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Taxi Booking App Development Companies in 2023

At a time, taxi service apps were very countable in any country. In the 21st century, as the population increased, the demand...

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Taxi Booking App Development Company

At a time, taxi service apps were very countable in any country. In the 21st century, as the population increased, the demand for taxis hiked like anything, & with the increment in the number of taxi’s demand, many of the traditional and new startups came up to the online portal to reach the market maximums. 

Those days when a person had to walk kilometers to get a taxi, but be thankful for the cab booking software firms who reached the owners of offline taxi businesses and brains with startup ideas; this helped the taxi service industry boost its business. 

Technology brought taxis to your fingertips. Now one doesn’t have to walk kilometers to get a taxi. The era of digitalization and taxi dispatch software development efforts helped the cab business owner reach the last person available. 

Here are the top 25 taxi booking app development companies which are helping the taxi business owner delectably. We made the catalog of these companies based on their customer reviews, their AI structures & based on the service and strength. 

List of top 25 taxi booking app development dispatcher software companies in USA, UK, Germany Australia

  1. Suffescom
  2. RisingMax
  3. FATbit Technologies
  4. HyperLocal Cloud 
  5. BR Softech
  6. JetRuby 
  7. Mobisoft
  8. Codiant
  9. TaxiStartup
  10. Peerbits
  11. TagMyTaxi
  12. Space O Technologies
  13. Innofied Solution
  14. AppDupe
  15. Quorum Software
  16. Enuke Software
  17. MTOAG
  18. Codiant
  19. Octal IT Solution
  20. Bacancy Technology
  21. Appypie

Description of Top 10 Taxi Booking App Development Companies Worldwide

The taxi market was valued at USD 159.6 billion in 2020, and it is expected to grow at an annual pace of 8.95 percent to USD 327.54 billion by 2026. (2021-2026) according to reportlinker.  Uber, Lyft, and Ola, among other taxi-hailing apps, have proven to be game-changing innovations in the taxi sector. Despite the fierce competition, new entrants haven’t been prevented from taking advantage of the lucrative market.

1. Suffescom Solutions – Taxi Dispatch Software Development Companies

What they provide: Suffescom Solutions works on multiple niches, including taxi booking app development, delivery service apps, healthcare service, blockchain app development, and multiple other niches. They provide app service for Android & iOS.

Taxi Booking App Development Company 2022

A Taxi service owner, John Cooper, said, “a team of dedicated professionals is always available to help their clients.” We also found many positive responses from their clients. They are developing apps and providing free consultations to young minds and energy. 

With more than 250 employees, Suffescom is developing as one of the most leading cab booking software firms in India and the US. A company founded in 2013 has built a strong website & app development base. 

If you want your app to be something different from others and user-friendly, we recommend Suffescom. We kept them on the top of the list for a reason. They are a youth team and full of creativity & trusted by many businesspersons. 

2. RisingMax – Ready-to-Go Taxi Dispatch Software Provider

What They Provide:

Taxi Dispatch Software Development Company 2022

Rising Max is building digital transformation in businesses & providing services like mobile app development, blockchain, Al chatbot solution, custom software, and CMS development. They work in multiple industries like automotive, travel & tourism, healthcare, retail & e-commerce, real estate, logistic & transportation & also covers the e-learning and education sectors. 

Rising Max is a US-based software company helping business owners to build their websites and app for Playstore, iOS & others. 

In the year 2011, it built up a strength of 250 employees and served startups, multiple industries, and government institutions. An advanced tech stack is required while developing a taxi-hailing service. The company use a hand-picked tech stack to ensure that our taxi-hailing software can provide real-time services while also being scalable and reliable.

How Much Does A Taxi App Development Cost

3. FATbit Technologies

FATbit Technologies is a mobile app development company that has helped entrepreneurs launch first-of-their-kind businesses in multiple countries. With an in-house team and hundreds of years of collaborated experience, FATbit offers mobile apps and valid solutions to everyday business problems. 

The solutions developed by FATbit are tailored towards resolving the complex challenges faced by a business, be it taxi booking, food delivery or online marketplace. Pivoted towards streamlining business processes, automating offline operations and reducing time to market, FATbit solutions provide entrepreneurs with the means to stay agile and competitive with the dynamic market variables. 

