The Growing Demand For Developers Skilled in Building AI Tools

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has always been a byword for futuristic technologies. Until a few years ago, this was limited to the realm of science fiction movies where advanced robots and machines carry out complex tasks with little to no human intervention. However, this decade saw the emergence of a number of commercial artificial intelligence tools for a wide range of business applications. As with any emergent technology, it was met with a mix of fear as well as eagerness across many industries.

AI-powered tools are able to carry out a wide range of activities ranging from content creation, and software programming, to editing, analytics, and so on. The best part – users can utilize these tools with little training and get a surprisingly large volume of work done. AI tools increase the productivity, efficiency, and accuracy of teams in every company across nearly every industry.

Companies are increasingly recognizing the indispensable nature of AI tools, and the demand for software developers proficient in building them across industries has risen exponentially. Let’s delve into this trend and understand more about what’s driving it and why you might need to consider hiring developers to build AI tools for you.

The Rise of AI in the Software Industry

The growth in popularity of AI and its near-instantaneous adoption in the software industry has been unprecedented in recent times. Companies, from start-ups to established giants, are investing heavily in AI technologies to stay competitive and deliver exceptional value to their stakeholders. AI developers, therefore, need to be conversant with AI tools and techniques to meet this increasing demand.

A report published by the professional networking giant LinkedIn revealed that the demand for jobs specializing in AI tools and systems had increased by about 74% annually in the software and IT services industry. This remarkable growth underlines the importance and relevance of AI in software development.  

Artificial intelligence has molded the software industry by facilitating simplified automation, augmenting human capabilities, and driving predictive analysis. Users can automate repetitive tasks, reducing the room for error and improving efficiency. AI-powered tools can provide insights and predictions, enabling developers to identify and solve problems before they compound and grow.

Understanding the Need for AI-Proficient Developers  

Companies in several verticals – software, shipping, marketing, business analysis, and financial services (among others) – that need to stay competitive must capitalize on the promise of AI. They need developers skilled in building customized AI-powered tools to suit business requirements. Let’s talk about the benefits of hiring such developers:

  • Better Decision Making

AI tools can process and interpret large amounts of data to deliver significant insights, allowing businesses to make data-backed decisions. This data can include information about operations, sales, and marketing campaigns, among others. Software developers with AI skills can build such bespoke tools to provide targeted insights, improving the speed and quality of decision-making.

  • Enhanced Productivity

One of the best advantages that AI tools can bring is automation. When companies can automate manual, repetitive tasks, they end up increasing the productivity of employees significantly. Developers skilled in creating these solutions can help companies in every vertical reduce manual effort, freeing up time for more critical tasks and lowering overhead. 

  • Improved Customer Experience

Today’s market landscape is all about customer experience. At a time when every market is crowded and niches are fast disappearing, retaining customers is all about providing the best overall experience. AI capabilities like natural language processing can be employed to provide instantaneous customer service, while machine learning algorithms can enhance personalization. Developers with the right AI skills can build and refine such tools, helping companies foster customer loyalty and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Risk Management

AI provides an exceptional edge in detecting scams and fraudulent activities. By analyzing large quantities of operational data, it can compare activities against pre-established baselines and highlight deviations with great accuracy. In other words, AI tools can detect anomalies much faster and better than human analysts or adjudicators. Skilled developers can build robust systems for real-time risk assessment, thus preventing potential losses.

  • Lowered Overhead

Companies of all sizes across every industry must balance their revenues with their costs. The difference between the two is what makes the core of every business – profits. Artificial intelligence-based tools have enormous potential to lower the operating overhead of companies. They do this by automation. By automating routine, manual tasks, AI developers can help companies save significant amounts of labor costs and empower them to have greater productivity with smaller teams.

  • Data Security

Digital security is one of the most pressing concerns today for companies as well as governments. Cyberattacks have been growing increasingly frequent and audacious. A data breach may result in serious financial losses and legal consequences for companies, not to mention a loss of reputation. Artificial intelligence-based tools can detect suspicious activity with far greater accuracy than human administrators and send alerts automatically. The growing threat of cybercrime has skyrocketed the demand for custom AI tools for cybersecurity.

This kind of widespread applicability of AI and the improvements it brings about make it an indispensable tool across industries. A report by McKinsey & Company indicated that AI could create an annual value of $3.5 trillion to $5.8 trillion across nine business functions in 19 industries. But it all depends on companies’ abilities to adopt artificial intelligence and tailor it to their operational needs. The immense potential for value creation underscored by a management consulting giant like McKinsey & Company highlights the growing need for AI tools across industries. 


There is little doubt that the skyrocketing of AI’s popularity and its increasingly indispensable role across industries has led to a high demand for software developers skilled in AI. Businesses must prioritize hiring professionals with such skills as a strategic move to survive and thrive in rapidly evolving market conditions. They not only bring the necessary technical skills but also an insight and ability to innovate, which will drive business growth.

The role of artificial intelligence software developers in shaping the industry is more important now than ever. Acquiring these skills is not just a career move; it’s essential to being part of the future of business. This evolution invites us all to critically analyze our roles and skills, whether we are businesses, developers, or aspirants. As we continue to witness AI’s transformative impact, remember, “AI is not just another technology, but a tool that can help define our very humanity.”

Written by Ashok Kumar
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