Top 10 Most Profitable Elder Care Businesses Ideas

Here are examples of 20 elder care business ideas you can gain insights and strategies.

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In 2022, there were more than 771 million people of 65+ age were there globally, and by the end of 2024, the numbers will increase. Just like the baby daycare and babysitting business, the market for elderly care is also booming the market. If you are an entrepreneur and searching for new business ideas then here we are with the top 10 most profitable elder care business ideas that you can start and generate high revenue from the platform. 

Let’s See That Stats To Understand Why Starting an elderly care business can be a good option. 

  • The number of Americans aged 65 and up is increasing fast and set to hit 80 million by 2040. 
  • 16% of the population in the United States is 65 years and older 
  • The home care market is expected to grow to $225 billion by 2024.
  • 7% of adults aged 65 and over needed help with personal care from other people.
  • Women were more likely to need help with personal care than men.
  • 7 out of 10 people over the age of 65 will require long-term care.
  1. Senior Transportation
  2. Elder care services
  3. In-Home Care Service
  4. Fitness Coaching
  5. Lawn care service
  6. Mobile Beauty Services
  7. Home modifications
  8. Bed and breakfast services
  9. Easier Home Maintenance
  10. Medical claims assistance
  11. Medical Assistance
  12. Online reselling
  13. Technical Support
  14. Senior care consultant
  15. Window and Gutter Cleaning

10 Eldercare Business Ideas That You Can Launch In 2024

The best 3 profitable elderly care businesses are Senior Transportation, home care services, and meal and nutrition care.

Housekeeping Assistance 

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It is very difficult for old age people to take care of their houses, do their daily life things appropriately or do household tasks like cleaning, mopping the floor, cooking, or handling other such tasks. Starting a housekeeping assistance business can be a good option as this is a business with minimum investment and maximum outcome. If you are launching the application for housekeeping, then that will not be limited to senior citizens, but the scope and target audience will be larger than expected. 

Senior Transportation

Senior Transportation Business

Older people usually face health issues that they have to regularly visit doctors, or they have to go out for daily essential products, groceries, to visit their friends or family, etc.  The major issue they face is transportation, they either have vehicles but they are not able to drive, or due to health issues. Here you can make a space to launch your business of senior transportation. You can launch your application where the user can either book a cab that supports all the senior care facilities or schedule drivers who can ride their vehicle.

Home Nursing

Senior citizens find it difficult to take care of them, especially when it comes to healthcare issues. There are several points where they even hurt themselves or get hurt by taking care of themselves alone. There are multiple application that provides nursing facilities, but still, there are loopholes that you can figure out and launch your application for elderly care. This is a senior care business idea that needs little investment and will help you generate more revenue from the platform. This elderly care business idea is not just limited to the mobile application; you can go offline as well, but that will create little in the era of digitalization.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

The next one of the crucial but most profitable elder care businesses is remote monitoring. Senior citizens need special care and monitoring 24*7 when it comes to their health issues. The remote monitoring team not only keeps a watch on the senior citizens carefully but also monitors their health and slight changes in their health. In case of any emergency, the remote monitoring team sends an alert to the ambulance and care team to assist the patient. Early detection of the issues provides better chances to reach the place and provide appropriate medication. 

For the development of the remote monitoring system, you will a healthcare app development company that can help you with the development procedure.

Long-Term Care Nursing 

When it comes to choosing an LTC home or nursing home for a comfortable and safe stay, seniors and their families face several challenges.

They rely significantly on the Google reviews they discover. They can’t even adequately compare several LTC homes.

They must gather contact information from several sources and phone each person personally to obtain further information.

A marketplace for LTC homes removes all of these obstacles for seniors and their families.

Users may search for all local LTC homes using a marketplace mobile or online app. They can use filters to identify only the LTC homes that fit their requirements.

Most significantly, they may get accurate information on every LTC home from a single source.

