Lender is grateful for Laravel’s wonderous database features like migrations and Eloquent ORM which help us keep all user data, loan details, transaction records–you name it–organized.

Leveraging Laravel’s incredible caching capabilities to ensure a smooth experience, Neighbourhood Lender benefits from incredibly quick performance and reliability. And with Laravel’s clued-in ecosystem and the vibrant community that bolsters it up, scalability and maintainability? Well, there’s no need to worry about those!

Toyota Hall of Fame

Each year, Fantasy Football provides a dynamic digital experience for millions of participants in the US and Canada. Players can join the fantasy hall of fame alongside big names like Yahoo and Toyota! What better way to unite die-hard fans than through this collaborative Laravel application? With its competitive spirit, there’s nothing quite like it!

The Toyota Hall of Fame web application is the spot for football players to receive their ‘Hall of Fame’ honors. Outfitted with the Laravel framework, this app makes it a breeze for the organization to stay on top of and precisely track their programming, plus they can grow without any hiccups. Thanks to its auto-loading capabilities, PHP classes will load like clockwork; trust us – there are no hitches!

Invicta Watch Group

Who would have thought this app powered by Laravel, the Invicta Watch Group, has skyrocketed to great success? Established in 1837, it’s no surprise why this USA-based watch organization still thrives today.

Thanks to its framework’s easy scalability and traffic quickly soaring during peak season, their ole’ database of loyal customers must remain huge! Despite having been around for nearly two centuries, they’re keeping up with their times – very impressive if you ask me.

Our live product Catalog boastfully displays all its pictures, videos, and details. It is intricately structured within the Laravel framework, ensuring our buyers’ and online browsers’ info remains safe.


According to Bloomberg, Barchart is a financial information powerhouse that caters to websites worldwide. It’s become the go-to for unparalleled stock, forex, and crypto analysis across markets in the US, UK, and Canada – setting a standard in data solutions.

Laravel has lumped together a really impressive number of tools into one convenient platform – so no more complicated installations. Even better, they’ve got streaming, interactive charts that make charting a cinch! Talk about simplifying life.

With time being invaluable, the bar chart website is a lifesaver when monitoring your deals. You can access an incredible range of global markets for making investments in whatever piques your interest – and all without any fuss or great expense of time.


InvoiceNinja is the ultimate billing toolbox for entrepreneurs and freelancers. It provides everything you need to create accurate invoices and track expenses without fuss – so amazing! Plus, it’s open-source, which means more cash in your pocket – win! If you’re looking for an effortless way to manage all aspects of your business finances, InvoiceNinja has got your back.

Harnessing the SaaS model provides users with ultimate freedom and choice to use either a public cloud or their infrastructure. Laravel framework’s website further takes this up by allowing you to create multiple profiles with personalized privilege settings for each user.

This platform sure is bursting with creativity – and get this, you can add your company’s logo to the invoices. Just generate them, then send them through a custom link. Even better? You can attach extra files to back up your spending – no wonder it’s picked up so many fans among businesses recently, having clocked over 170,000 users!


Contentoo is an application built on Laravel that focuses on streamlining content creation and maintenance processes for business owners and freelance writers. It serves as a web where companies can access professional writers and editors who handle different purposes of high-quality writing from websites, blogs, and social networking sites.

Clients using the Contentoo interface can create briefs, roll up work with writers matching their skills or desires, review content approved by other clients, and comment on or approve paid content types before going live online. Additionally, writers can find relevant assignments, bid for assignments available on the platform to have their work submitted, and communicate with many clients through various fields provided on the app.


Usetably is the best example of using automation using the Laravel framework. Laravel framework has become popular for developing booking websites.

Payment gateway integration gives restaurants seamless bookings and payments. It offers tailored solutions to restaurants by saving customers’ choices and preferences.

This helps restaurants give their customers a personalized experience every time they come in on board. Happy customers are such an asset, you know!


