The Best Technologies for Web Development

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Web development takes many different forms, from regular web pages to CRMs, admin panels, and more complex software. For optimal development of all these platforms, it is important to use the best technologies for web development.

Among some very popular web platforms with various features, we find Hubspot, a CRM that offers companies various tools for marketing, sales, and customer service. The popularity of these developments in the business environment continues to grow due to all the benefits they offer: online presence, organization, full accessibility, and a high level of trust. Therefore, if you want to order such a product, you will need the help of front-end developers.

Front-end technologies

Let’s start this article by delineating the main segments that make up any web development.

First of all, we find the interface, the visible part of the platform where users interact and access the content. On the other hand, we have a backend responsible for the logic that allows the interface to work, process information, and connect to the server.

To manage both, you will need several languages ​​and frameworks. These are the web development technologies that we are going to cover in detail.

It is important not to confuse them with CMS like WordPress, PrestaShop, or Magento. These content organization systems provide a working environment for creating platforms by users such as administrators and contributors.

We are talking about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, all three allow you to develop the graphic part of the project and the user interface. According to StackOverflow, 69.7% of programmers have used JavaScript, making it the language most accessed by developers worldwide, followed by HTML/CSS at 63.1%.


This is a set of shortcodes describing the web platform’s content. A hypertext tag language that is in constant development, HTML5 is the most modern. It is built block by block and once saved it can be found through search engines.


Generates a visual representation of HTML, specifying how it should be displayed. It provides style, and design, presenting itself as one of the typical web technologies used by graphics developers.


He is responsible for ensuring the interactivity of development and programming the behavior of elements that give dynamism to the interface. Creation of animations, objects, cookies, validation of data in forms, etc. And besides, it is cross-platform and universal, so it can also be used for mobile development.

Frameworks and interface libraries for front-end

In addition to programming languages ​​that define the “language” and the way code is written, it is important to highlight the importance of development frameworks. A range of tools and pre-written code libraries make it easy for developers to complete daily or frequently used tasks without starting from scratch.

Frameworks provide the foundation for programming in a language, while libraries are responsible for solving problems by making the code more readable.


Among the most famous and popular we find the Angular framework, ideal for web applications. In addition, it uses HTML to build the user interface and is compatible with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Android, and iOS.


It is a progressive framework written in open-source JavaScript, it can be easily adapted to any project, becoming one of the most popular web technologies.


Like Vue.JS, React is also open source in JavaScript, which is very useful for building user interfaces. It is a library, although many programmers consider it a framework due to the superiority of its components.

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