Along with mobile app development services, FATbit provides agile development, MVP development, ERP solution development, CMS development, and eCommerce development services. Due to the company’s high-quality end-products, it has been featured in renowned business magazines like The Entrepreneur, Inc, Business Insider, and Forbes. It has also won various Clutch “Top Businesses” awards.

To know how FATbit can help you develop your taxi booking app, share your business requirements with FATbit experts.

4. HyperLocal Cloud – SaaS-based taxi app provider

HyperLocal Cloud is a company founded in the year 2020, almost a newly built company, but in the very short term gained the name as one of the leading companies in providing services to the dreamers. 

With the major focus on countries like the US, UK, and Australia serving on-demand services to the youths and business owners, also providing services to the Hyper-Local taxi businesses with SaaS-based taxi apps and helping the taxi business company with minimizing the fraud ride, maximum benefits with the minimum at minimum capital investment. 

5. JetRuby – Taxi Dispatch Software Development Company

A Ukraine-based company with over 200 employees has expertise in healthcare, education, real estate, social media, travel, logistics, food delivery, taxi service, and many other sectors.

JetRuby offers iOS app development, android app development, web development & UI UX design. The dedicated employees and administration also provide free app & code audits. JetRuby, with its advanced technologies & software, provides taxi services apps and, car rental, and air taxi services. 

They keep an eye on the future, making apps and websites of ace quality & giving user-friendly software to the companies. 

6. Mobisoft – Taxi Booking App Development Company

Mobisoft is a United States-based taxi software company founded in 2009 with 200+ employees. 

Mobisoft provides cloud-based solutions and also has expertise in iOS and androids based app development services. With a team of top-class professionals, they are making a huge impact in the industry and working on the main niche of taxi booking app development, making the end-to-end service easier and affordable. 

Clients are happy with their service, and the ideas collab with the business model are their success in the app development industry. 

7. Codiant – Taxi Booking App Development Company

Codiant is a service provider specializing in UI UX, web development, taxi services booking apps, android and iOS app development for medical, fitness, e-learning, real estate, e-commerce, etc. 

Codiant has the strength of 700+ employees and a team of experienced professionals getting into the spotlight. 

Codiant is helping startups, small-medium businesses, & also big organizations with reshaping their websites in major developing and developed countries like India, the UK, US & Australia. 

8. TaxiStartup – Taxi Booking App Development Company

Taxistartup company mainly focuses on the development of the taxi service industry. They are bringing the local taxi business owners and the new startups to provide an excellent online portal. 

They are highly obsessed with their name and are almost dedicated to the taxi service. With a major focus on niche taxi services, there are making the stage for themselves as one of the best taxi dispatch software development companies.

9. Peerbits – Taxi Booking & Dispatch Software

Peerbits provides solutions for various business owners and startup ideas. With their highly IT experts and a team of more than 200+ employees, they provide great solutions to the owners. 

With 200+ clients, they have a good reputation in the software industry. The company, founded in 2011 is mainly based in the United Arab Emirates & also has offices in India, Saudi, and the US. 

Have an excellent hand in providing taxi service-based apps. 

10. TagMyTaxi – Taxi App Development Company

TagMyTaxi is a perfect company if you are willing to have an app something exactly like Uber. The company provides on-demand taxi dispatch applications like Uber; with the help of their IT experts, you can get the app as per your requirement and customization.

From a rental company and paratransit business to shuttle services, they provide multiple benefits to the business idea owners. TagMyTaxi is breaking the inefficiencies and also saving time and money. 

More 10 Top Taxi Booking App Development Companies 2023

Some businesses create fantastic taxi booking apps that can help you increase revenue and brand value. They are reasonable in their demands for taxi app development.

11. Space O Technologies – Custom Taxi Booking App Development Company

Space O Technologies, based in India and Canada, has delivered wonderful taxi, delivery, and liquor delivery apps. Glovo, the most downloaded app in Spain, is delivered by Space O Technologies. A few more outstanding service apps delivered by them are Jabrool and Bevy. 

The company majorly focuses on services like mobile app development, iPhone app development, android app development, custom software development, web application development, WordPress development, etc. 

