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18 Next-Gen Travel App Ideas To Grow Your Business In 2023

In the saturated travel industry, surviving and thriving with an ordinary travel app development is challenging. The blog enlists 18 best travel...

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Traveling to new places and experiencing a new culture, food, and a lot more has remained popular for decades. What changed is the way people explore new things during traveling. The maps, compass, and Nauti meters are turned into handy travel mobile apps. Travel apps facilitate hassle-free and convenient travel experiences for users and used at scale in the present time.

Around 2 billion users travel globally with mobile trip booking and are expected to generate $0.54 billion in 2026 as revenue. However, the industry is hard hit by the latest pandemic, but now, it’s presumed at pre-pandemic levels and expected to increase travel booking and revenue by a large margin. Skyscanner, HostelWorld, Couchsurfing, OpenRice, and Free2Move are some of the popular apps that are used during travel. It makes perfect sense to build a travel app. 

Coming up with unique travel app ideas is challenging. That’s where entrepreneurs need a clue to get their brains working. Realizing the need, this guide is created where a list of travel app ideas is compiled based on current travel industry trends and technology moves. All you need to do is to hire travel app development company and share the development requirements for  your travel business. Let’s dive into the sea of travel app ideas that help you cherish business success with a travel app solution in 2023.

Top 18 travel app ideas that you can get shaped into a full-fledged solution

Having a second-to-none travel app idea is the first step toward a successful mobile app development project. These app ideas are the motivation for entrepreneurs to get involved in app development and seize an edge in the market. They are-

1) Hotel booking app development

Before heading to travel locations, people often look for hotels that match their stay preferences and fit well within their budget. A hotel booking app facilitates travelers to search and book hotels at their convenient time and place without much ado. Besides, the images, video tours of the property, amenities, and users’ reviews help travelers in the best hotel selection even without visiting the hotel before.

2) Travel accommodation booking app development

With technology advancements, users’ preferences for accommodation during travel are changing. In addition to hotel booking, homestays are getting popular as it enables tourists to get an authentic experience of local food, people, culture, and more while staying with them.

Plus, they also look for options such as shared accommodation, shared time accommodation, camping, and others the way Airbnb is providing. The travel app allows users to find and book the property by applying filters for location, stay type, price, reviews, and others.

3) Flight booking app development

Getting flights booked from agents for the next travel involves a great hassle because travelers need to call them many times. Flight booking app takes away all the issues by providing the facility to book a flight from one place to another easily. The appreneur needs to partner with air transport service providers globally to enable flight booking in a few taps. However, time zone differences, distinct airline policies, various locations, and currency variations create problems, but strategic technology solutions keep things going flexibly.

4) Bus ticket booking app development

Local city buses are a great transportation mode to experience the regional culture and an opportunity for sightseeing. Bus transportation is good for short-distance travel to get a real feel of everything. Get build an app facilitating search and booking for local buses while teaming up with local government authorities.

5) Train ticket booking app development

When it comes to long-distance travel, train travel is considered the best option for travel. With metro stations, bullet trains, and underground trains, people can travel worldwide with well-established rules. However, train ticket booking ahead of time is important and enables users to travel with peace of mind. You can get build a train ticket booking app in cooperation with the local train industry that allows users to book train tickets with the least effort.

6) Car rental booking app development

Post-Uber app launch, car rentals during travel has become a good alternative for travelers to experience new place and culture. Car rental or bike rental service providers also provides extra amenities to differentiate the services in the market. Building an app for car rental booking that provides a platform for car rental service providers is a great travel app idea. It ends up the travelers’ hassle of searching the car rental services and brings optimal amount from service providers as well.

7) Cruise booking app development

The places with inland waterways are the center point of attraction for tourists. Availing of the cruise services is like the cherry on the cake. To take the inland waterways experience to the next level and allow travelers to explore inland water services with cruise booking app development is a better alternative. You can develop a cruise booking app by partnering with all the cruise owners to facilitate mobile booking services for people who may be interested in cruise booking

8) Local transport booking app development

When travelers want to explore city attractions, they look for local transport options to move around the city. That’s where the local transport booking app is the biggest rescuer, which helps travelers find out local transport and book them instantly for hassle-free travel to different places.  