Flarum is a popular application built using Laravel, the next-generation forum software that aims to make online discussions simple, fast, and fun. It is targeted towards being a minimalistic, extensible forum software using components to give it a range of features commonly found in other forum platforms.

The two existing forum software merged by their developers to create Flarum are FluxBB and esoTalk. The process began with the merger through which these two applications were created.

Some of its key features include speed, simplicity, and responsiveness. It uses PHP for its architecture and is powered by the Mithril JavaScript framework for its user interface for performant operation, thus making it easy for users to navigate and enjoy it. Also, the project is free, open-source licensed under MIT License.

With Flarum, users can enjoy the clutter-free, easy interface of discussions. It supports thread locking to meetings, private messaging, and post-flagging attributes of a discussion. Flarum is extensible. This allows extensions to be added that improve its functionality and make it suitable for specific forum requirements.

Integration with Laravel’s basic authentication system using tokens is also possible. Such integration entails minimum coding for users, who must follow guides and examples on platforms like GitHub.


Alphacoders allows its users and content creators to connect with their fan community. The tool helps the user to monetize their skills. In this case, the blade template engine of Laravel comes in handy.

The website is full of avatars, nice wallpapers, and much content. It’s a growing platform with a new creator or user added every hour. The main credit for its popularity goes to its uniqueness. Cool, isn’t it?

Laravel offers quick implementation on alpha coders that are highly scalable.

Why is Laraval Framework a good choice for your next project?

Laravel Framework is an awesome solution for web development projects because of its numerous benefits and advantages. Below are key reasons why Laravel is a good choice for the next project:

Popularity and Community Support

Laravel has gained immense popularity in the PHP community and enjoys a huge and active community of developers. It was reported that over 317,218 websites use Laravel, also considered one of the most widely used PHP frameworks.

Undoubtedly, it has attained this position owing to immense community support with strong resource access to packages, tutorials, and plugins.

Fast Application Development

Laravel framework enables rapid application development, offering a streamlined and efficient process. Therefore, using Laravel lets you make development tasks easy and quick.

Moreover, it provides many pre-built components, libraries, and tools to ease common tasks such as routing, caching, authentication, and session management. Besides improving code readability, maintainability, and scalability, these features help developers do less work in developing the application by writing clean and maintainable code.

Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture

Laravel follows the MVC architectural pattern, which promotes separation of concern and organization of code. Such an architecture enhances code readability, maintainability, and scalability. Thus, you can work on different application components independently to make your task easier and enhance collaboration during development.

Eloquent ORM

The eloquent ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) of Laravel simplifies database work with its elegant and intuitive way of interacting with the database. It makes operations on the database easier by mapping database tables to PHP objects. So, you can use expressive and easy-to-understand syntax to perform database operations in your application for more efficient interaction with the database.

Robust Security

Laravel protects your application from common security threats through built-in mechanisms. It includes features like CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery), secure authentication, encryption, and prevention of SQL injection attacks. Laravel includes security features that help mitigate increasing threats to your application and protect users’ data.

Testing and Debugging

There is strong testing support available for Laravel development. This framework allows developers to write unit and integration tests against it to ensure its reliability as an application. As a part of the infrastructure tools offered by Laravel, it is easier to write and execute a test that helps identify issues or potential risks during an early stage of development so they can be fixed easily.

Laravel Ecosystem

The ecosystem surrounding Laravel consists of a large set of extensions, and packages, along with libraries, and are widely accessible through the Composer package manager. Those extensions, packages, and libraries provide extended functionality besides normal applications. Hire Laravel developer to build your next amazing web application. They will assist you in building a solid and powerful application that will be able to show great results for the business.

Final Words

The Laravel framework has allowed developers from all walks of life to create great applications. From complex eCommerce websites to customized CRM development, Laravel has become one of the most trusted and reliable tools among developers across the globe.

Indeed, it is really important to use cutting-edge technology to stay ahead when advancing technologies take over much of today’s world.

By taking advantage of Laravel for your web development, you move closer to success. Try out Laravel as your web application development tool now!

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