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5 Tips for Designing a Logo for Your Crypto Business

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Written by Niel Patel · 5 min read >
how to design your own business logo

These days, cryptocurrencies are set to revolutionize the banking and financial industries. Due to the popularity of coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, many startups are focusing on this up-and-coming industry to help individuals utilize this technology.

With so much buzz surrounding cryptocurrencies, competition is fierce as companies try to outperform their competitors. If you’re interested in breaking into this space, you need to differentiate yourself from others, and one of the best ways to do that is with a compelling logo.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to ensure you can create a logo that will get your business noticed and help you thrive.

A Brief Introduction to Web3 and Crypto Businesses

Because this industry is so new, many people are still learning about the fundamental aspects that make cryptocurrency and blockchain technology so appealing. While we won’t dive into too many details, here’s a brief overview of what this industry is all about:

What is Web3?

This term covers the idea of a newer, more decentralized internet experience. Rather than relying on ISPs and third-party systems, the primary goal of Web3 is to allow equal access to the internet and ownership of one’s digital assets. By decentralizing the marketplace, the individual has the power, not large businesses like Google and Verizon.

What is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is not tied to physical assets like paper money. Instead, the value of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate based on user interest and the availability of new coins. Technically, anyone can create a new coin, but whether it’s worth anything depends on the marketplace.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, and because it has name recognition, it’s also the most popular. With this system, transactions are logged in an immutable blockchain. Since this chain can’t be hacked or manipulated (that we know of), it’s one of the most secure ways to do business online.

Overall, this industry aims to disrupt the current way of doing things and give power back to the people, which is why it’s so attractive.

  1. Use AI to Get Ideas
  2. Research Your Competition
  3. Deliver the Right Message and Keep it Simple
  4. Consider Colors
  5. Get Feedback From Potential Customers

Because this industry is new, exciting, and innovative, many entrepreneurs and startups are trying to break in and get their piece of the proverbial pie. As a new business, you need to offer a compelling sales pitch to stand out from a sea of competitors. Starting with a killer logo helps you capture your audience’s attention so you can generate buzz and get ahead.

So, with that in mind, here are five ways to design an excellent crypto logo.

1. Use AI to Get Ideas

Another technological innovation that’s making waves is artificial intelligence. While we’re still a few years away from creating true AI, current programs are really good at taking data points and turning them into creative pieces.

An online logo maker application allows you to generate tons of logo ideas quickly and efficiently. Best of all, it’s free to use these programs – you just have to pay for any logo you want to use for your business.

To use a logo maker tool, just enter your company name and a tagline, and choose some design elements you like (i.e., icons, colors, and fonts). From there, the software will generate polished logos that are ready to go immediately. However, you can also edit and adjust any logo that speaks to you to ensure it’s as unique as your business.

Even if you don’t get quite the right logo you’re looking for, AI software can at least get your creative juices flowing. You can also see your logo in different circumstances (i.e., on a website or t-shirt), helping you visualize its potential.

2. Research Your Competition

Many crypto businesses are currently vying for customers in an increasingly crowded market. Although the industry is still new, you can research your competition and see what logo elements they’re using.

Before conducting this research, however, you need to determine how you’ll be breaking into this space. Are you creating a new currency, or will you be providing services and accepting cryptocurrencies as payment? Maybe you’ll be a consultant and can help individuals and companies navigate the world of blockchain and web3.

Knowing the core elements of your business model ensures that you do the right research. For example, if you’re trying to start a new cryptocurrency, you want to look at other coins and see what they offer. Pay attention to the top performers in the industry and focus on the elements that make them stand out.

3. Deliver the Right Message and Keep it Simple

Another reason to know what your business will be doing is that you want to convey that in your logo. Basically, if someone were to look at your logo and nothing else, would they be able to tell what you’re offering?

That said, when developing your brand’s message, it’s vital to keep it as simple as possible. If you add too many design elements, the whole thing can get confusing, making it harder for your business to capture anyone’s attention.

One way to ensure that your logo is both captivating and easy to understand is to focus on some key descriptors, such as:

  • Authoritative – People will see that you know what you’re doing and that you have experience within the industry. Classic fonts and streamlined graphics can help convey this message.
  • Innovative – Your company is looking to the future of Web3, so you want graphics and fonts that seem futuristic yet grounded in reality.
  • Exciting – Web3 is set to transform the way people think about the internet. So, your logo may need to capture the thrill of breaking barriers and exploring new digital frontiers. So, bold fonts with flourishes can add some pizazz to the design.

While you can combine descriptors, it’s best to focus on one first. From there, you may be able to add some extra elements, but again, you need to keep it simple.

4. Consider Colors

A remarkable logo will look good in black and white and in color, but color can add a new dimension to the design. Gold is very common within the crypto space because it connotes value, but you should also focus on other color schemes, including:

  • Green – Green is the color of money, and it works well for financial institutions. For example, if your business will help people convert cash into cryptocurrencies, a green logo might be a good fit.
  • Purple – This color means royalty and class, so it’s perfect for exclusive crypto companies. For example, if you’re creating a coin to appeal to high-end customers, purple can help it stand out.
  • Red – Red is the color of passion, and a deep red is bold and captivating all by itself. Red is a bit tricky in the crypto industry because it can also relate to casinos and gambling. Overall, this color works best if you have a bold design and need to make sure it will capture your audience’s attention.
  • Blue – This color is common within the tech industry and connotes a feeling of trust and relaxation. Blue might work well if you’re offering IT services related to cryptocurrencies.

5. Get Feedback From Potential Customers

Finally, as you develop your logo, you want to ensure the elements you’re including resonate with your audience. So, getting feedback from potential customers or colleagues can help you figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Performing A/B testing is valuable for logo development as it allows you to pinpoint specific components that might tip the scales toward what you want. Be sure to ask pointed questions about the logo as well, such as:

  • Can you tell what my company offers from the logo alone?
  • Which three descriptors would you use to describe the logo?
  • If this was a new cryptocurrency, would you buy it based on the logo itself?

These answers can help you shape your design until each piece is crystal clear and easy to understand.

Overall, logo development may seem like a pretty simple and straightforward process, but it requires diligence and perseverance to get it right. Since your logo acts as the face of your company, you need to spend time and energy on perfecting it. Once you do that, you should be able to thrive within the crypto space.

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