9) Entertainment service app development

During an excursion, if you have not visited local theatres, museums, art galleries, concerts, and more, then your travel remains incomplete. Entertainment is deeply interweaved with the culture of every location that portrays the ethnicity and life of the place. Building an entertainment app that displays entertainment options for different locations followed by the booking facility is a boon for travelers.  

10) Tour guide app development

Travelers generally search the information about tourist places from different websites. It eats up a lot of time, but still, they don’t find satisfactory information as different resources provide information in distinct ways. Here, the tour guide app is the biggest savior for them. It provides all the information about a particular location in one place.  

Travelers will find information related to cuisines, restaurants to find delicacies, places to visit, and transportation options to reach the location followed by seamless booking and fare. The user reviews feature helps know the real experience of the travelers which helps future travelers not repeat their mistakes and enjoy the expedition to the fullest.  

11) Local guide finder app development

Even after having all the information at travelers’ disposal, they prefer having a local guide with them while traveling to new places that helps them better know local places. The local guides have rich insights into culture, tradition, and practices followed by local language knowledge that allows travelers to have splendid travel experiences. Engineering a local guide finder app that comprises a list of certified local guides will be bliss for tourists.

12) Kids-ambient place finder app development

There’s a lot of difference between solo travel and family tours. The family travel when having kids need to move to places that entertain kids as well. Travelers often prefer to plan their tour in a way that helps them visit local attractions and get their kids entertained. Creating an app that enlists the places that entertain both- parents and kids is a first choice for family travel.

13) Souvenirs guide app development

The memories of the visited places remain with the people forever. That’s why travelers look for souvenir shops to find authentic gifts, but it’s a hard nut to crack. Souvenir guide app development makes things easier for travelers as they will find the list of registered souvenir shops that provides authentic collectibles and artifacts for different locations.

14) Best deal finder app development

People always look for the best deals before buying items, booking a table at restaurants, shopping at malls, and more. How travelers can stay behind when they are moving to a new place, but no information regarding local deals makes it challenging for travelers to avail of the deals. The best deal finder app is a boon for tourists that helps them know the deals offered at different places and can compare them before making a decision.

15) Gas and charging station finder app development

When solo travelers are on a business trip or taking a tour to a unique place with their car or rental car that they are driving. It sometimes puts them into trouble when they need a gas station or charging station to keep moving. That’s where the gas and charging station finder app makes it easy to find gas stations nearby.

16) Language translation app development

With more than 700 languages and thousands of dialects spoken globally, communicating or understanding anything internationally while traveling with little-to-no knowledge of the local region is implausible. That’s where the language translation app saves tourists with effortless scanning of the image and translation into text at the flick of the switch. The offline access makes it more accessible for tourists everywhere.

17) Weather forecasting app development

Travelers when planning to visit foreign locations, it’s difficult to say anything about the weather of the travel destination. The weather forecasting app development for the travel industry helps tourists to know the temperature, possibilities of rainfall, stormy weather, or others followed by suggestions for wearable.  

18) Social app development for travelers

Social media sharing has become a new norm. Wherever people go, they first like to post information on social channels and share travel stories. Building a travel social media app is a good idea that allow travelers to connect, communicate, share travel experiences, ask travel-related questions, post reviews, and images. It helps in creating a social community for travelers worldwide.

Which is the best travel app idea?

Staying successful in the market has made mobile app development imperative, which is possible when you have a next-gen travel app idea. The guide provided a list of travel app ideas that act as inspiration for budding players. Declaring the best travel app idea that brings success guaranteed to everyone is impossible.

The right way before you narrow down the choice to one travel app idea is- travel app idea validation. It reveals the fact proactively whether the app idea brings expected outcomes in the future or not. Thereafter start turning an app idea into a reality following a step-by-step travel app development guide. This approach brings phenomenal results to the table.

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