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Top 10 Best Metaverse Games for Android

With game companies announcing and adopting metaverse concepts into their current game mechanics, metaverse games are the gold rush in the tech...

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Metaverse and Play-to-Earn Crypto Games

With game companies announcing and adopting metaverse concepts into their current game mechanics, metaverse games are the gold rush in the tech industry. This can occur in conjunction with the integration of NFTs and blockchain into the games’ ecology, which can spark a surge in the popularity of virtual asset trading markets and play-to-earn (P2E) gameplay models based on cryptocurrencies.  As you are aware, the metaverse is an actual universe that exists outside of the physical one. It may also be used to describe how far the real world extends. It includes a variety of technologies.

Blockchain, augmented reality, virtual reality, image restoration, and artificial intelligence are a few examples. The enormous metaverse games serve as a hypnotic loop of this time period. It is growing on the Internet like the web.

The paradox is that while it is a made-up world for regular people, it is populated by real-world gamers. Metaverse games caught the attention of players, investors, and celebrities alike due to the exploding popularity of NFT games like Axie Infinity, the record-breaking success of Fortnite events, and the unparalleled interest in sandbox games like The Sandbox or Minecraft.

For this reason, we’ve listed the best metaverse games for android, including both the most well-liked titles and those that are just starting to gain traction. But first, let’s take a quick look at how the metaverse gives gamers access to a dynamic, interactive, and enlarged world before we get into our opinionated list of the greatest android metaverse games available right now.

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Top 10 android metaverse games to look out for in 2023 

1. Battle Infinity

A crypto-gaming platform called Battle Infinity has battle games that players may play to gain rewards. The Battle Arena, a complex 3D world where players may explore and engage with one another, is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. The IBAT Premier League, a fantasy sports league, the IBAT Battle Swap, a decentralised token exchange, the IBAT Battle Store, a gaming store, the IBAT Battle Stake, a staking platform, and the IBAT Battle Market, an NFT marketplace, are the six components of the Battle Infinity ecosystem. The native token, IBAT, is used by the features, and users can use it to buy virtual land. The initiative expects to release a mobile app later and has already achieved its soft cap during the presale phase.

2. Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity is a metaverse PVP fighting software that gained popularity in 2021. It has a sizable number of daily active users, and that figure has been rising throughout 2022. Players in the Axie Infinity universe purchase monsters called Axies and engage them in combat to win rewards in the native token AXS. All Axies have an NFT structure, making it simple to trade, buy, and sell them on the game’s market. One of the most popular best metaverse games for android allows users to breed, nurture, and train their Axies.

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3. Roblox

2DeveloperRoblox Corporation
3GenresFirst-person shooter, Simulation Video Game, MORE
4NominatiKids’ Choice Award for Favorite Videogame, BAFTA Games Award for EE Mobile Game of the Year
5PublisherRoblox Corporation
6PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S, Fire OS, Mac operating systems
7ModeMultiplayer video game

Popular online platform Roblox is unique from other metaverse programmes in that it is not based on blockchain technology. Instead, it gives users the option to create their own games and take part in those made by others. Investors can buy equities in the publicly traded Roblox Corporation, the organisation that created the game and gain from its expansion. The platform had a major rise in popularity in 2021, reaching over 202 million active monthly users. This led to a sharp rise in the stock price. Roblox continues to be a top android metaverse game even though the enthusiasm has decreased. Its smartphone app also makes it simple to enter the virtual world.

4. The Sandbox

One of the most well-known sandbox-style metaverse games is The Sandbox. In 2012, the co-founders of Pixelowl, Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borget developed The Sandbox for mobile devices. This platform was created by and for its users using blockchain technology and smart contracts. Users are represented by movable, block-like avatars. Sandbox’s three main goods are Making 3D models, The Marketplace and The Game Creator.

The native token that serves as money in the world of The Sandbox is called sand. An NFT-like token called Land is used to prove ownership of land plots in video games. NFTs known as ASSET tokens are affixed to various products, such as machinery. You can purchase land on the Sandbox map, develop it, and then sell it—possibly for a profit. Individual pieces of land, homes, office buildings and even castles can be traded or rented out. These assets can also be sold on the OpenSea NFT market.

