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Stylist Eyewear Trends for 2023

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Written by Niel Patel · 2 min read >
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The fashion industry is famous due to its dynamism; different aspects and designs have evolved while others have also been launched. This also applies to glasses; we began in the 17th century with the big rectangular and circle-shaped geek glasses. Back in the day, glasses were associated with eye complications and were often worn by the elites in society. I mean, an average citizen did not make enough money to add a hat to their accessories, leave alone incorporate glasses. However, this concept has changed over time as glasses are now worn for their aesthetic look; it is an accessory anyone can adopt to accessorize their look. The designs are also quite classic and appealing, and the prices are quite affordable. Right now, there are several stylish eyeglasses that anyone could consider. Some of these include:

Silver frame glasses

Silver frame glasses fall in the category of timeless accessories because they have been in the fashion and health sector for decades. The fashion industry takes everything a note higher- this includes coming up with different designs and shapes of lenses and silver frames to cater for the needs of both males and females with different skin types and facial shapes. These frames are light and flexible, which makes to be quite comfortable to wear. They also match almost every outfit and colour, making it easy to incorporate them into fashion.

Statement-making glasses

Statement-making glasses fall in the category of glasses aimed at complementing an outfit and making it pop. These frames are also called outfit-making frames; they come in large and medium-sized frames with bold colours such as red, blue, orange and luminous green, among others. These glasses are said to accentuate the fashion of the person wearing them. The Alexander frame and those often worn by Oprah are examples of statement-making glasses.

Cat eye glasses

Cat eye glasses will always be excellent for individuals with round faces. This, however, does not mean they don’t look great on anyone. Decades ago, these glasses were worn by women who wore their hair in the beehive hairstyle, making their facial features more articulate and captivating. It is possible to add lenses to these glasses, making them fashionable and functional concurrently. When made in bold colours, they can also serve as statement-making glasses more among females.

Cat eye reading glasses 

These are similar to the standard cat eye glasses, only that they are meant for medical purposes. In this case, the optometrist considers several factors, such as the normal axis of the eye, which is used to determine the angle between the meridian, the sphere and the cylinder. These factors are used to calculate the strength of the required lens after evaluating whether the patient is short-sighted or long-sighted. Once the lens has been designed, they are mounted on the cat eye glasses; this way, they can be used as a fashion accessory and for functionality.

Clear eyeglasses

These types of glasses have for a long time been associated with geeky people; they are simple and too detailed. However, this makes them a great fashion accessory as they always match any style of colour. They tend to complement the skin colour and facial shape of the person wearing them because of their unobtrusive nature. For optimum results, always ensure they are flattering to your face shape.

In conclusion, there are still more glasses designs on the market; new designs are still coming up. However, it is important to study the market to identify the pair that matches your skin complexion and face shape to avoid ending up with a whack pair. Remember, glasses in fashion are meant to amplify your looks, so go for what suits you best.

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