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Thumbtack Vs Taskrabbit Vs Handy: Let’s Find Out the Best!

Many people have hectic schedules. They don’t have time for housework like cleaning and laundry since they work full-time, attend the gym,...

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Many people have hectic schedules. They don’t have time for housework like cleaning and laundry since they work full-time, attend the gym, and take care of their kids. While a lot of people engage private housekeepers, a lot of people search for help on websites like TaskRabbit and Handy. These websites let customers hire qualified individuals to assist them with menial jobs like housecleaning, laundry, furniture assembly, appliance installation, shopping, and delivery. You can sign up to hire one of these experts, or you can sign up and earn extra cash by taking on jobs that other people don’t want to undertake.

50+ Apps Like Thumbtack

Websites like TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, and Handy act as intermediaries. They assist in putting consumers in touch with experts who can assist them with domestic tasks. It’s a safer option than Craigslist, which is rife with fraudsters and crooks. As a customer, employing TaskRabbit or Handy gives you the assurance that the individual you hired has undergone a background check. You are aware that you will be paid for your job as a contractor.

Let’s see and get more details on Thumbtack vs TaskRabbit vs Handy through this blog. 

Everything about Thumbtack

One of the most well-liked lead generation services for providers and contractors is Thumbtack. Thumbtack will connect you with regional experts who can deliver such services, whether you need a handyman to mend your roof, a DJ for your wedding, or a yoga instructor. Anyone looking for a service must first register on the platform, where they can describe their idea. Thumbtack will then distribute that lead to all the companies in its network that are qualified to handle that kind of work once they have completed it. Thumbtack’s main areas of concentration include domestic maintenance tasks like floor installation, both interior and exterior painting, and house cleaning.

Although Thumbtack also makes it easy to find services like singing lessons, dog walking, wedding photography, and catering, it mostly caters to customers looking for ongoing services. Customers can provide specifics about a job they’d like done when they first visit Thumbtack. They are then given a list of service provider profiles by Thumbtack that might be a fit. After deciding which contractors they want to hire, clients can obtain quotes by looking at their Thumbtack vs TaskRabbit ratings and profiles.

It is up to the client and contractor to manage the project from that point on after they have agreed on a price and chosen to operate together. Thumbtack provides an auto-pay scheme for accurate leads that match the tasks in which you have expressed interest. For consumers who wish to save time and hassle, it is a useful tool. You also have the choice to set a monthly budget, which will restrict the number of leads you obtain. To acquire a feel for the system, start with a small monthly budget. You will be alerted when Thumbtack receives a quote request that only partially matches your specifications. You have the choice of buying them or not. You can also browse opportunity leads, which are leads that other businesses and sectors are bidding on but that must satisfy your particular needs.

All You Must Know About TaskRabbit

In 2008, TaskRabbit was founded, and its main office was in San Francisco, California. There are over 140 000 professionals registered with them. Contractors, or Taskers as they are known, can sign up for an account on the platform by paying a $25 registration fee. Taskers are not required to pay any additional fees. The hourly rate that taskers will bill for their services is entirely up to them. Customers can review and reserve services on the TaskRabbit app or website. The platform itself serves as the location for all financial transactions related to the tasks. Clients that engage professional services on the forum are charged by TaskRabbit a Service fee as well as a Trust and Support fee. After finishing a task, taskers are expected to raise an invoice.

Customers at TaskRabbit have a choice in which contractor they deal with. Customers can schedule a task based on reviews and the hourly prices of the Tasker. The Tasker can choose how to arrange his working hours. It is not known for Taskrabbit to penalize contractors for showing up late or for skipping work. Let’s move ahead to learn about TaskRabbit vs Handy.

Every Detail on Handy

In 2012, Handy was founded, and New York City served as its corporate headquarters. Internet-based reports state that Handy has about 100,000 professionals enrolled with them. Before any contractors are permitted to offer services, Handy thoroughly screens them. Background checks cost twenty dollars, which is taken out of the first reward. There is no payment for registration. Handy makes money by charging users a fee. Handy advertises prices that are more than what they pay the experts on their site. The profit made by Handy is the difference between what they bill the client and what they pay the service provider. Through the portal, clients may also leave tips for the contractors. The contractor receives the whole amount of the tip. There is no actual cash transfer between clients and contractors because the entire financial transaction is performed on the platform. Contrary to TaskRabbit, contractors cannot pick their own hourly prices.