5. Minecraft

With over 238 million copies sold and approximately 140 million monthly active users as of 2021, Minecraft is one of the most popular best metaverse games for android ever. Minecraft is a must-have addition to any list of games in the metaverse, even though Axie Infinity is the premier example of play-to-earn gaming. It has long been the most well-known sandbox universe, giving it an early-mover advantage in the metaverse game market before the metaverse was even brought up in the media or in the corporate world. Players in Minecraft can compete against one another or the game engine. They may also work together or simply hang out and construct things. Nevertheless, the most magical part of Minecraft is the Creative mode, where you can create your own game and world and invite others to play with you. With the game’s open environment, you can create houses and other structures, earthworks (such roads, dams, canals, and hills), primitive machinery for crafting, or you can merely mine and sell raw materials. 

6. Fortnite

Fortnite, the flagship game of Epic Games, began as an open-world RPG game with a Battle Royale-style gameplay mechanic. Over time, it has gained a devoted following and expanded its universe to include an increasing variety of virtual experiences. Fortnite is currently seen as a prototype for future metaverse games. Being the last person standing while battling other players and game obstacles is the main goal of the multiplayer gameplay in the Fortnite virtual world. In order to have an advantage in battle, players can gather things, explore the landscape, and create structures. Fortnite’s true metaverse potential begins with the worldbuilding options in Creative Mode and the exchangeable looted and player-created goods.

7. Zepeto: A Massive Metaverse App with Customizable 3D Avatars

Another popular metaverse software is Zepeto. Zepeto, an avatar-based android metaverse game developed by South Korean IT company Naver Z, enables users to connect with one another in 3D. The site offers several choices for personalization, such as clothing and accessories, as well as a number of social elements, such as texting and photo sharing. Zepeto is one of the most popular metaverse programmes available thanks to its large user base, and its mobile app makes it simple to access its virtual world whenever and wherever you are.

8. Bloktopia 

Innovative metaverse real estate venture Bloktopia recently debuted. It is created as a 21-story virtual skyscraper to represent the 21 million limit on Bitcoin mining. Users can use BLOK, the project’s token, to buy space in this virtual tower, and they can also make money by renting out their virtual property. A strong economy in Bloktopia offers the chance for rising property values. Virtual reality is heavily emphasised in the project, providing consumers with an immersive experience. Investors can buy BLOK tokens and put them in cryptocurrency wallets to profit from their development even if it is not currently available through a mobile app.

9. Sorare

One of the easiest-to-play online best metaverse games for android right now is Sorare.  A football NFT game called Sorare was created on the Ethereum network. On Sorare, more than 180 football clubs are already recognised, and new ones are joining the network every week. You can buy cards on Sorare and use them to create your fantasy teams. You can earn points as a cardholder based on how well the players on your cards perform in actual matches. The winning teams would receive the opportunity to create new cards each week as a prize. Just enter your email address and log in to create a Sorare account. Debit or credit cards, as well as bank transfers, could be used to buy Sorare NFT cards.

10. Alien Worlds

You must mine Trilium (TLM), the in-game currency, from six planets in the galactic exploration game Alien Worlds, which was launched in 2020. To take part in Planet DAOs, primarily to vote for council members in weekly planetary elections, you can stake Trilium (TLM), the in-game money. The reward pool for miners on each planet is also increased via staking. You’ll be given a shovel to start. But, you should buy land or pay a landowner to start digging if you want more TLM and advanced mining equipment. By engaging in mining activities and engaging in combat with other adventurers, you may also play to gain tokens. When exploring the planets, cities can be constructed and managed. Alien Worlds stands out as an intriguing effort in creating a metaverse government thanks to features like creating and merging Non-Fungible Tokens, engaging with other players in user forums, and choosing a playing style.

Which is the No 1 metaverse game in the world for Android?

Axie Infinity is best metaverse game to play in Android

What metaverse games can you play on mobile?

1. Axie Infinity.
2. Decentraland.
3. Sandbox.
4. Illuvium.
5. Chain Of Alliance.


An increasing number of games are being released practically every day, this list of android metaverse games is only a small portion of the whole market. On the business side, a lot of individuals want to join in since the metaverse market is becoming increasingly competitive. Some well-known best metaverse games for android are still under development. Nonetheless, the intriguing gameplay and features of these brand-new metaverse games may present players with fresh opportunities. According to some experts, play-to-earn games could transform the employment landscape and open up new revenue opportunities, particularly for gamers in developing nations.

NFT integration in metaverse games increases player autonomy and control over their resources. Innovative technologies are being developed by the creators of the metaverse to enhance the realism and immersion of the virtual world. Some of the most legendary games from the metaverse are now at your fingertips thanks to the change. Prepare for the revamp by playing some of the top metaverse games from the list above to get yourself prepared for the future.

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