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The Fascinating Science Behind Human’s Love for Gambling

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Written by Niel Patel · 3 min read >
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As humans, there are a lot of things that people love to do. A lot of the time, there isn’t much explanation behind why people love the things that they do. For example, seeing the sun set is a kind of comfort that you won’t be able to find in many other things. However, there isn’t really too much of an explanation behind this. Then, of course, there are other things that are unique to people. For example, some people love to swim while others hate it.  A lot of the time, there doesn’t have to be a reason for liking something or not liking something. Each person is different and that is just what you have to understand. 

For example, a lot of people might not understand the love behind gambling among people. For people who don’t gamble, it can often be hard to really get into the science behind it. However, it really isn’t that hard to understand. If you need some points on why it becomes so interesting to some people, you need not look any further. Here is the science behind why human’s love to gamble. 

What makes you vulnerable to a gambling addiction?

Addiction is compulsive behavior despite negative consequences. And it’s really important to start by defining addiction because for a long time, we really defined it very poorly. We used to think that addiction was needing a substance to function and what that resulted in was that cocaine was not addictive because cocaine does not produce physical withdrawal that is noticeable. 
You may be cranky and irritable and crave cocaine but you won’t be puking and shaking and have the classic symptoms that you would see with alcohol or heroin withdrawal. So cocaine wasn’t addictive. Then crack came and we realized that defining addiction in that way not only harms people by telling them that cocaine is not addictive it also harms pain patients because people who take opioids daily for pain will develop physical dependence but they are not addicted unless they have compulsive behaviour despite negative consequences. 
To me addictions are really, really interesting because some people have argued that drugs are addictive because they change the brain and that addiction results from a unique pathology related to the particular chemicals of the drugs. 
It is certainly the case that chemistry matters but addiction can occur completely without any external chemicals. And the reason that that happens is that addiction is not simply exposure to substances. 
Addiction is a pattern of behaviour and certain patterns of experience are inherently addictive. And gambling is a good example of this because gambling does is it gives you intermittent reinforcement and so every unpredictable amount of times you win. 
And this is a puzzle to our pattern-seeking brains. And we keep thinking we’re going to find a pattern and it’s going to sort out and we’re going to understand it and we’re going to get rich. Or we find that sort of constant immersion in these ideas that allow you to escape. 
Well, I got to do this is going to soothe you and allow you to escape from your life and stuff like this. I think gambling is also really interesting because we’ve had an enormous explosion in the availability of gambling, but we have not had an enormous explosion of gambling addictions. 
And again, this is because of the population rate there’s only a certain percentage of people who will be vulnerable. Now, you can make more of those people by traumatizing them and taking away their economic ways of living, but you can’t create them by providing more substances or more addictive opportunities. 

Sports Betting 

One of the most popular ways in which people like to gamble is going to be through sports betting. This is because there are just so many sports fans in the world. This means that a lot of people have predictions and beliefs in regards to what is going to happen in the live events that they are going to tune into. According to the Pew Research Centre, 1 in 5 Americans have bet on sports, largely due to this reason. 

One of the best ways in which you can back your beliefs is to put some money on it. Gambling on sports is such a common feature of every game. Not only does it allow you to back your beliefs, but it can add that extra bit of excitement when you are watching the live event. 


People love to get really immersed and invested into different things. Thanks to the intensity of gambling, this is one of the best ways in which you can experience this feeling. For example, if you were to log onto and enjoy some blackjack, chances are you are going to feel very on edge while you play. They can even offer you a huge $1000 deposit bonus to add some even more excitement. As well as this, you will have the choice of European and American styles. 

The National Institutes of Health even said gambling “increases in salivary cortisol levels that accompany increased cardiovascular activity.” In other words, you can even salivate from excitement when playing at a casino. 


Another reason why people love gambling is due to the fast paced nature of the pastime. Most of the casino games that you play are going to be done at a fast tempo. This means that you have to be able to think on your feet and react in the right way. Due to this, it becomes very immersive and very enjoyable. The likes of playing a roulette round is only going to take around three minutes on a quiet table. So it will definitely be easy to pass the time. 

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