The task you perform and the setting in which you work will determine your hourly rate. Depending on the city and location, there are several hourly fees. Cleaning jobs typically pay less than handyman jobs. Additionally, larger rates could be offered for finishing more jobs each week or month. Contractors are required to bring the materials and components needed to complete their tasks. They can keep track of the receipts for these expenditures and submit a reimbursement request to Handy. Contractors that arrive late or don’t show up to work after claiming a task are penalized by Handy. Additionally, you will pay a penalty if you leave a task unfinished or cancel a specified assignment at the last minute. In such circumstances, a set sum will be taken out of your weekly paycheck.

Key Features of Thumbtack vs TaskRabbit vs Handy

Thumbtack Features

  • Dashboard for tracking business success and handling leads
  • Secure contract signing using eSignature
  • Choosing trustworthy leads for clients
  • Management of leads via automatic follow-ups
  • Direct client communication using messaging
  • Reviews to establish credibility and show mastery
  • connections to well-known scheduling applications and payment services

Thumbtack Pros

  • Simple to get going and acquire estimates from several experts
  • Upon getting quotations, there is no commitment to hire.
  • thorough screening of the platform’s specialists
  • Individualized user suggestions
  • There are resources and advice available for experts to expand their businesses.
  • Thumbtack Cons
  • It can take time to respond to project-related queries before obtaining bids.
  • There is no same-day delivery option offered.

TaskRabbit Features

  • Dashboard for scheduling and managing allocated tasks
  • templates for presenting different services and costs
  • Select goods are available for same-day delivery.
  • Referral system for credit earning
  • IFTTT and other service integrations
  • Background checks and eSignature vetting are among the security precautions used for safe contract signing.

TaskRabbit Pros

  • Finding someone to complete any assignment is made simpler with a broad pool of workers.
  • The thorough screening procedure for Taskers that includes interviews and background checks
  • For some tasks, same-day delivery service is offered.
  • Users have more power because they may choose who they wish to collaborate with.
  • TaskRabbit Cons
  • limited workforce availability in some places
  • No power to choose who is hired or not

Handy Features

  • Simple booking process via website or app
  • Background-checked, pre-screened professionals
  • Numerous services, such as cleaning, handyman work, and house enhancements
  • Processing payments securely Customer service is offered 24/7
  • Return policy for dissatisfied clients
  • Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, and Handy Comparison: Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of various platforms to better comprehend the distinctions between them.

Handy Pros

  • Simple booking process and extensive service offerings
  • Background-checked, pre-screened professionals
  • Safe payment processing and round-the-clock customer service
  • Return policy for dissatisfied clients
  • Handy Cons
  • Lack of a bidders’ system means less price control
  • less freedom to select certain professionals

Winner- Thumbtack vs TaskRabbit vs Handy

Where TaskRabbit specializes in matching clients with local workers for a variety of odd jobs, while Thumbtack is a platform that links customers with nearby experts. Handy is standing out from everyone else. Handy similarly focuses on connecting clients with qualified local human resources, its approach is comparable to TaskRabbit’s. Because Handy offers a subscription service, users can benefit from reasonable discounts and ongoing services like cleaning or handyman work. This makes it unique.

The appropriate platform for you will ultimately depend on your unique needs. If you’re looking for a variety of services, Thumbtack might be the best choice, however TaskRabbit might be the best choice if you need assistance with little jobs quickly. If you want to use recurring services, Handy’s subscription is the way to go! 

Tips for TaskRabbit and Handy Contractors

Professional contractors or do-it-yourselfers can sell their services as a fantastic way to supplement their income, and some may even be able to earn a living through TaskRabbit or Handy. Before registering with one of these websites, prospective contractors will want to be informed of any criteria. For instance, Handy demands that contractors have previous, paid work experience in the industry they wish to operate in. Although TaskRabbit has a greater range of services and softer hiring standards, a Tasker’s credentials or experience can frequently increase their chances of being hired. 

Your wants and requirements will ultimately determine Thumbtack vs TaskRabbit vs Handy and which you should use. Using these platforms depends on your preferences and the services that work best for you. Thumbtack is a great platform for finding multiple service providers, while TaskRabbit is dependable for users who want more control over the tasks they choose and taskers who need same-day service for a specific task. For individuals who want a direct booking process and services with defined prices, Handy is perfect. You can choose the service that best meets your needs by taking into account these characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages, as well as comparisons.

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