12. Innofied Solution – Taxi Dispatch Software Development Company

Innofied is a company founded in 2012, working tremendously in software. Helps the business owner with front-end development, back-end development, Javascript frameworks development, PHP development, iPhone app development, android app development, and cross-app development, & also provides React native apps. 

Innofied Solution serves delivery services, taxi service apps, and real-time communication service apps. 

13. AppDupe – Uber Like Taxi App Development Company

AppDupe provides multiple specialty taxi service apps and also provides ready-to-use taxi service apps. One can also get on-demand cab service apps at their convenience and help the domestic cab service business provide an online portal. 

AppDupe is becoming one of the most trustable cab booking software firms. 

They provide taxi booking software, Ola/Lyft clone, admin dashboard, app workflow, app features, web panel visual, pricing, and paid plugins. 

14. Quorum Software – Top Taxi Booking App Development Firms

Quorum Software is based in Houston and has branches on almost every continent.

Quorum is known for its wonderful services of app development and web services. With a large team of professional and skillful employees, Quorum has many client-based industries. 

Have a special hand in developing taxi service apps, food or grocery delivery apps, rental services, education, e-learning apps, real estate apps, etc.

They offer high-quality service and also help in launching startups.

15. Enuke Software – Taxi Booking App Development Company

Enuke Software is well known for providing cost-effective services and delivering iOS apps, android apps, web solutions, ecommerce solutions, enterprise solutions, mobile app development, responsive web designing, etc. 

Also, have a great team to build taxi service apps. Provides the solutions to manage rides, dashboard, manage profile, manage rides, and vehicle categories. 

They provide the whole package from understanding the owner’s idea to after-launch service. 

16. Mtoag Technologies

MTOAG Technologies helps in providing web development, CakePHP development, application development, custom PHP development, portal development, rich internet development, social networking, web application, and e-commerce.  

When it comes to apps, they are also providing mobile apps, iPhone apps, Ipad apps, android apps, wearable apps, swift apps, IoT apps, native app, etc.

17. Octal IT SolutionTaxi Dispatch Software Development Companies

Octal IT Solution is the best IT company, having offices in the USA, UK, Singapore, and India. Established in 2014, the company has been placed in the top taxi dispatch software list. The expert team of Octal IT Solutions provides smart taxi app solutions for businesses of all sizes. The company also holds expertise in developing Saas-based applications. The company’s team is 50 to 200 people, and they all work dedicated to upsurging the profits for their clients. Be it software upgradation, development, or marketing, they do everything in sync. Since the digital era, they have never brought the same within their software. 

18. Onde App – Ride-hailing apps

Onde App was formerly a trusted leader in offering taxi app services to its customers. The company focuses highly on offering on-demand services. The taxi app integrates all the robust features from GPS tracking, iPhone&Android apps, and an online booking system. Moreover, the company also offers 200+ on-demand services in 60+ countries. This makes them the most trusted firm to hire for taxi dispatch software solutions. In case of any query, they are available round the clock to serve their clients. 

19. BR Softech – Taxi Booking App Development Company

BR Softech shares the stage with Suffescom Solutions regarding big names for top taxi booking app development firms. BR Softech has a sales office in the countries like Australia, Canada, the US.

BR Softech provides services including wearable device apps, angular.Js web development, cryptocurrency development, Crypto Exchange Software, Casino Game Development, Game Development, etc., & also serves multiple business verticals, including education, e-learning, restaurants, real estate, media & entertainment. 

BR Softech is ready with 1000+ employees working in multiple niches and has specialized hands-on cab booking software. 

List of Top 10 Taxi Booking App Development Companies 2023

  1. Suffescom Technology – Taxi Dispatch Software Company
  2. RisingMax
  3. Hyperlocal
  4. Mobulous
  5. Octal IT solution 
  6. Bacancy technology
  7. Coruscate Solutions 
  8. Uplogic Technologies
  9. MTOAG
  10. Appypie
Which is the best company that provides the best taxi app development services?

Here is the list of top companies which provide taxi booking app development
1. Suffescom
2. RisingMax
3. HyperLocal Cloud
4. BR Softech
5. JetRuby 

How much it cost to build a taxi app in 2023?

Here cost of taxi dispatch software lies between 7000 USD to 13000 USD

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