On Demand Doctor Consultation App

Getting an online doctor consultation application can be one of the most accurate and most profitable elder care businesses that can help you generate a high amount from the platform. All you have to do is ask the doctors to register on your platform so that even they can make an extra income from the application. To develop the application you can get in touch with any mobile application development company who can help you to get a high-end application. If you have a limited budget, then you can also go for a white-label application like the Practo online doctor consultation app, which will be a more cost-effective option for you. The application will have all the features from where senior citizens can easily consult doctors. 

Home Visit Health Checkup App

Well, this is something like the online food delivery or grocery delivery business idea, but elderly people find it difficult to visit doctor’s places. If the doctors can visit at their place then it would be a great comfort for them. If you are looking for senior care business ideas, then this can be a good option. There will be three panels, including the admin, doctors, and user panels. The user can schedule the appointment according to their flexibility and make payment easily. You can earn through commissions,  advertisements, and other models as well.

Sewage Cleaning

Cleaning gutters may not sound like the most glamorous job, but it can be quite lucrative. As individuals have spent more time at home, the demand for gutter cleaning and other outside domestic services has skyrocketed. In 2022, the gutter services business in the United States is predicted to earn more than $700 million. 

You’ll need some cash upfront to purchase cleaning supplies and gear. However, before you start your business, do some market research to learn what other gutter-cleaning service providers are offering and what their costs are. You may distinguish your company by providing services that use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and automated solutions. 

Once you’ve determined your expertise, begin pitching your services on social media and asking for references. To attract customers, provide discounts and additional services such as painting up graffiti or snow removal in the winter. Starting your own business may be difficult. However, with enough study and forethought, it can be a very gratifying experience.

Massage Business App

Well, this is another thing less focused but one of the good elderly care business ideas that you can consider if you are looking for a good option to get constant and high revenue from the platform. Elderly people always go through the body pain and multiple aches. You can launch a mobile application for the massage service, primarily focused on providing service for senior citizens who constantly go through body aches. With the on-demand massage application, you can also target a different set of target audiences that can help you to generate revenue from the platform. 

Hospice Transportation

Once again, the aging population in the United States is bolstering another profession – hospice care. From 2020 to 2025, the market is expected to grow by almost $80 billion. So, if you’ve been considering beginning a hospice business, now is a fantastic moment. You’ll be able to help individuals in need while still earning a solid living.

However, you must grasp the fundamentals of hospice transportation, from licensing and insurance to personnel. You must decide on a business plan. Hospice treatment is available both at home and in a hospice center. If you are constructing a hospice facility, you will require cash as well as compliance with zoning and other requirements. You will also need to decide what services you can offer. Hospices serve terminally ill patients with pain medication, symptom management, and emotional support. It will not be simple. You’ll need to be innovative in your marketing and be prepared to put in a lot of work, but you can do it.


Venturing into the realm of elder care presents a myriad of lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs. These top 10 most profitable elder care businesses cater to the growing needs of our aging population, combining compassion with sound business acumen. From innovative elderly care services to specialized senior care facilities, the eldercare business landscape is ripe for those seeking both financial success and the fulfillment of making a positive impact on seniors’ lives. 

Whether it’s home healthcare, senior transportation services, or technology-driven eldercare solutions, the demand is escalating. As the silver tsunami continues, investing in eldercare business ideas not only addresses a critical societal need but also ensures sustained profitability in an industry with vast potential. Entrepreneurs who navigate this evolving landscape with empathy and innovation will find themselves at the forefront of a booming market, providing essential services to an aging demographic while reaping substantial rewards.

What are some key considerations when starting an elderly care business?

Starting an elderly care business requires thorough planning, compliance with regulations, and a deep understanding of the specific needs of seniors. Adequate staff training, reliable transportation, and effective communication with families are crucial components for success.

How can technology be integrated into eldercare business models?

Technology plays a vital role in modern eldercare. Implementing digital health monitoring, smart home solutions, and telehealth services can enhance efficiency and improve the quality of care. Integrating user-friendly apps for communication and medication management further facilitates seamless operations.

What is the best business for senior citizens?

Seniors’ Needs Service is the business to start for senior citizens.

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