8 Successful Go-to Mobile and Web Marketing Strategies

If you want a business to live and be successful, you need to ensure that your marketing strategy is at the top...

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mobile marketing strategies 2023

If you want a business to live and be successful, you need to ensure that your marketing strategy is at the top of its game. 

With technology evolving so quickly, marketing strategies need to continuously be monitored and amended throughout time. So, upgrading your plans is never a bad idea. After all, marketing strategies significantly differ 20 years ago and now. Back then, most companies promoted a traditional approach, but it isn’t the same story now. 

Well, let’s not wait any further because, in this article, we will find out what makes a successful go-to-mobile and marketing strategy! 

Mobile App Promotion Strategies

8 successful online marketing and go-to-mobile strategies 

  1. Don’t disregard video marketing 
Mobile and Web Marketing Strategies
Mobile and Web Marketing Strategies


Social media is flooded with video marketing nowadays. There are many videos across all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others, no matter which social platform you are. Especially after 2020, it’s necessary to develop a video marketing strategy. According to statistics, 64% of consumers will purchase a product after they watch a video! 

Old marketing practices are left behind and there are new trends that you need to follow to keep up with your business. For example, creating videos won’t do anything wrong to your business, and if you don’t have the time to do so, you can consider making short videos. 

The duration of the video isn’t as important as the quality you are promoting. Your priority should be to add value and upgrade your lives in order to build loyalty. 

Moreover, let’s not forget that you should also consider using an automatic subtitle generator on your videos. After all, according to statistics, 92% of videos are watched without sound since viewers aren’t always at home, and the last thing you want is your audience to save your video for later and forget to watch it!  

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  1. Create a mobile-friendly design 
Create a mobile-friendly design 

A responsive web design is an innovative approach to making web pages load more quickly. Having an adaptive design throughout your mobile and desktop layout will allow your visitors to adapt to your content and the design and typography of your site. 

Moreover, adaptive designs also take care of space management on your site. Moreover, responsive website design also considers viewers’ proximity, and if the mobile user experience isn’t good, you’ll have a hard time getting traffic to your site. Why do we mean this? Well, roughly 85% of all internet users worldwide are mobile users! So, this means you’ll have to adjust to the trend! 

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  1. Use product tour software

The use of product tour software has significantly improved over the past ten years. Back then, product managers had fewer options to choose from, and it was somewhat easier to decide. However, now, it isn’t the same story anymore. 

Many solutions are available now and researching which one is best for you can be time-exhausting. That’s why we have come up with some software you can use and not take any more of your time: 

  • Appcues: Appcues is a product tour software that has been in the market since 2013. The main goal of Appcues is to help customers build the best product experiences without the need of a developer. Appcues is an excellent choice if you want to develop product tours with pre-made and straightforward templates. 
  • Nickelled: Excellent for creating dialog boxes, text bubbles, tooltips, and more. Moreover, Nickelled has a help assistant that guides you through any uncertainties you may have. The customer tours on Nickelled are unique since they scale user segmentation. 
  • Userpilot: Offers a powerful product tour offering and contains great features for building slideouts, videos and giving a quality tour. The analytics tool pack allows product managers to track goals, segment users, and A/B test product tours. 

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  1. Build a buyer persona 

You need to know who you are marketing to for any marketing strategy you set up; one of the most excellent marketing strategies is built upon in-detail buyer personas. Organize your audience in segments and even consider using templates to create more robust buyer personas. Hubspot’s buyer persona templates allow you to segment your audience correctly and enhance your marketing skills. 

Overall, buyer personas represent who your ideal customer is and can be created through surveying, research, and interviewing your target audience. However, don’t forget to base this information on real data and not assumptions. This will only redirect you in the wrong direction. 

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  1. Use social media 
What is strategies and examples or mobile?
What is strategies and examples?


If you don’t want to use social media on your site, you may have difficulty promoting your product and services. However, social media is the trend of the digital age and is required if you want to take your marketing to the next level. Since most people are using smartphones, this means that they are on social media almost all the time. 

There are plenty of social media platforms out there now. Let’s not forget that they all have different target audiences, but they promote the same idea overall. If you’re concerned about talking to a B2B audience, consider using LinkedIn. However, if you want to communicate and engage with your audience directly, your best option is to use Facebook and Instagram. If you are into video marketing, go with TikTok and YouTube. 

Above all, it’s important you define your target audience, see which platform your audience is hanging out on, and start posting more often. According to Statista, there are more than three billion users on social media, and they are expected to rise in the upcoming future. People nowadays are using social media as a new approach method and a new way of finding the things they need and communicating with other users. 

Furthermore, here are some methods you can use to entertain your social media visitors: 

  • Customer reviews
  • Customer feedback 
  • Interactive content
  • Influencer campaigns and interviews
  • Live videos 
  • Interactive employee videos 

Additionally, don’t forget to make your social media channels mobile friendly and try different experiments to see which one engages users the most. 

  1. Localization 

Localization marketing is one of the trending marketing strategies in e-commerce and marketing. It empowers companies to leverage the power of localizing their services and reach a broader audience worldwide. For example, it’s just like giant companies like Samsung, Apple, and others do. 

They open a new store in a different country and speak the local language. Most countries worldwide don’t speak English as their native language, so this is an excellent opportunity for increasing sales. According to a study, 53% of consumers find buying in their local language easier. 

  1. Use email marketing 


Sending out emails isn’t enough if you want to push your marketing to the next level. According to a study, more than 300 billion emails are being sent every day. Moreover, if you want to be successful in your email marketing campaigns, set up an email list that will fulfill the needs of individuals and can set up a personalized approach for your campaigns. 

Don’t Forget to carefully monitor purchasing behaviors and use that information in your marketing strategy, which you can later use as part of your email marketing. 

  1. Publish blogs 

Blogs are fairly an under-rated strategy when it comes to content. Most people are only focused on short descriptions to write on their social media channels, but that isn’t the only way to promote your content. A significant advantage of writing blogs is how you can add SEO to your content. Moreover, the longer it’s, the better chances you have of ranking on Google. 

Additionally, if you succeed in ranking on Google, you’ll increase visitors since Google will recommend your content over the rest. Try to focus on a single idea and consistently post blogs. 

Even if your content is long, break it up into small parts and include an exciting title. Some excellent examples of how you can start your blog are: 

  • “X ways how to do”
  • “This is how you do the following”
  • “X tips & tricks”
  • “X successful strategies”
  • “Secrets to”

These were just a few examples, but you are creative enough to think of many more ideas. The only thing you want to consider is to keep your readers interested until the end. 

Wrapping it up

That’s all for this article. These are our eight successful go-to-mobile and web marketing strategies you can use to push your marketing to the maximum level. Unfortunately, traditional marketing strategies are still part of some companies even nowadays. The worst part is that these companies think they will get results with strategies that worked decades ago. 

However, just like time changes people, you need to continuously monitor what your target audience is doing and constantly change the way you promote your product or service based on what is trending in the market. 

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